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Transcripts:IBM 104 | Internet Success Story with Steve Weber

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Sterling: This is Internet Business Mastery, episode 104.

In a world where bosses control your life, and thoughts of escape fill your mind, where inspiration seems dead and cynicism rules the masses. You have a desire to break free; you feel the need to take control. Now there exists a place where the secrets of freedom and wealth are given to those who believe. Internet Business – free your mind!

Sterling: Hello, and welcome to Internet Business Mastery online at Internet Business, I’m Sterling….

Jay: And I’m Jay….

Sterling: And we’re here to help you escape the ‘9 to 5’ and live the lifestyle of your dreams by turning your life’s passion into a profitable internet business, even if you’re just getting started today. On this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we have a cubicle escape story with Steve Weber. And on the Quick Tip, we have a handy tool for making your auto recordings sound more professional and it doesn’t even cost a thing.

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So Jay, what’s been going on?

Jay: I don’t know, life’s good. I went to Crater Lake over the weekend here in Oregon and just excited about everything going on in the business. So life’s good, and we’ve got some really good content today. So maybe we should just jump to the content, what do you think?

Sterling: Yeah, if everybody doesn’t mind, we’ll skip the chit chat and go right to the content.

Jay: That might be unprecedented but here we go. Awesome interview for you today as well as an awesome breakthrough, so let’s just jump right into it.

And now the featured segment…

Jay: So on the line with us we’ve got Steve Weber who worked in the Oklahoma Public Schools from 1992-2006 and has an interesting story. In fact, I ran into him recently at the Glazer-Kennedy Social Media event that I was speaking at and he came up to me and said, “Hey, I’ve been listening to your show the last few years.” And so we chatted for a little bit and he shared a little bit of his story with me, which I thought was really cool.

So I thought, “Hey, I think our listeners would love to hear your story, would you come on the show?” And he agreed to do that but I’ll just give a preview of that here; like I said he started in the Oklahoma School Systems and then in 2004, Steve and his wife Kay began an eBay business at home, and that has now since evolved into an internet business with numerous websites.

And while working their day jobs and building their online business, they were still building their online business to the point where they could finally leave their education jobs in 2007, so this is a true cubicle escape story. Very exciting, and now they devote full time to their home internet business. Numerous friends and relatives of course starting asking how they were able to quit their job, so Steve has also started consulting others on starting up a business of their own as well.

So welcome Steve, and thank you for joining us.

Steve: Hey, thanks Jay. First let me start by saying how much I appreciate you back in the early days. I would download your podcast and put those on a CD and listen to them in my car on the way back and forth to work. Unfortunately I had about hour drive both ways at that time so you helped a lot, you really got me on the right track after a while. But anyway, should I just begin by telling you a little bit about how I got started?

Jay: Yeah, let’s hear your story. How did you get going in internet business and with this whole online thing?

Steve: Yeah well, I began dabbling in it in about the year 2000 and just like almost every other beginner out there, I made a huge mistake in believing in that one concept of build it and they will come, and of course we all know that’s not true. But at the time I thought well, if I could just learn how to build a website (and that was a pretty big hurdle right there, learning how to build a website), if I could learn how to get a website up there and put some Paypal ‘buy’ buttons on it, I’d be making some money.

And of course you know that doesn’t work like that, so I progressed from there with no money and then I started falling for all the typical scams. You know, the 10,000 page views, the getting listed in thousands of search engines, the email blaster scams, and all those from anywhere from $27 to $67 to $197 just like everybody else does, and still not a dime of income.

I mean it was just totally frustrating, all beginners can relate to that – not a dime of income. But then in 2002, I thought I’d really figured it out, I discovered pay-per-click and I thought aha, this is what I’ve been missing. I got into pay-per-click and that was a complete disaster, I’m embarrassed to say we did not have this much money to spend on that.

I guess I probably invested about $3,000 or $4,000 in that year on pay-per-click, it was back in the overture days. But I did make some sales and so it was kind of like gambling I guess, you kind of get hooked on it because you saw a few sales coming in but then you had to spend more money. Well I don’t have a clue as to how much I lost, at most the $3,000 or $4,000 that we invested in pay-per-click, or I invested. My wife wasn’t really on board at the time with internet marketing but it was all a waste.

