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Transcripts: IBM 98| Internet Business Success Story with Ron Davis

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Sterling: This is Internet Business Mastery, episode 98.

In a world where bosses control your life, and thoughts of escape fill your mind, where inspiration seems dead and cynicism rules the masses. You have a desire to break free; you feel the need to take control. Now there exists a place where the secrets of freedom and wealth are given to those who believe. Internet Business – free your mind!

Sterling: Hello, and welcome to Internet Business Mastery online at Internet Business, I’m Sterling….

Jay: And I’m Jay….

Sterling: And we’re here to help you escape the ‘9 to 5’ and live the lifestyle of your dreams by turning your life’s passion into a profitable internet business, even if you’re just getting started today. On this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we have an internet success story with Ron Davis, a long time listener of the show and member of the Academy. And in the Quick Tip, we’re going to share with you one of Ron’s recommendations for where he finds Virtual Assistants.

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So Jay, what’s been going on?

Jay: The launch. Well it’s over now by the time this episode goes out, but actually that’s something that I want to bring up. I’m sure anybody who listens to this show and follows the blog and is on our email list, you notice that we put out our new coaching course – Traffic Attraction Formula. We hadn’t done an 8-week coaching thing, it’s been a couple years – back before the Academy.

We thought it was a good time to try something like that again and the response has been good, but the thing that I wanted to point out is that…and we may have said this before but in those times when you see that we are launching something new, and I think you’ll be able to tell because we start…it usually starts with something like a survey saying, ‘Hey what do you think of this or this,’ because we’re always about let’s find out what the market wants first.

And then it starts just kind of building and building, we’ll start releasing some really cool videos and some great content, or there’ll be…obviously the frequency of emails might pick up for a little while. And the thing that I hope is that…I mean obviously we hope that those who it’s a good fit for will buy the coaching program because we put it out there because we’ve made it to fit the needs of some slice of our audience, of our market.

But I think that even more so I hope that even for those it’s not a right fit to buy whatever it is that we’re launching at the time, I hope they still pay close attention to the whole launch, even if they know that they’re not going to buy because they’re working on something else, finances aren’t right right now, they have different needs at this moment.

I mean we know it’s not going to fit perfectly for everybody, but I hope even so that you still look at all the emails, look at the pages that we send you, to watch the videos, see what we do in those videos, and glean different ideas from watching the launch process. I mean there’s a huge…I mean that’s a course in and of itself, just watching the launch in action as a course in and of itself.

Sterling: Yeah, there’s like two lessons going on. The first lesson is what we’re teaching you in the audio, yeah in the actual content, and then how we’re putting out the content is definitely another complete lesson. And the other thing, just kind of a secret behind the scenes on this is, we always talk about Jeff Walker and his Product Launch Formula and how we’ve used that over all the years to launch this, but Jeff actually had a hand in this actual launch.

So you’re not only getting what we’ve learned, but the actual master himself helped us with this, so I mean that’s even taking it to that final level with launches to have the top guy in the world that does launches was working on this particular one. So it’s definitely an awesome lesson to learn on that side of things.

Jay: And the other thing I wanted to point out is that Academy members, you can look forward to and maybe actually maybe by the time this audio comes out or soon thereafter look forward to some behind the scenes stuff. I mean lessons learned and we’ll walk back through that launch process and take you behind the scenes of some of those things inside the Academy.

So watch carefully for that Academy members and we’ll take you behind the curtain so to speak. So next time you see us doing that kind of a launch, even if you’re like, “oh this looks cool but it’s not right for me right now,” still pay attention because there’s a lot…and it’s powerful, powerful stuff at play even if you don’t have the ability to do as cool of looking videos as we did on this launch.
Even if you’re not the best copywriter, or have the ability to hire a good copywriter, still the strategies and principles that are at play are so powerful that even if you just do a few of them you’ll get multiplied results at applying them to your launches. So there’s definitely a lot to be gleaned just by watching what’s going on.

Sterling: Well it’s funny, just as a complete side note, we had somebody that unsubscribed from our list as we were doing this launch that said, “No real content in the emails!” And I laughed going, are you insane?! Just the actual content was probably the most we’ve ever given away as well as in the videos and then not to see the strategy we were using to be able to take that information to use on your own stuff? I was like man, that person does not get it and probably is very much better that they aren’t learning from us. So I saw that and just went, wow! They obviously didn’t read the email and just saw that they got a couple of emails in a day or something and decided to say that. But I was completely blown away by that going wow, that’s somebody that just didn’t get it.

