When “cutting edge” cuts back…

Have you ever seen a totally custom built car?

And I’m not talking about a modified factory production car.

I mean those cars where a team of professional craftsman literally
hand make nearly every single part of a car.

They hand make the frame…

and the body…

even the door handles and dashboard!

The result is a masterpiece – those cars look as good as they drive.

Well, that’s what we’re doing here with the Internet Business
Mastery Academy.

We could have gone with a cookie cutter service and had this thing
up in a matter of days, but that just wouldn’t be good enough. We
want a site that is on the bleeding edge and able to take our
community into the future of membership sites and online

The Academy is a totally custom-built membership platform crafted
by loving, experienced hands.

Creating the Academy this way has taken us a little more time than
expected, but the end result is going to be a thing of beauty.

But when you’re hand building something like this, sometimes the
unexpected occurs.

Nothing major, but enough to put a kink in things until you get it

Late last night we were putting the finishing touches on the
Academy and giving it one last run through on the track to make
sure the engine was purring like a kitten. Even the designer and Jay’s
wife were up late revving the engine and polishing the hood

Then around 4:34 A.M. we discovered a couple kinks in the engine.

We could have released the Academy with these little kinks and
probably no one would have noticed.

But the Academy isn’t a factory produced vehicle – it’s a custom
machine designed to get you from 0-60 in just a few seconds flat,
with no limit on your top speed.

When you look at it that way, it’s easy to see why we couldn’t let
it out the door in anything but top condition.

So we’ve decided to take a couple days and straighten out the kinks,
re-test the engine, and make sure everything is ready for you on
race day.

As a result, the Internet Business Mastery Academy will be launched
to the early notification list on July 23rd, 2008.

Of course we apologize for this slight delay, but we want you to be
overwhelmed when you get this baby!

Now we know some skeptics might be thinking, “yeah right, this is all
part of their master scheme.” But rest assured, it’s nothing of the sort.
It’s painful for us to postpone when people are e-mailing us saying…

I am going to be here (Chicago) before 11AM Central time
at the screen and sure hope and expect that I will get one of the places.


Looking forward to being one of the lucky 250 today! I’m
ready to join…


I’ve been trying to click here for over a half hour on the academy site.  The button doesn’t work and I’m freakin’ out!! Help!! I want to give you my $$$

And that is just a couple of the e-mails that have been pouring in. When
people are chomping at the bit like that, ready to pay money…we’d be
stupid to postpone just for the sake of a so-called “marketing ploy.”

This is all about preparing the best possible experience when you hit the
starting line.

The early notification list will remained closed. That’s only fair to those who
signed up before the deadline.

You’ve come to expect the straight talk from us. So there you have it.

Thanks for your understanding!

We know you’ll be thrilled when you finally hop in and take the
Academy for a drive!


  1. A Whole week? Nooooo! So long but I’m sure it’s worth it.

  2. I was refreshing the page at 11:58am hoping to get in before the email announcement came out! :)

    Thanks for letting us know about the delay. As someone who has been in the tech industry for 10 years I know how these things can happen. Sometimes you have to take the number of hours/days you think it will take to complete a tech related task and multiple it by 4. That should give you a better indication of how long it will really take :( sad but it works.

    Can’t wait to get started!

  3. Great post. The comparision used with “custom cars” is perfect. I will have to view the academy. Thanks for the share.

  4. Guys, never, ever, EVER, let a computer know that you are in hurry or have a deadline!

    Anyway, I’m sure you won’t lose any fans, it will be worth the wait.

  5. @Sandra,

    The tough part was we were soooo close, but the last thing you want to do is let something go out without being fully tested.

    No matter how great the content is, if you try to click on Course 1 and instead it logs you out, you won’t be happy! Okay, it wasn’t that bad, but without being fully tested it could have done something crazy like that.

    It’s also funny how the higher your interest is for something to be great, the more challenges get in the way. Even stupid little things like for no reason Jay and I couldn’t shut off our computers. My wireless routers just stopped working for a while, and it’s a good one too! Took hours to get that taken care of. It’s almost like the universe gives you that final test to see how bad you want it!


    We were very quite around the computers as to not draw suspicion, but they must have caught on in the last day or so, because they did everything they could to mess things up! All’s well though. I think after three+ years of giving to the community people know we wouldn’t push something like this unless it was for the communities benefit.

  6. Funny, I am sitting a breakfast meeting waiting for 9am PST = 12 EST all hooked up with my laptop and my blackberry as my teathered modem pressing refresh like a moron wondering why I have not got that damn email…. finally get an answer an hour later telling me that the launch is delayed which yes I can understand… I lost a 15K contract by being a rude jerk at the meeting, using my labtop to check my email and not paying enough attention to my clients…

    Regardless I am sure it will all be worth it and the one thing this community would totally agree upon is that both of you are clearly honest and hold a very high level of moral conduct….

    I wish you guys all the best, you clearly deserve it but maybe next time have the email explaining the delay go out a little before the deadline :)

    Suggestion about hardware….

    I remember jay saying he uses a mac once and a while but I would highly suggest staying with Macs as they run any windows app when you need it….

    My current set up rocks and I am sure you two would completely appreciate the same one, it has honestly made me so much more streamlined

    – Mobile Unit = 17″ MB Pro 2.4

    – Desktop = 8 core MacPro with 24 Gigs or ram ( makes a huge difference with any type of video or CS3 Apps) and 3 x 30″ Apple Cinema Displays…

    Give it a shot guys….

    Anyways just my 2 cents and for anyone out there that thinks that a set up like that is just too expensive… One hand hand you are right it is a hell of a lot money but I just look at it as an investment in the tools that makes my world work, and it was a very good investment.

  7. Wow, Marc! That’s some serious sacrifice. We certainly didn’t want to cause any inconvenience. We definitely look forward to having you as a part of the Academy. We’ll make it worth your while. See you on the inside.

  8. @Marc,

    3 30″ Cinema displays, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I thought my two beautiful 24″ displays were nice and I’m just about to run a 3rd, but the apple monitors are really nice!

  9. Just 3 days to go! Can’t wait. This is the first big product I’m purchasing to launch myself into IM and was thrilled by the intro price!

    If this content is even 20% better that the stuff you give away for free on the podcast, it will be worth every penny. Looking forward to making some money!


    P.S. If I want to run quiet, anonymous IM businesses and not want to be “a world-renowned expert and celebrity in your field (as taken from ‘what is IBM?’ on the front page)” does this membership allow for that as well?

  10. 2 days to go!

    (I think I hear “The Count” from Sesame Street!)

    I just watched your video tour! The Academy looks absolutely fabulous! You guys have been working hard! I look forward to being part of the community.

  11. Yup, video looks good guys. It’s clear you’re putting a lot of work into making a great course, and I look forward to getting in there and tinkering with everything. I particularly enjoy all the audio stuff, since it makes walking the dog more fun, hah! :)

  12. @Adam,

    The focus is going to be on becoming an expert, but the secrets, tips, and strategies can be used how ever you want!


    1, 1 day and counting, ah ah ahhhhhh…


    Oh there is going to be HOURS of dog walking, business building fun for you every month!

  13. Hey,

    When is the launch going to happen on the 23rd? Is it still going to be 12 eastern and 9am pacific time?

  14. @Sterling
    0, 0 days ah ah ahhhhhhhh!

    *Tick Tock! Tick Tock!*

  15. Ha I keep refreshing but don’t know if it’s still the same time as last wed.

  16. 1pm Eastern for all the early list people, about 45 min to go!

  17. ok cool thanks man!