What is the Internet Business Mastery Academy?

Academy IconOkay, by now you’ve heard about the upcoming launch of the Internet Business Mastery Academy.

But you’re probably wondering … What the heck IS this mysterious Academy?

If you were one of the fortunate few who were allowed access to our recent Coaching Course, you need to know that the Internet Business Mastery Academy is NOT a new coaching course.


It’s not even a coaching course on steroids.

Why not?

Because this is the Internet age.

And even the best business courses get out of date very quickly.

Sure, the principles remain true.

But how you put them into action can change in even just a few months.

Not only that, but every day we’re finding new and useful ways to push your business ahead of the pack.

Obviously, the idea of updating our courses every month or two just doesn’t make sense.

So we were faced with the question…

How can we get ALL of our valuable information into your hands as EFFICIENTLY as possible?

Finally the answer came.

We needed a way to give you ALL of the vital information and tools we came up with … the moment we come up with it.

That’s what the Internet Business Mastery Academy is.

It’s the place where you can find EVERYTHING we have to offer.

All the training… articles… interviews… videos… and more… that we ever have (and ever will) come up with…

All in one convenient place…

All available online so you can access it whenever you want — and wherever you may be.

Hopefully that clears up a few questions you probably have.

We’re putting together some more details that we’ll be giving you in the next few days.

Anything specific you’d like to know about the Academy?


  1. Sounds like a great resource–I look forward to finding out more.

  2. I’m really looking forward to this opening up. Keep up the good work guys.


  3. Everything you have to offer? Even candid photos of the Yak?

    This sounds fantastic guys. Congratulations.

  4. No matter what you guys have it will be great, I’m sure. I’m really into social marketing and social media right now. In fact, I’m creating a number of things about it. Like you said, it changes so often.

    Since I can never get enough social media info, I’d like to see that in the academy. Will it be there?

  5. I think you guys already know that the main thing we want to know is how much it costs!

  6. Tom McKay says:

    I look forward to the event. As you pointed out, relevance is important and that seems to change rapidly.

  7. Dferrell says:

    I bet it is a while label social networking site (NING or KickAPPS) that they will put out for $300 per year. It will house all the content. The thing is, I’ll be the first subscriber.

  8. @All,

    Thanks for all the encouraging words of confidence!


    Not sure what you’re saying there, but we are going to be adding a social networking aspect to our site as soon as that application if finished being designed, very soon though!