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Transcripts: IBM 94| The #1 Most Effective Traffic Attraction Strategy Pt 1

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Sterling: This is Internet Business Mastery, episode 94.

In a world where bosses control your life, and thoughts of escape fill your mind, where inspiration seems dead and cynicism rules the masses. You have a desire to break free; you feel the need to take control. Now there exists a place where the secrets of freedom and wealth are given to those who believe. Internet Business – free your mind!

Sterling: Hello, and welcome to Internet Business Mastery online at Internet Business, I’m Sterling….

Jay: And I’m Jay….

Sterling: And we’re here to help you escape the ‘9 to 5’ and live the lifestyle of your dreams by turning your life’s passion into a profitable internet business, even if you’re just getting started today. On this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we have the number one most effective traffic attraction strategy part one, and in the Quick Tip we have an easy solution for recording interviews and even podcast episodes.

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So Jay, let’s talk about the survey we did last week, some really interesting results.

Jay: Yeah, we’re big fans of surveys. That was awesome, the thing I love about doing a survey is that it really reconnects us with our market. Doing the podcast we have an idea of who our audience is and especially since we’ve been doing it for four or five years on this show here. We have a sense of who our audience is, but it’s really cool to reconnect with that and see in their own words from the audience, from people who are following us the things that…what their biggest questions are, their concerns, the things they’re struggling with, the hopes they have for their internet business.

So we definitely want to thank everybody who responded to that, we had an awesome response, a lot of great information come through and believe it or not you might think that’s something that we would just hand off to our V.A. to quickly summarize for us but we went through that inch by inch personally because we want to read the words, that are in your own words the things that you are thinking about and wondering about.

And a lot of things were reaffirmed that we already knew or assumed but then at the same time it always helps kind of refine or remind us of some things and make sure that this is really a two way street and not just us talking to you and making assumptions which is a message we’ve always talked about – how you’ve got to know who your market is and choose the market and give them what they want not just assume what you think they need and give them that, and that’s when people are going to really respond.

You know, I guess people might be interested to know what some of the biggest concerns were and it’s again, stuff that we’ve kind of known but then also maybe good to have reminded of and also to read in the audience’s own words how they were experiencing this for themselves. But actually the number one concern that people mentioned was time management – finding enough time to work on their internet business and when they do find time, how do they use that time, how to focus right in that time, how to feel like they’re using that time as effectively as possible, having that confidence that they’re doing the right thing with their time, and that’s definitely important stuff.

Sterling: Well, and you know the one thing about time that was really interesting and it was a nice reminder to hear that is that because we’re so very, very specific with our time now and over the years of doing internet business, that was one of the things that I think for me, I feel I have that down, especially the time thing. And it’s taken almost six years to get there, but time and one of the other ones I now have taken care of so I forgot about it sort of.

Like I forgot that was an issue because after years of experience taking care of it, so it was nice to see that again and it was a reminder of oh, well great, we’ll talk about that stuff. Like now we know to remember that that is how it is, especially right at first. I mean the way I handle the time issue in the beginning was I worked twelve hours a day and the other one I guess I’ll say real quick. One of the other ones is overwhelm and the way I handled overwhelm was I worked twelve hours a day every single day.

So I started getting overwhelmed and just go okay, I’ve got to put in more hours. And one of the things that the survey also talked about was, or reminded me specifically too is, people don’t have twelve hours a day to dedicate. Like we just happened to both be insane and quit our jobs before, but if you’ve got jobs and a family and all that stuff I mean you can’t fix that problem of time and overwhelm by working more.

Jay: Right, and that’s the insidious thing though is that it actually doesn’t fix the overwhelm.

Sterling: For sure.

Jay: The times I’ve been the least overwhelmed are actually more recently when I worked less than 40 hours a week, not back when I used to work 60+ hours a week on my business. So that’s something we can definitely talk about more in another episode but I guess that’s the good news to share. It’s like look, we’ve actually noticed in our several years of being online, being entrepreneurs, being in internet business that we’ve been the least overwhelmed when we’ve actually worked the least amount of hours. Because those are the times where we were very specific about how we used our time, and our focus, and things like that. So that’s definitely something we can talk about more in later episodes but yeah, I remember all the same things with time and overwhelm and that’s something still on occasion that I have to deal with now and again and kind of just check in with for myself.

