Here’s What NOT to Do Before a Big Product Launch…

Rocket LaunchWe’re coming up on the launch of the biggest project we’ve done yet — the Internet Business Mastery Academy — which goes live on July 16th. This has been a crazy process as we continually push the boundaries of the technology in order to make this the ideal membership site for the Web 2.0 Era.

Well, we’ve learned some important important lessons in the process. For example, here are some things you DO NOT want to do right before launching a big product (all of which we’ve done in the last couple weeks).

  • Move from one state to another
  • Go on vacation with no Internet connection for a week
  • Plan adventure sports outings with your family
  • Plan to see your mom as she passes through town
  • Plan big dinners with extended family
  • Buy a brand new computer on a whim and have to set it up from scratch

Now, all those things sound nice and we love doing any of them. These are all made easier by leading an Internet Lifestyle. We’re all about enjoying more freedom, but there are times when so much flexibility can get you in trouble if you’re not careful.

So, our advice is this.

  1. Plan your launches carefully and well ahead of time
  2. Clear your schedule the few weeks before a launch
  3. Enjoy your freedom as much as you can, but realize that there are times to buckle down and work when your community is depending on your to come through

That said. We’re really excited for the launch next week and, despite the recent extra doses of fun, we battened down the hatches and put the nose to the grindstone to get it ready for the July 16th launch. You’re really going to dig it.

While you wait for this ultimate resource for creating your own Internet lifestyle, enjoy the following slide shows of our recent lifestyle outings.

The first is my trip to one of my top three favorite vacation spots in the world, right up there with NYC and Paris. Then you have a slide show from Sterling on a four-wheeling excursion.

Where do you like to vacation on a whim…anywhere in the world, where would it be? Let us know in the comments. Feel free to share photos.

Jay on a Houseboat on Lake Powell

Sterling’s 4-Wheeler Outing

Sterling Eats Dirt


  1. Great point on business owners planning out their schedule of activities in advance of a launch.

    But don’t forget also to ask the question, ‘How can I best help others to schedule ahead how they can support my launch?’

    I’ve done a lot of international communications planning and you really can’t underestimate the impact that a little extra concise advance information can have for colleagues and affiliates who are in other time zones, perhaps working in other languages, and who also want to do some cool things in their lives too!

  2. You slackers, out there having fun instead of creating our content. I’m going to… to… tell your mommies! Yes, that’s it. :)

    Anyway, glad you all enjoyed your free time!