And I was just at a loss and I knew people out there were making money at it, and I just didn’t understand what was missing. And one day it was in the year 2003, I was driving home from work and it’s just like this light bulb came on and I realized that there were people making money out there and I didn’t think they were lucky, and I didn’t think they were smarter than I was. And that sounds kind of simple but that just totally changed how I was looking at things.

I decided to stop treating it like a lottery system, I was trying to make a quick buck doing all those things but I looked at the people that were making money and they weren’t smarter than I was I didn’t think, and I sure didn’t think they were lucky. So I really buckled down and I got into it and I started reading and instead of trying to make money, I started educating myself a little bit.

I did all the reading I could, reading all the blogs, listening to you guys. A little bit later I found you guys after this, but reading all the blogs out there, the forums, reading those big forums and studying all that, and learning about niches, and learning about SEO, and that was the real key – the niches and the SEO put together. Of course the next problem was a niche and ever beginner goes through this too. What kind of niche? Okay, so I need a niche, everybody’s telling me I need a niche but I don’t know what my niche can be.

Sterling: Yeah actually we found that a lot of people struggle to find that niche, that’s obviously in our business a major issue and I know you’re getting into it, but we definitely wanted to get your interesting story on how you stumbled across that and how you specifically found your niche and was able to recognize it and actually make some money.

Steve: Yeah really. Well we looked and looked, I guess we spent about a year realizing that we needed a niche and it’s a funny story how it worked. It was on our kitchen cabinet the whole time. We had an old dog at the time that had arthritis and we couldn’t find anything that would really help him, there’s no cure for arthritis but we found a product online. We ordered it online and it was a glucosamine product for arthritis and it really helped him.

We were giving it to him for a year through that whole process, it’s working great for him and here we were looking for a niche. And one day my wife just looked at the bottle and said, “Well what about this stuff?” It had never occurred to us to think about that and so I called the manufacturer and fortunately they had a good program, a good wholesale program that would allow us to buy in small quantities where we could get started and at very reasonable prices so that we could mark it up and make a reasonable amount of money. So I ordered one case which was twelve bottles of this product and I made a little website of three or four pages and I optimized it and used what I learned in SEO, optimized it for that product, and it was for the brand name of that product of course.

Fortunately I knew enough to not go with ‘glucosamine for arthritis,’ but I optimized for that specific product’s name and in about three or four weeks I got an email from Paypal, we made a sale. And I have to tell you, whenever I looked and tried to figure out where it came from, I looked on Google…and I hadn’t been that every day, I didn’t expect it to happen. But I was on the first page of Google for that term, for that obscure product term.

It was on the first page, we made a sale, and the rest is really history with that and that was what really got this going. But this was just right here in our kitchen cabinet the whole time and that’s what I tell my students now, that 99 times out of a 100, the niche they need to be in is in their life right now. They just need to see it, or it’s close with relatives, it’s somewhere right around in their life. It’s right there, you don’t have to go online searching key word tools and so forth trying to find a good niche.

It’s right there in front of you because the ones that you’re most familiar with, the products and the circumstances that you’re most familiar with, that’s what makes your niche. I tell my students that I can’t pick your niche for you because I don’t know you. You might like scuba diving, I don’t know anything about scuba diving. That could be your niche in some area there but that’s how we found ours, it was right there in front of us all the time.

Sterling: Yeah and that’s like the exact thing an entrepreneur is, they find a need and they fill it. I mean it’s as simple as that for what an entrepreneur is.

Jay: Yeah, we usually take these things for granted so I think that advice that you give your students is really good because you’re right, it’s good to look for those things that are already part of our daily lives, that are part of the daily lives of those around us because then we’re probably either already familiar with it or readily can become familiar with it. And that’s just going to increase our chances of success, and I like that you said a niche is not necessarily going to be found in the key word tools.

I mean the keyword tools might help you refine it, but people do get so hung up on the tool of oh, if I just knew the right way to use the key word tool, if I just knew the numbers I had to look for. But no, it really does come back to looking around you and kind of changing your mindset in such a way that it’s going to show up in front of you and you’re going to go oh wow, there it is, let’s give that a go. And do you remember what it felt like when you got that first sale of your product?