The other two are no surprise, traffic and choosing the niche. People want to know and just have that confidence that they’re choosing the best niche for them and they want to know that they can get traffic to their site and their products, and their programs. The traffic thing, we’re going to talk about in this episode. I mean we got that feedback so that we can continue and even get better at providing content that will meet the needs, the wants that our market has, that our listeners have. So starting with this episode, we’re going to do that, we’re going to talk about some traffic stuff.

And niche, we’ve talked a lot about in the past but it’s always something we can talk about some more as well. But thank you everybody for that great feedback and we’re definitely dedicated to helping you overcome these specific concerns that we know you are all having whether you’re just starting out or whether you’re more experienced in your internet business. I’m sure at least one of those is still something that is a concern and a desire for you.

So we definitely make a commitment to you that we’re going to give you content to help with those things starting with this episode. So let’s go ahead and dive into the featured segment.

And now, the featured segment…

Jay: Alright, so on this episode like we said, we’re talking about the number one method or number one strategy for attracting traffic to your business. And as we heard in the chit-chat segment at the beginning, that’s one of the big concerns that people expressed on the survey was ‘how do I get more traffic?’

So we thought hey, great let’s do an episode about what we think is the number one most effective strategy for traffic. And the way we’re going to do this is we want to go through…actually this is going to be a two-parter because there is a lot of stuff to go over and we’re going to go through seven different criteria that we think the number one most effective traffic attraction strategy should have. And these are going to be based on things that are important for success in your business based on the things we know are important to you, based on the things that are important to us and have worked for us.

So we’re going to go through the seven and then in the end we’ll talk about in whole what exactly that strategy is. And you might already be making some assumptions about what you think we’re going to say. Actually I’m going to go ahead and tell you right now if you’re thinking oh, I know what it is – it’s podcasting. Actually it’s not, but you’ll just have to stick around to the end.

So reserve judgment a little bit as we go through these because I know everyone’s going to be wanting to like guess, ‘oh I know what it is,’ but we’ll go through the seven criteria and at the end of the second part in the next episode, we’ll talk about what exactly the definition of this traffic strategy is. But just to get you a little bit excited about it, this is a strategy first of all that has launched every one of the businesses that I’ve had since I ever got into this whole information marketing and especially online marketing thing. This is the strategy that has started every one of my businesses and that has made money for me.

Sterling: Yeah me too, definitely. As far as even a new one that I’m doing that this may sound very strange, the end result isn’t even about the freedom money gets, it’s just a total contribution type of business that I’m doing. Even that has this particular strategy as it’s number one thing because it has to!

Jay: Absolutely. And to go right along with that, not only has it launched every one of the businesses that we’ve done. It’s also, I know for me I can easily say and it might be similar for you Sterling that this is the strategy that has made me 95% of the money I’ve ever made online. Most of the leads that I’ve ever gotten and made money off of and the market that I’ve attracted, the people I’ve sold money to have come through this traffic attraction method.

Sterling: Yeah for me it’s probably just a little less only because I didn’t know about it at first actually and because I started on eBay. But I’ll tell you as I’ve seen my eBay business nearly die at least compared to what it used to be, all because I’ll say the way eBay is run now, but this is the beginning thing I think of now from the beginning and even what I added to my eBay business once I started understanding it. And yeah, I wouldn’t even consider a huge venture using something like eBay now, especially as compared to this particular traffic strategy.

Jay: Interestingly enough, you mentioned your eBay thing, even as we speak I’m making a note right now…actually this is going to become eight criteria because I’m going to use that…we’ll talk about it in the next episode, but I’m going to use that example you just gave of the things have changed with eBay, so that business has dwindled over the years because of that. So anyway, I’m adding a criteria based on your example…so we’re going to have eight criteria before the next episode.

