When Sterling and Jay Get Together, Watch Out!

img_2009I’m just barely recovering from a my crazy week in San Diego. Apparently it was just too much beach, surf and sun for one guy to handle, ’cause the moment I got back…I got sick. But now I’m back on my feet and ready to share a peek at what transpired last week when Sterling and I got together in his stomping grounds.

At least a couple times a year we’ll fly one or the other of us out  to brainstorm big ideas and basically show the other guy why our lifestyle is cooler than his. And this time it was no exception.

Our heads are still spinning from thinking so much (either that or from eating at Sizzler — uh, don’t ask. Just search Twitter if you really need to know.) We spent four days straight eating out and asking the question: “How can we take Internet Business Mastery to the next level for both the members and ourselves?”

Doughnut Road Kill

What resulted was this…


Of course, I’m referring to the three pieces of paper on the table, not to the road kill donut on the right. (I won’t even begin to delineate all the food that we ate.)

“How could we possibly be so excited about three pieces of paper?!,” you might ask. Well, that’s because you can’t see the custard cream smeared on each of them. That’s tasty stuff! But besides that, it contains our next master plan. We simply stuck to our usual M.O. — listen to what our community wants, then give it to them.

Give Them What They Want

One thing we get asked for over and over again is increased access us to get direct help on your specific business and circumstances. So we brainstormed a way to provide that while still fitting our own business model and lifestyle design. (After all, that’s what we teach isn’t it?)

We’re not quite ready to reveal all the details, but the gears have been set in motion. This new offering will launch in July. We’ll release details starting at the end of June. with some really fun content that we have planned.

For now, click here to get on the early alert list.

You Mean People Seriously Spend Time Playing That Game?

On another note, here’s a few more pics of my week in San Diego. After seeing what life is like there, I’m wondering how Sterling gets any work done. He even brings play time to his mastermind groups as you can see by the following pics from our round of disc golf.


Pat Flynn, Rob Burns and Sterling
Sterling shows off his new putter.


Colin Slade, Pat Flynn, Rob Burns
As you can see, you have at least a driver and a putter each.
Some guys had bags full of 20+ discs on the course.


The daily breakfast view at the cafe on the beach.


Pat Flynn shares his amazing success story on video.

Stay tuned for more details about the “next big thing” from Internet Business Mastery. Remember, click here to get on the early alert list. Oh, and one more thing. I swear it was just as much Sterling’s idea as it was mine to eat at Sizzler.


  1. Sizzler? Ouch. The beach cafe looks much better. I tried blowing up those sheets of paper in Photoshop, but all I got was custard on my screen. Damn donuts!

    Looking forward to July!

  2. Two quick corrections:

    The frisbee I’m holding is actually a ‘driver’ and I later bought a ‘putter’.

    I said ‘yes’ to Sizzler to appease my business partner, and, okay, a little bit of that yes was to get the MSG encrusted, garlic, butter toast…

  3. Wow I wish the Sizzler here in Fukuoka, Japan didn’t close down! I miss the occasional pig out session there. Luckily there are still a few in Tokyo.

    Look forward to the next podcast.


  4. Hey Sterling,

    What is your Twitter handle? I can’t find you…


  5. Hey Jay, Regarding getting sick, you and your followers should try using Del Immune (delimmune.com). Its a natural pro-biotic that since I started taking it about 2 years ago I have not gotten sick once. My wife is a massage therapist and was getting sick every 8 weeks from her clients, now she might get a little runny nose, doubles the dosage and it goes away in about a day. No BS (as Dan Kennedy would say) this stuff works and I recommend it to everyone that wants to stay healthy (which is everyone!). Looking forward to the new rollout guys…

  6. Steve, his Twitter handle is “jeremyfrandsen”.

  7. BobHereYo says:

    Jason, you should try to only hold the disc you are using to drive with while driving off that tee! Do you think Tiger Woods would hold a putter in his hand while he hits the big drive off the tee?

    Just having some fun with you…I have been a disc golfer in the Philly area for 20 years…a great FREE sport.