Steve: When I got the sale, that was cool but the really cool part was whenever I was figuring out where it came from, how they found us and that’s when I did the search in Google and I just typed in the search term and there was my page on the first page of Google, I forget maybe sixth or seventh place. That was cool because I knew from that point on I had this deal figured out, because then I knew how it worked. I didn’t pay for that advertising, it was free and since then, we haven’t paid for any advertising.

All of that retail site is still going and we’re still selling the glucosamine, we did ramp it up to about twenty products at one time but we have really tapered it off. We changed over to affiliate products just because of shipping issues and we just want more freedom than the shipping was allowing us. We were up to about twenty products so we just hit that same process of finding those related people that had dogs with arthritis; well they have other dog issues too.

So we kept adding those kinds of products and that’s how we did it, but I want to make a point here that I think a lot of beginners just don’t grasp this concept. They look in those tools, they look for hot topics on eBay, they look for what people are looking for and think they need to get into something like that because that’s what everybody’s looking for. Well we quit two really good jobs for western Oklahoma; Oklahoma teachers don’t make as much as some teachers. So we quit two really good jobs off of a search term – actually two products that were both dog arthritis products, but 99.99% of the people out there have never heard of these products.

I optimized for those terms because there are enough people out there who knew the products and were looking for cheaper products or places to buy them. We didn’t optimize for dog arthritis, we optimized for that product name. And I can say the names right now and nobody in your audience would have ever heard of those names, I just bet you and yet we quit two full time jobs by 2007. We had both quit our jobs by 2007 over optimizing for words that nobody has heard of that’s listening to this right now.

Jay: Right, the search engine optimization and free traffic, I’m sure a lot of people are itching to hear more about that and we do want to ask you a little bit more about that but I want to talk just a little more about this niche thing because I know there’s a lot of listeners who either a) are stuck on finding their first niche ever or b)…I love how you talked how you took the first niche and then that huge confidence boost. You’re like, ‘look I’ve got this, I just need to keep at it, it’s going to work,’ and then from there you just kept side-stepping and finding other needs in the same market.

But let’s back up to the person, that advise you gave to look around in your own life. Do you have a couple tips you could give as to help anybody listening to this that might help them flag or notice those things in their life where they might go, ‘Oh! That might be worth giving a try!’ Is there any advice that you’ve given to your students?

Steve: Well I would definitely say look for areas where you spend money, or look for areas where people are spending money. Maybe it’s a relative of yours that is buying something, especially on a regular basis. We fortunately got into a niche where people give it on a regular basis so over half of our customers right now are returning customers so that was a really good idea.

So look for areas where people spend money, not so much where they’re looking for information because there’s not a lot of money to be made there but if it’s an area where they spend money, I really look for that. You can optimize for something that’s an information site, maybe put some Adsense on there but that’s not where the real money is. Now an Adsense site, that’s devoted to a specific product brand name that people are looking for and ready to buy. That’s where you want to look for, and there’s all kinds of those areas in our lives where we spend money on a regular basis.

So definitely look there first, and then secondly look for one that you kind of have a passion for because it’s going to take many hours of work, and you’re going to have to sit there and write content. You’re going to have to build webpages, you’re going to have to spend a lot of time on this and if you don’t have a little bit of passion for it, if you’re not really interested in it very much and you’re just in it to make the money, then it’s going to be difficult to stay motivated.

Like for our old dog, we were very passionate about helping him and we wanted to share that. So something that you have some passion for, something you can make that people buy and spend money on and secondly something you have a little bit of interest or passion in, those two things specifically.

Jay: That’s good advice, I mean I like the fact…I mean we talk a lot about information products and that’s definitely the focus of what we teach, but there is a lot to be said about going after this physical product that people use over, and over, and over again and they’re going to have to return and buy more of it.

Steve: Yeah, let me clarify that. I didn’t mean information products, that’s in a whole other league and I completely agree with you there. I sell those myself, I was speaking specifically about when someone with a dog with arthritis will search such as ‘what are the signs of dog arthritis?’ People that are really just looking for information about dog arthritis and they’re not specifically looking for a product…going that direction.

There are some niches that really aren’t conducive for selling very much of anything and it’s just about information really, and people looking for information about it but yeah, information products are great. I do that myself now too but you have to – in the dog arthritis area – you would have a couple of choices. One would be to optimize for the products that people are actually buying right now or just basic information about dog arthritis, and you can sell in that other area too but it really helps we’ve found to optimize for those specific searches where they’re buying things.