Sterling: Seven to eight, well and we actually did an entire episode way back in the early, early days about eBay and not using somebody else’s model to make money is very dangerous. So it will be interesting to add that eighth.

Jay: Alright, so let’s go ahead and dive into the criteria, we’ll get through four of them in this episode. But the number one and I think this is going to resonate with a lot of people is that your most effective traffic attraction strategy, it should take minimal time to learn and to maintain. We know that the listener listening to this episode, your time is very limited, you might have family obligations, you go to work during the day, maybe you have a part of a full time job or you take care of family during the day, or you come home from work and you want to spend time with your family or maybe you have a significant other or friends you want to hang out with, maybe you have civic duties that you participate in – all the things we want to do with our life.

Time is a resource that is definitely limited and as well as energy, even more importantly our energy, and so you have all these demands on your time and your energy and you want to know how do you get the most results with spending the least amount of time and energy that you can. I mean clearly this takes some time and energy to invest into a business but I think we’re all looking for maximum ROI.

If we are going to invest time and energy into attracting traffic which we all realize is extremely important for successful business, I think that’s why it’s the number two thing that everybody on our survey said they were concerned about. You want to know, well how can I go after traffic and only spend a few hours a week, because that’s all I have. All I have is maybe a few hours a week to spend on my business, so what should I do with that time to attract traffic and how can I get the biggest bang for my buck?

Not just when I say buck, not just money but time and energy even more importantly as you’re building up your new business or even if you’re further into your business. No matter what, your time is limited and we always want to have minimal time to learn how to do the traffic strategy, because there are certainly some out there that take…imagine Google Adwords, it’s like insane. It’s a great traffic…and it’s something you definitely can consider at some point, but it’s an insane learning curve.

Like there’s so many things to making it work effectively. Or SEO, it’s a huge monster, I mean there’s a ton of aspects to it, and there’s people who specialize in nothing but SEO because there’s so much to that search engine optimization so you’re looking at all these things and going well, what should I spend my time on so I can get the most results with the least amount of time in both learning it and maintaining it over time.

Sterling: Yeah, I’ll tell you this time thing is especially important to me even now because as much as I love my business, I don’t want to spend twelve hours a day on it anymore because I want to do all different types of interests I have. And if I was starting over, I wouldn’t want it to take four years to build a business because I only have four hours a week to work on it.

And that’s what we found, like people that are working full time jobs and trying to do an internet business might have somewhere around four or five hours a week on the high end to actually work on the business, but who wants to wait four years to have any sort of payoff from that, that work? So yeah, I love this one about taking less time for sure.

Jay: Well and it’s interesting you mentioned that you have a new venture that you’re starting, a little side thing and you are spending still…it’s not 40 hours a week right now but you’re spending a considerable amount of time still with Internet Business Mastery and you’ve got your daughters that you spend time with and I know a lot of other things you want to do.

So you are kind of in a way in the same position as a lot of the people listening to this going look, I’ve got all these other things going on, I want to start this new thing, but I’ve only got a couple to a few hours a week to spend on it and that’s it. So this strategy, the one that we’re leading up to is what you’ve decided to spend your time on right now because you’re like look, this is the thing that I can be most effective in spending my time with to start building my brand and attracting people towards me. So I think that’s a great example you brought up. And in a very real way, you’re just like the people listening to this show, which is awesome.

Sterling: Except for I don’t want to spend more than three hours, I pretty much maybe two hours a week, but I have other resources to work on that, but time is the important one for sure.

Jay: Absolutely. Alright, so that’s number one – it needs to take minimal time to learn and to maintain. Number two – you want high leverage results. So if you’re going to take that minimum level of time and I already touched on this, you want big ROI – big results for minimum time or also we refer to this as the 80/20 rule. 80% of the results by doing just the 20% that’s the most effective, the 20% effort that’s going to pay off the most.

Sterling: Well and by the way, as far as the ROI goes, our knowing this particular strategy has certainly come from all the years of experience we have and as well as buying all the major traffic products, this particular strategy still outperforms all of those day in and day out. So just something to know as far as the ROI for us.