And now the featured segment…

Jay: Alright, on the line we’ve got a long time listener and Academy member, in fact one of our community managers, somebody who was involved from the very early days of the Academy and helped set the tone of the community that we’ve had there from the beginning, something for which we’re very grateful and still is in there often helping out with the Academy members – the questions that come in and giving encouragement and has had quite the interesting route himself in the internet business world.

And so we wanted to bring him on for an interview today and have him share some of his experience, both the highs and the lows because I think there’s some really great things we can learn from some of the things that he’s put into place. But this is a photographer but actually we’re talking about Ron Davis, we’ve got Ron Davis on the line, I guess I should say the name.
But he does photography on the side, he actually comes from a technical field but I’ve looked at some of his photos, very talented photographer and has made that a niche that he’s pursuing online after a brief stint with a video show that he calls Video Distinctions For Life which was also fun to watch at the time. A long time ago he won a contest where we had our community members of IBM (Internet Business Mastery), put together a little video to promote Internet Business Mastery and he put together a really clever…we’ll have to try to dig that up again.

I’m not even sure if it’s still online, but he was the winner of that. So he definitely knows what he’s doing when it comes to the visual aspects of photography and video and some cool things like that. But anyway, thanks for joining us Ron and we’re excited to go ahead and chat with you today about what you’ve been up to lately.

Ron: Thanks for having me, I’m honored to be on the show.

Jay: So let’s go ahead and start with the usual question that we like to ask, I think people like to hear – what has brought you into the world of internet marketing and kind of what made you want to pursue starting an internet business and get your hand at marketing and promoting yourself online?

Ron: Well what actually happened was, I was teaching a class for my church on Apologetics and I was recording it and I wanted to podcast it. I had no idea how to podcast, so I put in ‘how to podcast,’ into Google which is probably about three years ago and the top hit was your site explaining how to podcast. And I started listening to the Podcasting Underground and then you mentioned Internet Business Mastery and I started listening to it and I was like wow, you mean you can actually make a living doing this kind of thing and not to have to go into an office every day? That would be awesome! That’s what helped me get started in it.

Sterling: Yeah, that seems to always be the thing that gets people excited in the same way it did for us as well.

Jay: You know, that’s really cool that you mention that because actually right before this call, I mean immediately before this call Sterling and I were having a chat about that very site – that How To Podcast site that’s been out there for four or five years, something that I put up and haven’t touched since, literally like in 2005.

And it’s still out there getting attention, building a list, and we were talking about you know what? What could we do to maybe connect the dots more now, now that Internet Business Mastery has become such a focus for us and taken off. How can we connect the dots and make that even more of a lead in or way to attract people to the Internet Business Mastery show and get people from there to not just create a show, but let’s teach you how to create a business too out of this.

So I guess that’s a nice case and point right there, you sharing your story. That would be a good thing for us to do, we really could reach a lot of people that way if we revisit that site, that asset that’s just sitting out there and connect the dots for people. So how timely, how cool. I like hearing that.

Ron: I remember the time thinking that you were kind of hiding it, that you had Podcasting Underground but you didn’t really mention Internet Business Mastery. You were kind of trying to keep them separate I think. So yeah, break down that wall.

Jay: Right, exactly.

Sterling: Well now you also mentioned that you’ve had I guess a couple of different businesses and a lot of people have a hard time with choosing their niche. How did you go about choosing your target market?

Ron: Yeah that’s interesting, I did what I love and that was really it. What I thought was interesting and what I was interested in doing. So really that was personal development and I knew I wanted to do video because I’m always like well what’s harder and because if it’s harder then less people will do it. So I did video for that and it turned out that it’s not just that it’s hard but to do it at the level that I wanted to do it at took a lot of time to do.

And then in personal development, there’s one person in the forms that told me when I was kind of at a stopping point on that. They’re like that’s just not something you can really fake, you have to be kind of living that and having a lot of content. So that’s how I picked that niche but then I’ve been into this specific genre of photography which I call the Modeling Underground or the Model Photography Underground which is…there’s a whole kind of amateur world out there of models and photographers that shoot one another, mostly just to produce great images and they have different reasons for doing it but it’s sort of an amateur underground.