Jay: Right, you can based on what a searcher is looking for on the internet, you can tell whether or not they’re in a buying mindset or just ‘looking for free info’ mindset. And certainly we want those people that are looking to ease a pain or satisfy a passion and are ready and willing to spend money to do that, and like you said, your passionate about helping other people with their pets. People love their pets, I mean that’s an urgent pain when your dog that you love is in regular pain from arthritis and you want to ease that. I mean that’s a great niche to identify.

Not only that, but you found a product that is consumable, that people use up and then they come back looking for more. And then clearly, there’s going to be other needs that those people have if they have a pet that they love who is maybe starting to ail and there’s different things that they’re going to need to help, and I’m sure like you said so you found other products and things you could offer these people based on these needs. And so just lots of good stuff I think that derived from your story for sure.

Steve: Yeah, another one I’ll just throw out there for your listeners, but people that have dogs, they also have dog teeth cleaning issues. That was a perfect match, people spend a lot of money having their dog’s teeth cleaned at the vet, well we sell a product that they can do it at home. It’s like a dog toothpaste, it’s cheap. So that just fit perfectly with the whole thing, so just look for those similar type areas, if you have a dog then you have various needs for that dog and so we fill those.

Sterling: Well let me ask you what fears have you faced while you’ve been creating this business? We’d like to talk about the mindset of this and certainly talk about these fears so that other people can help get over them before they get started. And like basically, what are the fears and how did you actually overcome them as you were going through this process?

Steve: Well you know, in the beginning there really weren’t any fears to speak of because you know what my goal was in the beginning when I figured out I could make some money? My only goal in the beginning was to make a car payment honestly. It was $400, our car payment was $400, and I thought wow, if I could just get the internet to pay our car payment, that would be awesome! So I didn’t have any fear going into there.

We made the car payment and then after a while I thought well wow, if we can make the car payment, maybe we can make the other car payment too. We did that, and then next it was the mortgage and next it was the insurance and you just keep going like that. So there wasn’t any real fear, the big fear came when the conversation came around to quitting our jobs.

And we did it rather smartly, we were both working and my wife quit her job first. So for a year she was home and she took care of the business almost totally, the shipping and everything and I kept working for another year. And so having her quit wasn’t a huge step, in fact it really made our lives simpler because we were going crazy. We were both working full time and then shipping at night and working weekends, it was just insane.
But when she quit things got a lot easier, but then the next year…I guess about six more months, then we started talking about me quitting and that was a whole different story. So losing that paycheck that I had been used to for a long, long time and that security, that so-called security and I was with the schools so it was relatively secure unlike a private business where you can have layoffs. But that was scary, but I’ve always had a lot of confidence in myself and the business just kept on going up and I believed that when I quit my job I would be able to spend so much more time on the business that everything would be okay.

And yeah it was scary, I remember the day that I told my boss that I was going to quit in three or four months when the contract was up. It was scary but I just believed in it and the business was going really well. No way would I have just jumped into it without the business already doing well and we had quite a bit of money in the bank already so in a worst case scenario we could live on for a while, but that really wasn’t an issue. That part was scary losing the insurance and having to buy your own insurance, that was scary. But once I did it, it was just full speed ahead.

Jay: And you just went and found a solution. You were like okay, I’m losing my insurance so I’ll go and figure out how to…I mean either way you’re paying for it, right?

Steve: Yeah, actually there are options out there. We found out that if we joined the local Chamber of Commerce, just by joining we got to have a group insurance policy via them so that worked out really well.

Jay: Nice, I like it. So this is the double cubicle escape story. Both you and your wife have been able to quit your job.

Steve: Right, right. Yeah she did first and then a year later, I did myself too. After we quit, the supplement business just kept on going and that’s the good thing about SEO. My gosh, I pumped a lot of work into it, worked every night and every weekend I think for a couple of years there before I could quit and once you do that SEO work in a small niche…and a larger niche is a little bit different, but in a relatively small niche, boy you are just getting that free advertising week after week and month after month and year after year. It’s just pretty cool without doing a lot of [inaudible] in those small niches. I just love it.

