You, a Social Media Money Magnet

My two most recent blog posts had a link to a short video presentation about how you can monetize social media (not just how to use social media, How to actually MAKE MONEY with social media).

A lot of people who have seen the video have said that it’s about time someone shared this closely guarded information.  If you’re one of the few who haven’t seen the presentation, you can watch it here:

Here’s what this is all about:

Bill Glazer has invited me and 6 other world class social media
experts to speak at Glazer-Kennedy’s “one-time-only” Social Media
Event.  This is an all-teaching, NO SELLING, 3-Day Training.

This is NOT a “book report” seminar about how to use social media.
This is about how to MAKE MONEY with social media taught by me and
6 more Social Media Experts that are using social media to make
money in their own businesses…not just by selling “how to use
social media” information.

The world class faculty of the Social Media Money Magnet Seminar

Me, Jason Van Orden: I’m one of the most sought after new media
consultants, and the expert behind the “Internet Business Mastery”
podcast, which IS the #1 podcast about Internet business and
marketing since 2005.  I will be presenting: “The Opportunities
with Social Media and How to Use Social Media as a Magnet to
Attract Money…Lots of Money”

Mike Koenigs: CEO and co-creator of Traffic Geyser, is the go-to
online video marketing guy for many big name celebrities, authors,
and online marketers including Paula Abdul, Tony Robbins, Brian
Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Harvey McKay, and Bill Glazer.  He will
be teaching “How to Create Money Magnet Videos and How to Make Them
Go Viral Using YouTube.”

Coach Deb Micek: Known in the biz as the “New Media Money Maker,”
Deb has blazed the trail on the use of social media in the past
decade.  Deb’s passing on her expertise with “How to Use Twitter as
a Money Magnet and Tweet Your Way to Success with Social Media.”

Mike Stewart: Because Mike has been using the Internet for business
for the past 14 years, he is known in the industry as being one
step ahead of the game when it comes to Internet marketing.  Mike
will be teaching “How to Dominate Your LOCAL MARKETING with Social
Media Money Magnets.”

Mr. X & Mr. Y: top Internet marketers go-to these guys for all
things Facebook, sharing their never before revealed secrets to
making BIG money with this social media platform.

Kate Buck: THE authority for many Internet marketers looking to
jump on the social media bandwagon but who simply don’t have the
time or desire to “do-the-work.”  Kate’s presentation, “How to Use
Social Media as a Money Magnet WITHOUT Doing Any of the Work – The
Power of Outsourcing”
is not to be missed.

PLUS…several more special surprises you’ll discover when you watch
this short video presentation by Bill Glazer:

If you have any interest in making money from social media and
learning the “secrets” and “shortcuts” from a world class faculty
(including me) who are actually making money with social media –
not just making money showing others how to use social media but
actually making money with social media and sharing how they do it
– I recommend you watch this short video presentation NOW because
there is an ABSOLUTE limit of 200 primary attendees so not everyone
will get a seat at this one-time-only SOCIAL MEDIA MONEY MAGNET

Bill Glazer is one of the leading experts on making money.
After a successful career owning two of the top-selling stores in
the retail industry, he has focused his efforts in the last few
years on growing the 8-figure Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle (TM)
information business.  Profits have EXPLODED to over 23 times what
they were when Bill took over a few short years ago.  Trust me when
I say Bill knows how to make money.  You’ll see what I mean when
you watch this video:


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  2. Looks like a very interesting seminar. I love how it’s “no selling” but only how-to make money because that’s why we’re all in business. It’s the difference between knowing how to build a website and knowing how to make a website that makes money. I prefer the latter :)

  3. @matt: lol!