And I knew that I was part of that and I was actually listening to another podcast called The Biggest Photography Podcast Out There this week in photography and one of the hosts, they had a guest on and she said, “Yeah, I got my model off of Model Mayhem,” and the guy goes, “What’s that?” And I’m like, that’s like the biggest photography podcast and they’ve never heard of this?

So obviously…I think there’s like 400,000 members on this site Model Mayhem and yet people don’t know about the whole thing. So that’s kind of it kind of clicked in my head I know this, there’s obviously a lot of people involved in it, there’s people who aren’t involved in it who’d probably like to be if they knew it existed. So that’s how I picked that particular niche.

Jay: Well that’s interesting, so why do you think it is that to begin with you went with that Distinctions For Life rather than this photography thing that sounds like it really was a passion for you. You’d already been doing it for a while, had some good knowledge in – is that something you thought back on? Not that there’s a right or wrong answer, I mean it may be that that was just the right path for you to go in the end, but do you think there’s a reason why initially you didn’t go yeah, the photography niche, this photography and model niche is what I should do?

Ron: That’s an interesting question and I probably had different reasons for it back then. Part of it was that I think I thought the market was bigger in personal development than in photography, I could have also been in a place in photography where I was not as into it as I am at other times. With any kind of hobby or something like that, you kind of have ups and downs of interests.

It’s not that you don’t like it when you’re down, it’s just that you don’t do it as much. So I’m not real sure exactly why I picked that one first, but yeah…and it’s an interesting market, the photography market, because you can’t use some methods…like you can’t buy advertising for instance because you’re competing with people who sell equipment that costs over $1,000. You’re competing with camera manufacturers and computer manufacturers and those guys can spend a lot of money on their advertising.

So you can’t come in and spend the kind of startup capital and advertising, you have to use a different method. And that’s like the method that you guys teach, when I found it at Internet Business Mastery and did the step-by-step process, started creating content, build a list, that kind of thing didn’t require this big investment up front or to compete with guys who are multi-billion dollar companies.

Jay: Yeah, that’s a really powerful thing about that tactic or strategy, and that’s one reason why we like it so much is that you can…and the phrase we use when we’re talking about it is you can stand with giants when you’re using that content creation/magnetic media type approach to putting your brand out there and attracting followers because they’re out there really busy throwing tons and tons of money at big advertising campaigns just because that’s what they’ve always done.

But for whatever reason they’re not taking the time to just create what their market wants most and that’s just relevant great content that they’re going to come back over and over and over again to digest. And so that opens up for even the ‘small guy’ out there to step up and go well here, let me show you the tips and tricks that work for me. And all of a sudden you’re standing with the giants, standing out in the crowd without having to throw all the money out in the advertising budgets like those big corporations do.

Ron: Right.

Jay: Well that’s cool, that’s interesting. I mean really, I think the right answer is you just start it. You just started with and at the time, personal development and it felt right, and that’s good. And even though you ended up shifting gears, that’s actually one thing that I remember really admiring because I can remember the point where you were posting in the Academy going hmm, maybe this isn’t the right thing. I might be shifting gears here and I think just the fact that you were willing to take a look at that and go you know what, I’ve put the time and effort into this other thing and yet now it seems like really for whatever reason just because of my passions, because of where the market seems to be, or opportunities that are presenting itself, I’m going to go ahead and start this new route.

I’ll put on the shelf this other thing and now photography is the thing that I’m going to go for. Was that…I mean I’m kind of curious, was that a hard decision for you to make? Maybe talk a little bit about how you got through that decision because sometimes I think we have a hard time going oh, I’ve got to make this work because I’ve already put all this time and effort into this going down path A and so it’s hard to take the step over and go into path B. What was that transition like for you?

Ron: Yeah you know, that’s the thing I see with people also in the Academy is that they don’t want to do it. They want to think about doing it for too long and for instance, and you guys will be the first ones to hear this but I’m going to start a new podcast next week in a totally different [inaudible] and I talked to the guy who’s going to be my partner in this, or my cohost (however you want to look at it), and it’s in the EMS field.

And I’m actually getting ready to start training as an EMT and I thought you know what, I’m going to go through this training. I should be podcasting my experience, and what I ought to do is find someone who’s way more experienced than I am. In this case he’s actually a fairly accomplished blogger in that space and so what we’re going to do is get together once a week and talk about what I learned in class and get his perspective on it.