Sterling: Yeah, the interesting thing is on our side with SEO is, we’ve said before that we really don’t do a lot with SEO and I really actually started thinking about it going, we actually do a lot with SEO because with all of our blog posts, we don’tsit there and go okay, what are the eight words we should put in here specifically? But our main words we’re always very…thinking that needs to be in the blog post title or the podcast title and everything we do really is about content that has our key word rich information in it that it kind of naturally does SEO for us.
Because you know our main key words were definitely on the first page of Google for, and that happened just naturally by doing the kind of content that we do. So I kind of wanted to correct that because we have said before that we just don’t spend too much time on SEO but really kind of our entire site is based on it, just naturally by how we run our business.

Jay: Yeah, creating that frequent authoritative content with key word rich material in it for sure.

Steve: Yeah, so I call that a lot of what you’re talking about, unintended SEO. Because if you look in your analytics you have…I have thousands of searches, I have thousands of page views from key words that I didn’t intend, they were long tail key words that I didn’t really intend to optimize for. So when you create all that content, that’s why they say content is king. When you create all that great content out there, you are optimizing for things that you never intended for and your analytics will show that.

Jay: Absolutely.

Steve: You’ll have a lot of traffic from stuff you never thought about just because you have really great content.

Jay: So clearly internet business has impacted your life quite a bit in being able both you and your wife to quit your jobs but how else has your life changed over the last few years of having your own internet business and being able to quit your job?

Steve: It’s just like night and day. In fact, I still…it’s been what, over three years now for me and I still have to remind myself on Sunday nights…I spent a lot of years on Sunday nights dreading Monday mornings. And Sunday nights are really cool because I don’t have to get up…I get up pretty early anyway, but I don’t have to get up and go somewhere. We work out of our home and Sunday nights are really cool, that’s really impacted us a lot and just our lifestyle. Being able to take off to the city, we don’t have to work around a job.

When you have a job, you’ve got to schedule everything from your hair appointments to your doctor appointments, it just changes everything because you don’t have…you can arrange those the way you want them to and not when you can get off work of if you can’t get off work. That was the big one right there, just being able to go whenever we wanted to.

Sterling: Yeah, it’s definitely a different mindset, that’s for sure because just for instance this particular Sunday I suddenly realized oh, it’s Sunday and I went ooh, I’ve got some good stuff to do tomorrow. On Monday, I was excited that Monday was coming.

Steve: Yeah, that’s a whole different deal. We used to say…for a year after I quit, every day was a Saturday to us because when we had jobs, Saturdays were spent working about half or two-thirds of the day. Every Saturday while we had jobs, we were working on the internet businesses and then when we quit it was kind of like a Saturday every day. So we would work and then we would go and drive to the lake. We have a really nice lake like eight miles away from us, a big lake. So we would drive around the lake all the time when we wanted to and it was about like a Saturday every day for a long time it felt like that.

Sterling: Yeah that is very, very cool. Well and as you know from listening to the show, we love giving tips. That’s why we always have a Quick Tip, so we wanted to ask you what your two top tips for somebody who wanted to get started in an internet business is.

Steve: Well number one is, don’t try to make money right off. That’s probably one of the biggest mistakes that I see people doing and I talk to a lot of people that are just starting out, on the forums and on the blogs, and contacting me directly but probably the biggest mistake is just trying to make money right out of the chute without really knowing what you’re doing. They’ll get into these scams of course thinking they’re going to make money but then they build a little website and the first thing they do is slap affiliate links all over the place.

I’m like you don’t have any traffic, there’s no point in joining all these affiliate programs and going to all that trouble, just focus on the traffic. Learn how to get the traffic, the money will come later, that’s the first tip. And the second one, you’ve got to have patience.

And most beginners I work with unfortunately, most of them don’t have enough patience and they end up just quitting. They know what they’re supposed to be doing and they can listen to me and the theories and everything, and they’ll try it for a while and if they don’t see any…if they don’t get any traction in a month or so if they’re getting frustrated and they want to quit, and that ain’t gonna cut it.

You’ve got to have the patience and you’ve got to stick with it. One of my favorite phrases is relentless focused action, and you just have to stay with it and it’s not that hard. If you’re not trying to make money by next week and if you’ll stay focused and at it, there really aren’t any super top secret things out here. You’ve just got to understand SEO a little bit, picking a niche, and stay with it for sure. That would be my two top tips for sure for beginners.

