3 Ways to Securely and Automatically Deliver Digital Products

Digital Shopping CartSelling digital products is a great way to give instant gratification to your customer and bring you passive income at the same time (even literally while you sleep). The question is, how can you securely deliver digital products?

It’s good to have something more secure than a landing page where the customer downloads the product through a regular link. What if someone links to this page?! Your product would be flying out the door for free.

Well, this question came up in the Internet Business Mastery Academy Mastermind Forum. Jimi Gibson asks:

I would like to market [my] products online as .mp3 downloads. I see that 1shoppingcart.com will work with ebook and digital downloads. However, if I am selling on ClickBank, I’ll need a way to direct them to a secure digital download area from the “thank you” page without going through another cart.

Well, it’s no surprise that the Mastermind Forums are my favorite part of the Academy because I learn as much as I teach. Here are the suggestions that came back.

  • DigitalProductDelivery.com – This service is compatible with Clickbank. They also give have features for managing your own affiliate program
  • E-Junkie – This got several recommendations on the forum. They have a full shopping cart system including digital product delivery. They also work with a number of third-party sites including Clickbank.
  • 1ShoppingCart – This is our recommended shopping cart solution. The only problem here is that it they don’t seem to have the ability to link their digital delivery with Clickbank.

If you need Clickbank integration, then e-Junkie was the popular choice. If you want an all around solid shopping cart and affiliate manager that also does digital delivery, then we recommend 1ShoppingCart.

What has your experience been with digital product delivery? What tips do you have to share? Let’s hear them in the comments below.


  1. Hey, funny you should mention this as I have just spent a week (AND I DONT EXAGERATE) buying, downloading and testing all kinds of crumby scripts relating to selling digi-downloads – all of which have some major annoying fault. But finally I found the holy grail – its cheap ($29 for life), very easily to implement and (very crucially) allows immediate, secure, unhackable delivery of content through paypal including multiple files per product etc (list if features is crazy).

    And no I don’t work for them. Check the features on this cheap-as-chips solution out…


    They also do a version for clickbank and 2checkout.

    Coolest thing about it is the way it takes minimal customizing and is just so well designed – really powerful, you can customise every detail and its all well commented

    Loving you and leaving you…

    The Glynster

  2. So how big a deal is integration with ClickBank? Is 1ShoppingCart primarily for selling my OWN digital products online, as opposed to selling affiliate products like CB?

  3. I’m getting a ‘403 Forbidden’ error when I click on the link above
    called ‘DigitalProductDelivery.com’ Please advise

  4. The links in the post has been fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. You might want to check out payloadz.com also!

    Kevin C.

  6. I agree with the tip for 1shoppingCart… it is the best I have tested, and my peers all say the same.


  7. I have 1SC and sell my products that way but who is to say the buyer woldn’t pass them along…so I need some sort of additional security such as a code to unlock the download. All the services I’ve found don’t work for macs?

  8. Lanya,

    My advice is to not worry about people who might pass your product along.

    In my experience, when you start using special unlocking passwords and other such things, it gets in the way of the experience of the legitimate customers and causes more customer service headaches for you.

    In reality, you will probably not lose that many sales from people who would have actually bought it and you may even gain some customers from the occasional pass along.

  9. Well…that’s good advice. You are right about the customer service headaches…ugh…Because it’s a high priced product $1500…I worry about intellectual property issues.

  10. I’m with jay on this. Don’t get hungup on people passing on your products.

    For every bad customer there are a hundred good ones. Make sure you service their needs!

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