And when I told him about it, I was like even if this doesn’t go on and become a big business, that’s very valuable information to have out there in iTunes for people. And I told him when he said yeah he would do it, I said okay, I’ll set this up over the weekend. To set all this stuff up it shouldn’t take you more than two weeks. If I can do it in a weekend because I’ve done it before, I already have an Aweber membership, I already have hosting. I don’t have to go buy all the pieces or sign up for all the pieces, I can just throw up a new one.

And that’s kind of what I did when I went from Distinctions For Life to at that point it was called Glamour Apprentice. Oh I do remember now why I didn’t do photography in the beginning and I’ll come back to that if you want. When I decided to switch, it was you know what, I can set up a blog over the weekend and I can just post pictures that I’ve shot and I’ll be good to go, I’ll be ready to go. I can create a mailing list, put an opt in form on my page and this thing will be up next week. It’s not that hard to get started. And to go back to why?

Jay: Yeah, but let me point something out because actually there are a lot of really, really good lessons to pull out of that last like minute or two of what you just said.

Sterling: Yeah, I’ve got a couple too.

Jay: I’m like sitting here like….so and this is why I’m glad we are talking to you today Ron because I’ve watched this whole path. And first of all you’ve just kept at it which is completely awesome, but the fact that you took it at that approach and said you know what, it doesn’t cost me that much money or that much time to start a business this way. This thing looks like it has promise and because you had just gone ahead and done it the first time with Distinctions For Life, and yeah that didn’t end up panning out as being the thing that really got you excited and going, and that’s fine.

But because you had done it once, like it was just easy the second time. You’re like look, I’ve already done this. I know how to get a blog up, I know how to get an email list going, I know how to start creating content because I did it once. The learning curve is gone, now whenever an idea presents itself – boom, I’m ready to go and that stance, that sort of thinking right there is like true empowerment I think when it comes to creating your future and eventually just finding the kind of ultimate success that I know we’re all going for here on the internet. So I think that’s an awesome story and I’m glad that you shared that.

Sterling: Yeah, and the other thing that I would add to that as well is, obviously when we work with beginners and have for years on starting their internet business and unfortunately the sad news is most beginners don’t ever even put up one website. And like he was saying the key to it is, if you get the strength to put up that first one and it doesn’t go exactly the way you were hoping, it’s the strength to keep going until it works.

And again, that’s yet another one of those big, big lessons too. You just keep going until it works because it does work, you just have to find the right combination and we try to teach how to find that right combination but if somehow something gets skipped and one doesn’t work – like I’ve got to say, the thing that I know about personal development is that it’s one of the hardest categories to go into. It’s one that I’m just very passionate about and I still have been a little nervous to go into it because of how hard it is.

So like you went for it anyway and I was like oh my god, that’s amazing. But yeah, that is a really hard category but again, it’s having the strength to go I’m going to keep doing this until it works.

Jay: You know, people get so hung up on the niche thing and I think the niche thing sadly…I mean just pick whatever seems best to you and if you just spend three or four months going through the process on that first gut feel and if you did end up having…I think people think oh, if I have to shift gears that means I failed. But look how easy it was to go to the next thing and the next thing, and from there it’s just a leapfrog to success. Anyway, I think I cut you off Ron, go ahead.

Ron: No it’s okay. That’s the thing is once you’ve done it you see it’s not as big a deal. And you can just kind of try things, I don’t really know if there’s a market in EMS for anything or whatever but what does it matter? I’m already going to be learning this stuff, I can get on the phone with this guy and that will benefit me, so why not turn it into a podcast, why not fill up a blog? Which a podcast really is just a blog with an audio attachment, and do it.

And if it turns out that it’s not going to work well so what? I’m going to spend the next ten weeks learning EMT stuff anyway, what have I lost, nothing. The only thing that would make it even better would be if I had Virtual Assistants who I just said, “Hey, set up this site for me” and then it was done and I didn’t have to do hardly anything. You interviewed Marin Kate and she does that.

Sterling: Yeah I was just going to say I mean we’re finally to that point where it takes a while to get that right team but it’s definitely nice to go, go do this and they do it. But you’re not even able to do that really well without…that comes easier I’d say for us because we were able to create plans based on the fact that we had done it ourselves several times.

