The Whack-a-Mole Method for Squashing Fear and Uncertainty


Are you afraid to take the next step towards your goals because you’re not sure whether or not it will work out?

Are you scared to try something new even though the things you are doing now leave you still wanting more?

I get it. Change is frightening.

  • Selling my first guitar was like slow torture.

  • Moving to New York City when I was barely making ends meet in Salt Lake City was scarier than watching Poltergeist when I was 5 years old.

  • Quitting my job was like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute.

  • Looking at a pregnancy test and seeing a pink + sign was like being dropped in the Amazon jungle with a toothpick and a roll of duct tape and being told to figure out how to survive.

But I would do every one of these things all over again without hesitation.

It’s easy to say that when I look back at the payoff.

Every one of these experiences are some of the toughest and scariest of my life.

They were also bold, life-changing moments that directly led to some of the biggest rewards in my life.

  • I used the money from my first guitar to buy my dream guitar.


  • Since quitting my job in 2003, I’ve built a business where I wake up every day excited to work. I get paid to do something that feeds me energy and impacts thousands of lives every day..
  • The three years in NYC moved both my career and my wife’s career light years ahead.
  • My daughter, CeCe, just turned two years old and is the most precious thing to me in the world.


I share all of this to make a very important point.

Don’t let fear stop you.

You could be moments away from one of the greatest experiences of your life. It would be tragic to not take action because of discomfort or fear.

Fear is a beacon. Move towards it.

But don’t take fear on alone. There’s no need to.

Get the support and guidance you need.

After my wife and I found she was pregnant, we immediately hired a team of midwives, a doula, a pediatrician and two different birthing coaches (on for yoga birth and one for hypno-birthing).

Overkill? Maybe. But it turned fear into empowerment.

For every scary action I’ve taken in my life, a mentor helped me through it. It’s been a key to my success.

This is why after two years we have come out of “coaching retirement” to guide a select group of students.

We want to guide you right past struggle, doubt, uncertainty, lack of focus…

…and most of all we want to help you bring down a giant-sized whack-a-mole mallet on top of fear’s head.

Yesterday we sent out the first batch of invites for the  beginning Coaching 101 program.

It’s clear there are a bunch of people ready to play whack-a-mole with us.

We are on track to sell out the coaching program three times faster than expected.

It was incredibly humbling, inspiring and impressive to get messages like:

“I am willing to work with you guys NO MATTER THE COST. I will get a loan, use credit cards, whatever. I believe in both of you THAT much and I think of this as the beginning of the rest of my life.”

It’s amazing to see people ready to put struggle behind them and seize the success in front of them.

This is what we want for you.

We haven’t seen your enrollment yet.

We understand that this feels like a big commitment.

You might even feel a bit of fear about whether you’re ready.

Remember, fear is a beacon.

We want to do whatever we need to help you make this decision. So, do the following now.

FIRST, take a look at all the details are available here.

SECOND, send any questions to me at

I’ll get right back to you.

Or call us. Here is the direct office number.

(503) 446-1082

You might get the voicemail because we expect a lot of calls. But we WILL get back to you.

Remember, it’s important that we maintain the quality of guidance that all of the students get.

That means we will close enrollment once the spots fill up. It’s important to grab your spot right away.

Contact us now if you have any questions.