Ultimate Success Story #1: From Laid Off To $20K Per Month In This Tiny Niche?

patWhen Patrick Flynn started his online business, he didn’t want very much from it.

But when he was stuck on just $25 per month only a year ago, he knew it wasn’t enough for him. He was crossing his fingers for a way to quadruple it up to $100 per month.

He had no idea how quickly his monthly income was about to grow by following our Internet Business Mastery strategies.

Patrick jumped in and began to see some good success. Good thing, since he was laid off shortly after. But instead of panicking, he knew everything would be okay. That’s because he generated a whopping $7,000 his very FIRST month following our systems.

How did he do it?

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  1. filmdan says:

    Very inspiring story! I’ve been a long time listener of your podcast. I have several video products (DVD and dig download) that have up and running websites. The traffic is no where near where I think it should be. If I joined your academy, are there techniques I can learn that could boost my traffic and turn into good sales numbers– WITHOUT significantly revamping my sites?

    I also don’t have a ton of time (make that any time) to invest in training, but if there are some baby steps I can start taking from on your academy, that seems more doable at this point in my schedule. Thanks for any advice, and keep up the great work!

  2. We have an entire course on traffic in the Academy. Some of it requires having the site set up the right way. That is the foundation of driving massive traffic. So I can’t guarantee it won’t require some revamping.

    There are also other techniques we cover that don’t affect the site layout/design itself.

    My suggestion is to take one, spend consistent time implementing it (even if just a little throughout the week). Then move on to another one once each is in place.

    The key is consistently working on your traffic.

  3. Havent ordered yet, but it sounds good,… thinking about it. As long as I can generate the traffic I need to supplement my income.