Ron: Yeah that’s true. And it’s funny because you can go to someone else, like I went to this guy and he has a very popular blog and has…I’ve had him comment on pictures I’ve posted and he sends thousands of people to my blog just by commenting on a picture in his blog. But I said, “Hey do you want to do podcasting?” He said, “I don’t have any idea how to do a podcast,” and I’m like, “I’ll set it up over the weekend.”

Jay: Yeah and that’s the couple other things I wanted to point out is that…and I point these out because this is the success mindset in action right here. So the other thing that you were doing is that you had it in your mind such that whenever the right…because you had done it, because you knew that you were in a position to just act quickly, you knew how to do it, you were confident in yourself because you had been through the process, as soon as an opportunity or an idea presents itself you’re ready to go boom and go ahead and give it a try.

So all of a sudden you’re in this space where you’re just constantly on the lookout for the next opportunity, and opportunities start presenting themselves exponentially because you’re just constantly having the thought of like okay you know what? Here’s something I’m doing in my life anyway. I bet there’s other people who want to benefit from this too, this could be a product, this could be a podcast, this could be a site.

And so all of a sudden you become this synthesizer of life which is really how you end up becoming a profitable information marketer is you learn how to synthesize life very quickly and easily for people and you’re like look, I’m going to be going through this anyway, I’m interested in it, I want to learn about it and I might as well make money while I’m doing it or potentially put together a following while I’m doing it or at the very least be able to write off some of these expenses while I’m doing it because I’m going to create a business out of it as well. And that is the entrepreneurial mindset, and that action which is just really really cool I think.

Ron: If you remember why I didn’t do the photography thing in the beginning.

Jay: Yeah, tell us. Let’s hear it!

Ron: Okay so what happened was, it was my first idea was to do the photography thing and I went and registered the name, it was Glamour Apprentice. And I went to a friend of mine who’s also a partner in my studio and I said hey do you want to do this, and he was like, “Yeah, sure.” And then another guy found out we were doing this and he says, “Oh, I want to do it too, do you guys want to make me a partner,” and he had a big following.

He did workshops all over the country, so I’m like yeah alright, yeah sure. And then both of them just kind of totally disappeared on me and I didn’t do anything. And I was so burned from that experience of trying to set up having a partner and them failing me that I was like screw it, I’m not doing that right now, and then I said what else can I do? And so that’s what I did, but I did set up the site, so the site already existed and so it was there to go back to when Distinctions For Life wasn’t panning out.

Jay: Okay, partnerships can be a powerful way to get started but you definitely have to find the right people. I mean having been a person…I mean I’m very fortunate, I have an awesome business partner and having been through like a lot of…creating a lot of bands and having a lot of bands break up, and having that be a very painful experience, it’s very similar to…it’s like courtship and marriage.

Finding the right people to be in your band with you, finding the right people to be your business partner, it takes a bit of time to sus that…it’s easier for people to get exicted and be like, “Oh yeah, I want to be in a band!” And then when it comes time to work, it’s a very different thing.

Ron: That is a learning experience for me too and when I wanted to bring…you can have partners where you’re both kind of equal or you can have people who help our in your business in a relationship that’s different. For instance, with Photographer & Model, when I started the podcast, I wanted not just photographers’ perspective, but I wanted the model’s perspective so I went looking through my models and brought Shawna on as my co-host.

And she was my co-host for a while and then the things I hated doing about the podcast for setting up the interviews and doing all the show notes and stuff afterward and so I was like would you like to be the producer of the show as well as the host? So in a sense Shawna and I work a lot on the site and the podcast itself is definitely something that we both equally do. Now as far as work goes, she does more work on it than I do.

But in a sense we’re not business partners, the whole business part of it is still mine. So there are ways to work with other people without them being your partner and a lot of times when you have the skills you learn in the Academy and from listening to the podcast, it’s easier to get people to come on with something other than full blown partners.

Jay: And you know that, that’s another huge lesson right there. I mean you’re right, that’s very cool that…I mean it sounds like you’ve done that with the photography thing, you’ve done that with the EMT thing where it’s like you know what, I’m going to bring in other people and we’ll talk about this more later in the podcast too how you kind of set up some systems and automate a few things, brought a few people in to do some different things.