Sterling: Well speaking of the SEO, what would be a nice good tip for somebody getting started with the SEO side of it as far as what you’ve learned?

Steve: The smaller the niche the better and I don’t really care if my students, a lot of them they want to find the niche, they want to find the thing that is going to make them their fortune and that is probably not going to happen the first time. My advice would be to find a very, very small niche and I don’t really care if it’s going to make any money for you initially. I want you to go through the process of finding a niche, picking the key words, building the site, and doing what it takes to getting ranking in Google.

I just want to see you do that, and that takes a lot of the pressure off because when I tell them that, they’re thinking they’ve got to find the niche and build the site. And no, let’s just do something, let’s just get some real world practice here. Find a niche that you’re interested in, build you a little site about something that’s cool that you like and let’s just get it ranking well for certain key words. And that’s how I would suggest that you start out instead of trying to hit a home run out of the box.

Jay: You know that’s some really good wisdom that you just shared right there, I mean there’s several things that you said. I mean I love how you talked about at first you aren’t afraid, you’re like look, I just want to replace my car payment. It was our first goal, I mean that’s great, you’re right…a lot of times beginners put a lot of pressure on themselves about the making money part of things. We are here to make money and you will make money and you will eventually be able to quit your job, but you’ve got to start with that first step and if all the pressure…I think that’s why people got hung up on the niche selection.

They go, “Oh, I’ve got one chance and I’ve got to pick that one that will get me out of my job or else that’s it. And it’s like look, if you could just replace your car payment, pick something small, go through the process. You learn a lot of things, you get that first sale, you talked about your boost of confidence when you got that. And you’re like look, I can do this, I just made money on the internet and now nothing can stop me, and so there’s a lot to be learned.

And I love what you said, relentless focus action – RFA – I mean you’re absolutely right. That is a key part of this, if there is any secret sauce, you’ve got to keep at it and believe that you deserve it and that you can do it.

Steve: And another thing beginners don’t realize and they should and it would make their lives a lot easier and with less frustration but, making that first $100 online legitimately with SEO and doing everything right, making that first $100 is really hard. It really is, but making the next $100 is a lot easier and same way with making the first $1,000. It’s going to be a lot of work, but making the second, and the third, and the fourth is a lot easier, much easier because you can wash, rinse, and repeat what you understand and what works for you – much easier.

Jay: Absolutely. Well I want to go a little bit deeper here in a moment and do some search engine optimization an a couple other things that you mentioned. I’d also like to ask you a couple tips for anybody who’s hearing about this idea of finding some consumable product that maybe they want to try out, that something like that maybe a little light bulb went off in their head and they’re, “Oh yeah, there’s that supplement that I used or something,” but before we do that this is the end of the free portion of this interview for the general show listeners.

So we want to thank you for joining us for the podcast portion of this interview. For those of you who’d like to hear more in depth on some of the traffic strategies and product finding strategies that we’re going to talk to Steve about next, you’ll find that inside of the Academy and the complete version of this interview. If you’re not an Academy member, you can go and try a risk-free trial of the Academy by going to and you’ll be able to access the rest of this interview with Steve.

Alright, so that’s the end of the first half of the interview with Steve Weber. For those of you interested in finding out more about Steve and what he’s up to, you can see the site. They’ve got him and his wife out of the 9 to 5, by going to, and that’s the actual site with the little product that they were selling for dogs with arthritis. And then if you want to find out more about his own resources, and training, and some free content that he has about starting your own business you can go to, and both of those links will be in the notes back on the website at

And then we just want to remind you that if you want to hear the rest of this interview, and we just got done with it earlier this morning. I tell you I learned a couple of things I hadn’t thought about before either, just a really good energy and he just no holes barred going into some SEO tips or search engine optimization tips and exactly how he takes a new idea that maybe his wife or someone brings to him and decides very quickly whether it’s worth pursuing.

I thought that was really cool how he just laid out his actual criteria and everything, so if you’re listening to that, his experience of like oh cool he found this product and this search engine optimization walked through that process and some of the criteria he considers so if you’re interested in hearing the rest of the full featured interview, it’s inside the Academy. Again, you can grab your risk-free trial to the Academy at

Alright, so we’ve got an awesome breakthrough today, this time from the Academy. How about you go ahead and share that with us Sterling?

