This Trap Can Steal Your Success


I asked how long he had been at it and what was he hoping for?

He’d been at it a month or so and was wanting to be wildly success by now.

The fact that he wasn’t wildly successful already was making him question his niche, his ability to do business, and himself in general.

Expecting to be an overnight success isn’t something strange, it’s incredibly common.

We’ve been fed a lot of nonsense about what it takes to success.

We have The Secret saying we can just wish our dreams into existence, as if just the thought of something is enough to magically make dreams come true without massive action! (and if it was, why wouldn’t everyone have everything they want…)

We see ridiculously fabricated success stories talking about someone that had an idea on Monday and by Friday was a multi-millionaire.

I remember reading about actor Jim Carrey and what an overnight success he was.  Of course the writer of that piece clearly didn’t know anything about Jim Carrey as he had been in Hollywood fighting for a career for nearly ten years when he finally ‘made it’.  He’d even lived in his car at one point.  Hardly an overnight success.

Of course, my industry is filled with this nonsense.  I just got an email from a famous internet marketer that was titled, Success by Next Weekend.  People like this just perpetuate this trap and to no ones benefit but their own.

Overnight Success Trap

The overnight success trap is believing, dreaming, requiring that your financial freedom business fulfills all your hopes and dreams within the first week, month, or YEAR of having the idea!

Danger, Danger

One of the many dangers of this trap is that many tie their self esteem and their desire to stay with it on to this trap and quit if it doesn’t happen ‘overnight’.

What we talk about when we are saying a Freedom Business, is a REAL business.  Not some quick trick that makes you a couple bucks once and then not again until you do another silly trick.  It’s a real business.  One that is based on the love of a certain audience and the deep desire to create value for that audience.

This takes time, not only in finding just the right audience, but also the creation of the value.  The cultivating of the trust and respect.  This takes time.  The more you care and the more you create the value that THEY want, the quicker you can get to the receiving of value (money for you), but it takes time.

In my next post I’m going to give you 2 ways to get over the overnight success trap.  I’ll show you ways to avoid the trap and how to get out if you’ve already fell in.

How has the overnight success trap already taken over your quest to succeed?

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  1. Very important advice Jeremy, thanks for reminding all of us!

    This overnight success mantra is a tricky one, even if someone doesn’t believe in overnight success, he might expect to be successful within two months or so – not overnight but fairly quick.

    My overnight success came after seven months, one morning I just realized that the business I built allows me to quit my job. There’s just no shortcut to hard, dedicated and consistent work.


  2. I think I’m still in this trap from time to time. In fact, I’m constantly trying to measure success in different ways to keep me going. If it’s all about the money I’m bringing in then I am failing miserably.

    Recently, people in the academy have been coming to me asking for advice. One person actually met me for lunch and offered to buy lunch in exchange for an hour of my time. The reason is because I’m showing signs if success and people crave that. But I’m not quite generating the income I need to quit my job yet.

    I’ve quit more times than I can remember and that didn’t lead to success. So this time, even though it seems extremely difficult, I’m going to keep going. I’m following the advice of Mr. Frandsen. Never quit.

    John Lee Dumas says “focus” means “follow one course until success.” I believe I will be successful. And I take bold, massive action that keeps building on that. It has allowed me to measure success in other ways than the dollars coming in. I get great emails, podcast reviews and comments that keep driving me forward.

    Thanks for sharing this Jeremy. I think many of us need to realize that we are already successful because we are in the journey. The destination will show up!

  3. Great Post Jeremy. You really nailed it. In today’s “microwave” society I think too many, including myself, want to see instant success. I have to keep reminding myself of Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule-have I put in my 10,0000 hours to become an expert at something? It may not take that long, but it is a reminder that for most really successful people they have been at it for a long time.

    Thanks for all you and Jason do.

  4. When I first started my journey online, this was my issue. I believed in the “hype” however I quickly realized, there is far more pieces to the puzzle. But in the end all the struggle and determination will be worth it. Thank you for this post!

  5. Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for the post!
    Having just begun researching the possibilities of an online enterprise a fortnight or so ago, I can certainly understand the ease with which we can fool ourselves into believing that things will happen overnight.

    My blog has now been live for a mere 11 days yet, despite some positive feedback from friends and family, I still find myself disappointed that I’m not seeing more varied traffic from around the globe.

    They’re only passing moments, but its great to have people out there reminding us that success takes time!

    • How are you generating traffic? I know one thing that new bloggers think is that traffic will just COME. It doesn’t, you have to have plans to put your blog out where people will find it!