But that going out and finding an expert to work with, in the Academy or listening to this podcast, you get empowered with the kind of marketing education that it’s actually pretty hard to find even in any MBA school out there. In fact I think you’d be hard pressed to find an MBA that would teach you this kind of stuff. And it’s like once you know how to do those things it’s like black magic voodoo to somebody who’s got great content but they have no idea how to get it online and reach an audience. And so you show up and they’re like hallelujah, make it happen, show me how. Like you went to the guy who’s had this awesome following through his blog, but he’s like podcasts, I don’t even know how to start.

And it seems like the biggest deal to all of a sudden be on iTunes but to you like you said, you can do it on the weekend. But to him he’s like, I don’t even know step one. And so that’s another powerful position that you can leverage into some great business ideas with the education that you get here, so I like that as well.

So we’re going to go into more into depth in some of these cool things that you’ve done in the second half of the interview, the extended version that people, the Academy members will be able to find. We’ve already got some great tidbits out of you here, let’s go ahead with maybe one or two of your biggest tips that you would give to somebody who’s listening to this and they’re just starting out thinking yeah, I want to give this a stab to start an internet business. What are one or two of the things that you’ve learned that would be the most important to share with them?

Ron: Of course the number one thing is to just do it. Don’t spend too much time thinking about how to do it. And if you think of the whole setting up a website, setting up your email list and all that stuff as kind of almost practice on the first one, then you don’t have to spend too much time. You can go down your niche list and say that one looks interesting, I’m going to do that one.

And even if that one doesn’t take off, you’re going to have learned everything you need to learn to do the next one. I think that’s something that obviously in my experience it’s big time.

Jay: I think that’s some of the wisest counsel you can give anybody starting out so I really like that one. What’s your next one?

Ron: Don’t expect it to happen overnight. I think you mentioned this in the Traffic Attraction Formula videos that people are like, “I need to make $50,000 in a month!” That ain’t gonna happen! It’s not going to happen overnight, look at it as a long term kind of thing and that you’re going to learn as you go.

Sterling: The first tip you gave, I just gave that exact thing again – I was down in San Diego for a little seminar and met an Academy member and we went to dinner and we were talking. And he was like, “Okay, any final tips?” And I was like that same thing, it’s like well first, you’ve just got to take action! For some reason, people just like overlook that part.

And then my other one was – keep going until it works for you. You’ve got to not quit. So adding those to yours, I mean that was the first thing I had said too is, it seems simple to say but, take action!

Jay: Right, I mean that’s the ultimate lesson from both those things that Ron said. It’s like look, this is a powerful way to start a business because you can get started quickly and you can get started for very little money. Now we’re not saying you’re going to make $50,000 today or even this week or this month but if you do get started now, you are going to find the right opportunities for you and things are going to start coming together.

And you will make money online, but that’s all the reason why you’ve just got to get going, get going now really is what it comes down to. Alright, thanks for those great insights Ron. Let’s go ahead and tell everybody who’s listening to the podcast here how they can find you online if they want to check into some of the things that you’ve been up to lately.

Ron: Well the main site is and there’s three parts really. One is the blog, one is the podcast, and one is what I call the Academy, and the Academy is kind of on hold right now but the other two are great information on learning how to photograph models.

Jay: Very cool, and like we said we’re going to be continuing this conversation in the extended version that you’ll be able to find in the Academy. If you’d like to try your risk free trial to the Academy, you can find that at We’re going to dig into a little bit more about how he’s worked with…automate, set a team, set up partnerships to keep his businesses going even when you got busy with other things.

And that will be available for Academy members in the Academy. So thanks for joining us on the show Ron.

Ron: You’re welcome.

Sterling: Yeah it’s a long time coming, I’m glad we were finally able to do it.

Jay: That’s right. Alright, we’ve got a couple of comments and breakthroughs to share with you. The first one comes from Kevin Matthews, this was a comment that he left on episode #96 which was all about answering questions about the Traffic Attraction Strategy that we had gone over in the show.

He says, “Hi guys. Well I just wanted to say thanks once again for the inspirational and educational content. Directly because of you both, we have now six episodes of our podcast live on iTunes. Yep, still making mistakes but learning all the time, your constant message of taking action just keeps coming back to me each time I think I’m reaching a brick wall. Thanks again for an education.”

Thank you Kevin for being out there and getting it done, that’s the way to do it. And you can find Kevin’s show at and I guess I should point out that because it’s the British spelling it’s Congrats on the show and keep us in the loop on your continued progress.