Jay: No I think high leverage is not just in spending a minimal amount of time to get big results but it also allows you to focus on your passions, focus on your unique abilities, focus on things that you’re going to enjoy and I know this strategy definitely does that for me as well.

So I think that’s another place that people are looking for that 80/20 high leverage result. What’s something that I can do and get the most enjoyment out of it at the same time?

Sterling: Yeah and this will be what makes doing the strategy day in and day out easier and keep your ability to find it pleasurable every year if that makes sense because you’re focusing on your passion and unique abilities.

Jay: Yeah absolutely. And then if you’re going to do one thing to attract traffic, because there’s a lot of aspects to a business, I mean you’ve got to know your niche you’ve got to attract traffic, you’ve got to connect with those people, you’ve got to get them on your list, you’ve got to build your relationship up with them, you want to retain them over time and even after they’ve bought something from you, you want to retain those customers to buy more from you.

And obviously you want sales, you want all those things to happen and so the awesome thing is that this is not just a traffic strategy, it’s also a positioning strategy, it’s also a relationship building strategy, it’s also a customer retention strategy, it’s also a sales conversion strategy. It’s all in one so you can spend those two hours and not just be doing traffic generation and then have to go spend two hours on customer retention and then have to go spend two hours on sales.

You actually stack all that time on top of each other and instead of spending eight hours doing all those things you get it all done with those two hours a week of strategy.

Sterling: And it’s actually funny because I was thinking that the fact that we’ve basically followed and honed in on this strategy from the beginning with Internet Business Mastery and just followed it every single year, a few hours a week particularly on this strategy. That’s actually how we’ve gotten on the radar of the big people that use and teach the big traffic strategies. They’re going, hey what are you guys doing? And it’s because of doing this particular strategy.

Jay: I could just feel people going like tell me, tell me what it is!

Sterling: And it’s funny because I keep going…it almost sounds like I don’t know, salesy or something in terms of…but yeah, we’re actually going to tell you.

Jay: We’re going to tell ya. This particular strategy, we’ll just say TPS. Alright, so that’s number two – high leverage results, the 80/20 rule. Number three, you want it to cost as little as possible. I can remember starting out my business and having limited funds, limited funds especially since I quit my job and I needed to support myself as well and be very creative with my budget.

I didn’t have much money to stick into marketing my business and even now that we’ve got a healthy…I mean we’re willing to spend money on traffic but at any time you want to get the most out of your money, make your cash flow go as far as possible. So having it cost as little as possible is great. Now as a side note, I just want to put out there for beginners because we know that there are a lot of people that are just starting out listening to this show, but later in your business you should definitely be willing to start paying for traffic. But like I said even for us, at any point you’re wanting your cash flow to be as strategic as possible.

Sterling: Yeah and I’d say that just to let everybody know, following this actually had been our only traffic strategy for what five years? Something like that, and yeah, now that we’ve gotten to the point where we can pay for it, we’re testing other things as well and again, still this is what works no matter what.

And even if you do have money to pay for traffic, at the very beginning of the business, let’s say you’ve got a little bit of a budget, we still would suggest this is the first thing you do regardless.

Jay: Right, absolutely. So ideally, you start with the traffic attraction strategy that costs you as little as possible and so that is criteria number three. Alright, criteria number four – you want to attract quality traffic. I mean here we’re talking about minimal time and minimal money, but you might be thinking well yeah, but what if it attracts traffic that’s no good, that doesn’t convert, that doesn’t spend money?

And the source of your traffic, the quality of that traffic that it attracts is a very important consideration because the quality of your email list is only going to be as good as the source where those people came from and only as good as the relationship you build with those people. So you need to know that your traffic generation is going to bring quality traffic. And you can go and dump a whole lot of money say into something like Adwords, but if you don’t do it right or in some markets, it might attract the kind of people who are just tire kickers, who are looking for free information.

And so you’re paying for all these clicks and maybe getting people on your list but in the end they don’t want to buy anything, they’re just looking for the freebie. So you definitely want something that early on is going to attract the kind of traffic that is going to lead to results later. And for us this has led to stuff like 50% opt in rates on our squeeze pages, and when I saw squeeze page I mean when you send somebody to a landing page and there’s a little special offer and if they sign up for your list they get some special videos or special audios.