Sterling: Alright, here it is. “I’m so excited to finally announce the launch of my new blog at You guys gave solid advice in all the Academy materials, which has helped me every step of the way but sometimes I would lose focus and wander off the plan a bit eventually rediscovering you guys were telling me what I needed to hear right from the start. I launched my blog on the 4th of July, Independence Day.

Since I’ve taken a big step forward towards greater independence due to starting an internet based business, and finally got my blog out there. With the ongoing support of Internet Business Mastery Academy and the mastermind community, I’m sure I’ll be successful. I’m not trying to sound like I’m just hyping the Academy but honestly, you guys created the Academy just for this exact purpose – to guide people through the process of starting an internet business using a blog and time tested techniques that work.

People need to understand that you, Sterling and Jay, can only give us the tools and knowledge but we have to make it happen. I’m just getting things started and I owe you and the great members of the mastermind community a huge thanks.” –Scott Milford

Jay: Yeah, thanks Scott for sending that in. Scott incidentally is also an affiliate of the Internet Business Mastery Academy and has had some success. He’s been a long time member for many months now, he’s had some success in promoting the Academy and earning some monthly commission. So I believe his Academy membership is pretty much paid for him because of the few people that he’s referred over to the Academy, so thank you for that as well Scott.

And again, if you want to check out that blog that he just launched, it’s and on the blog in the little blurb he says I’d like to show you how simple adjustments in your thinking can make your life better. And I noticed he’s doing a series right now on behavior and motivation comes to weight loss and things like that, so some really cool stuff there, the kind of stuff that I love to read about. So I’m excited to see how that goes for you Scott and definitely keep us in the loop on your continued progress.

It’s time for the Internet Business Quick Tip…

Jay: Alright, this episode’s Quick Tip comes from one of our listeners so let’s go ahead and queue that recording up.

Kevin: Hi Jay, Hi Sterling, I’m Kevin Matthews of, the podcast and website that we created to help everybody maximize their potential through exclusive interviews with people like business leaders, sports stars, record breakers, and of course entrepreneurs. And yes, I’m the same Kevin Matthews who nearly crushed his car a few episodes back when I was mentioned on the breakthrough slot.

So thanks again for that guys. So my Quick Tip for all the listeners is the Levelator which was recommended to me by a fellow podcaster who is based over in the U.S. who has a great show called “The Browns That Travel.” The Levelator is such a simple way to immediately improve the sound quality of your podcasts, especially if your podcast is orientated around interviews like ours is. I don’t know about everybody else but I was finding it very, very difficult to get the sound levels completely equalized between two people speaking as well as getting them all equalized between your intros, and your closes, and your main interview.

Then I was introduced into using the Levelator. So all you do is, when you’ve got your raw footage you just drag and drop the audio file straight into the software and around thirty seconds later, boom you’ve got this whole new sounding interview. The sound levels are awesome and it works really, really well with Audacity, which is the software that you all recommend. Quite simply, I wouldn’t even think about putting a Maximize Potential interview live now without running it through this.

So the best bit of course, it’s free and you can download it from all the major free websites. All you’ve got to do is just go and Google the Levelator and bingo, there you are. I hope that helps absolutely everybody as much as it’s helped me, and I just want to say final note, Jay and Sterling, thanks again for all the great content you guys have produced over the years. You’ve been an inspiration and really helped up launch our podcast, and you’ve helped to achieve some awesome results in iTunes. So thanks for the superb feedback, support, and interest in Maximize Potential. Cheers and keep up the good work!

Jay: Thanks Kevin for sharing that Quick Tip with us. Incidentally we’ve used the Levelator on our show haven’t we Sterling?

Sterling: I believe we still use it quite a bit but the number one place that I actually use the Levelator is whenever we would do any sort of interview in order to make all of our voices sound about the same level, you just throw it in the Levelator and it evens everything out so that’s a great way to do interviews and again, if everybody’s audio is a little off you just throw it in there and you’re good.

Now if you’d like dozens of other resources such as this one, you can find them in the Internet Business Mastery Academy, along with video tutorials showing you exactly how we use them. To get a 30-day no risk trial membership to the Internet Business Mastery Academy, visit That’s it for this episode of Internet Business Mastery, until next time we wish you ultimate success in your internet business!

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