Sterling: Alright, and the next one is from Brad Smith from And he says, “Enjoyed the episode and your questions on magnetic content. I could not agree with you more that great content is the best way to attract traffic. I was wondering while listening today what kind of microphone are you using now?”

You want to go first? I have to look at the back of my microphone.

Jay: So I mean first of all just to point out, we got started with just microphones that we had around. I had a $100 microphone at the time and Sterling was using just like a $30 or $40 USB headset. So you can definitely get going that way. I great beginner mic that we recommend is the Blue Snowball which is about $80 and you can find it on Amazon, it’s a USB mic that a lot of podcasters use.

That said to answer your question directly, I am using the Heil PR40 which is a nice kind of a radio sound mic. You’re looking at more like a $300-$350 mic but it was after a few years that we actually made that upgrade to something nicer. Now Sterling, you’re using something a little different. Did you find what it was there, do you remember what it is?

Sterling: Yeah, it’s a Shure SM7B, and funny enough when I got this actually you had mentioned to get this back when we upgraded to the really nice mics. This is actually the mic that when I used to work for E as an editor, Howard Stern was using. And these are the really high end ones, well it was only $350, it was quite a big jump from my little $30 mic but it really sounds great.

Jay: Yeah it’s used in radio stations all over the world. I guess just in the interest of trying something different I went for the…I always thought I was going to go ahead and get one of those Shure SM7B’s as well but I guess I had to be a little different.

Alright, so the last comment or announcement that we got here is from David M. in the Academy. I love this one, he says, “So I had to do a business plan in my entrepreneurship class at school. In it I applied many things taught in the Internet Business Mastery Academy and a bunch of other internet marketing techniques. I got first place in my class and today I went on to compete against the whole school. I won that, got $100 and am moving on to the next level to compete against all the schools in my area for a whopping $1,500.”

And I’ve got to say, that is awesome! Because I mean, I can remember a few years back going to business school, going to get my MBA and that quintessential point that a lot of people hit, it’s like okay, go get my MBA or just spend the next couple years just starting my business and learn in the school of hard knocks or whatever. And I felt like I made the right choice for me but I love hearing that he’s in business school, applying stuff that he’s learning from our show and the Academy because I think you’d be hard pressed to find any MBA program in the nation that teaches this kind of stuff the way that we do.

And so it’s cool to see that he’s applying that and then having it do so well and be recognized. So good luck on taking it to the next level and definitely let us know David how that goes and if you win the big one, if you win the $1,500.

It’s time for the Internet Business Quick Tip….

Jay: Alright, we’re going to go ahead and turn the Quick Tip over to our special guest Ron Davis and have him share with us one of his treasured resources or something that’s worked really well for him. So Ron, how about you go ahead and share a great Quick Tip with us.

Ron: Well I’m going to share a site and that site is That’s and it’s a site kind of like these other sites like Elance where you put up jobs and then people apply for them, virtual people apply for them and then you hire someone and they do the job. It’s different from all those others in that whoever the provider is that is providing something for you has to run a piece of software on their computer to log their time.

And in addition to logging their time, it takes a screen shot of their screen once every six minutes and then uploads that to the Odesk website so you can go and actually see what they were doing at any particular time. And obviously the first thing that you think that you’d use that for to make sure they’re actually working on your project and not just billing you for hours and you don’t know whether or not they actually did it but the other thing is you can actually look at what they’re doing and if they’re doing it wrong, you can send them a message and say, “Hey, I was looking at your diary and you’re putting together this page wrong, you need to put it together a different way,” and you’ll kind of save yourself some time that way.

And I’ve had that happen. I hired a guy to move some web stuff from one place to another and he was doing it in a way that I hadn’t given him good instructions how to do it. But I noticed it on Odesk and I wrote him a message and said, ‘Hey, this needs to be done a different way.’ And so I’d recommend Odesk and they handle all the other stuff – the handling of the billing and paying them, so you don’t have to handle that stuff either.

Jay: Very cool, so that’s That’s a great tip, thanks for sharing that one with us Ron.

Sterling: Now if you’d like dozens of other resources such as this one, you can find them in the Internet Business Mastery Academy, along with video tutorials showing you exactly how we use them. To get a 30-day no risk trial membership to the Internet Business Mastery Academy, visit That’s it for this episode of Internet Business Mastery, until next time we wish you ultimate success in your internet business.

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