663 | Blood, sweat, and tears just for you…

It’s true, I get a fair amount of whiny excuses emails from people riddled with fear, doubt, and victim mentality.

I focus on more of those in these daily podcasts, because I think my answers can help you too.

That isn’t the only type of email I get.

I also get a lot of ‘Thank you’ emails.

I’m going to start sharing some of them, because many times they have lessons that could help you too.

Here’s one with my comments to follow.

See if you can spot the lesson before I pull it out and inspect it.

“Thanks for this fantastic course and for making it so affordable that I could not afford NOT to take advantage of it. I am no longer employed by someone else, and I need to get this going. Your work here is just what I need.”

—-When I made the crazy decision to take all 10 of our extremely expensive, high end, step by step courses and put them into ONE membership site I had business friends that thought I was being stupid.

We’ve made almost 8 figures with the courses at the higher price.

We’ve changed a lot of lives and through the value cycle changed our lives as well.

We helped over 10,000 people even with the extremely high prices.

I realized I wanted to up my game.

I wanted to 10x what Internet Business Mastery could do in the world and that means finding every way I can to go even bigger.

Just to get access to all of our main courses it would have cost you over $8000.

If you wanted to get coaching as well, it’d cost another $2000-$5000 each as well.

I realized, when I started, that I couldn’t have afforded that.

To go 10x you have to think differently than you did before.

One of the top excuses I heard from people who didn’t invest in my courses was that they were too expensive.

So I took care of that.

10x thinking lead me to give you ALL 10 of my courses, as well as every bonus I’ve ever created, as well as have past students and experts create some other courses and add them too.

That seemed like 10x thinking.

I still wanted to make it even better.

I added past recorded coaching calls and even an exclusive, private Facebook mastermind group for you to share your journey with other people just like you.

I put everything I have into the Freedom Club.

That is about as 10x as I can be.

Then I realized one more thing.

I had to make the investment so low, it could no longer be an excuse for ANYONE.

My last action was to make it so you could be a member of the Freedom Club for just one dollar a day.

You get everything I’ve created and update for the last 13 years, all for $1 a day.

As you can see in the email from Steve, he couldn’t afford NOT to join.

I agree.

There is nothing more I can do to sweeten the pot.

I’ve given it all, because I want everyone with the balls to go after their dreams and desires to have the chance to take that action.

Today is the day you join us:
Jeremy Frandsen
World Leader in Freedom Business Education