IBM 221 | 4 Ways to Make Your Product More Profitable

IBM221-200Have you ever wondered if your new product or business idea will actually make money?

In this episode we share four ways to make sure you create something your audience wants to buy.

These four tips apply to choosing a niche/idea for a business as well.

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In This Episode

  • The single most important question when starting a new business
  • How to Know Exactly what product your audience wants to buy next
  • The one thing your product needs to deliver in order to earn maximum profit

Items of Interest

  • Special thanks to Scott and Brendo for the open and close music on the episode


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Ryan Pennington

What do you think?

What other tips do you use to make sure your products will be profitable?


  1. Thanks for a great overview of these critical concepts, and you did it over international waters! It sounds as good as ever.

    I like the re-vamped format, it’s really crisp and concise. Although I’ve never complained about the length of the episodes (I could listen to you guys all day), I think this is working really well. And cheers again for your appearance on Pat Flynn’s 100th podcast, that was such a great talk.

    Back to work on my Academy modules …!

  2. Thanks for the great tips, I will be applying them in the coaching package we are creating for our audience. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. This was extremely well timed for my business. I’ve already used this to frame some new copy as well as consulting with a client. Great work Jeremy and Jason

  4. I would like to add one detail on the delivery format. I do video tutorials on techniques using Paintshop Pro. I deliver a video AND a written handout, however, i also offer TWO different types of written handouts: one detailed and one summarized.

    As i had surveyed people, i found out that half of them complained that written tutorials were often “assuming” the reader was already familiar with the program and many in-between steps, while others complained that written tutorials were too long for them as they were already familiar with most of the steps and they only wanted to specific ones for that particular effect. As i could not decide which one i should do, i ended up doing both. It is not much longer to take the long and detailed instructions and cut it down to one quarter of the length. And students love that additional option!