And for instance, on our show we’re always mentioning, because you can go there and get a whole bunch of content from us for free, but it’s a value exchange and get on the email list at the same time so we can then start that relationship with you. And 50% opt ins for those kinds of landing pages is awesome, I mean a lot of people when they get 10% or 20%, they are happy, but if you can get 50% or higher like we’ve been able to get, you’re doing really, really well.

We also get above average open rates on our emails, something we track with Aweber to know what percentage of our lists are opening our emails at any given time. And probably even more impressive, something that we’ve noticed in the last year or so is that we will launch the platinum group which is our highest level $6,000 coaching training, at least that’s how much it was last year, and there was people joining that jumping straight to our highest commitment, highest cost product after only knowing us for a couple of months meaning they had just found us and our site a couple months before.

And that was astonishing to me, I didn’t even realize our traffic had been that high quality that we were able to get high level customers that quickly. A lot of times it can take several months to get to that point. They buy a few different things from you and then they jump to your highest product, but no this was bringing people right into that highest product which was amazing to me and I think that definitely speaks to the quality of traffic generation strategy, traffic attraction strategy to the power of this strategy.

Sterling: Yeah, and I figured all along.

Jay: You figured, you knew…you’re like of course! I totally knew!

Sterling: It’s always nice to see what actually is going on, and the same way is how great surveys are, but anyway…

Jay: Absolutely, so there’s your first four criteria of what is now we bumped it from seven to eight just while we were talking here. So we’re going to go through the four other criteria of what should be your number one most effective traffic attraction strategy in the next episode and then we’ll finish off by talking about what exactly that strategy is and what it looks like.

And I think we’ll have in the near future have an episode where we then go into more detail on how to implement this strategy. I think that would be…I’m sure a lot of people would want to hear more about that. So you can look forward to all of that in the next couple of episodes coming out. And I know we probably have people like with baited breath wondering, “Just tell us, what exactly this is?” And indeed we will get there. There will be a pay off.

Jay: Just start thinking now about how some of these criteria apply to the business that you’re trying to create or that you want to create, or that you’ve already created and are trying to grow and improve. And start thinking about where you are getting your traffic from and see, do these four criteria apply, is this something that’s taking me minimal time to maintain or to learn. Do I get high leverage 80/20 results out of it? Is it costing as little as possible? Are we attracting quality traffic with that?

And if the answer is no to a lot of those, then you might want to start wondering, it’s like why am I spending time on this traffic, but again we will reveal the ultimate strategy that we’re talking about here in the next episode.

Alright, we’ve got a couple great breakthroughs for you. These are both emails that came in recently. In fact, this first one came in just this morning. This is from a woman who is a member of my new media platinum program last year and helping her get her whole media platform online, a podcast, blogging, all this kind of stuff. And her niche is in bedrest for women which is a very cool niche, I would have never thought of that before. But when she explained to me all the urgency, it just sounds like a perfect niche because we talk about the whole urgent pain or irrational passion, I think if you just went to the doctor and you’re pregnant and the doctor says hey, guess what you’ve got to spend the next six months lying in bed or you’re going to lose your child, I’d say that’s a pretty urgent pain.

And all of a sudden you have all these questions of like okay, what do I do now, how do I stay fit, how do I take care of my life? So it was like, I think it’s an awesome niche but anyway, she’s also an Academy member. A great example of someone doing some of this traffic attraction stuff that we’re going to be talking about as well.

Anyway I got this email from her this morning, the subject was, “Ha, first pages rock!” and she said, “just to let you know I’m not even done with all my updates and Mom is on bedrest and beyond is coming up on page number one when I Google using ‘bedrest support,’ ‘bedrest resources,’ and if I Google ‘bedrest exercises,’ I am number one!!!!!!!!! So I’m definitely on the right track, still uploading the crafts and products, and pushing my DVD, but things are going well and looking up.”

So that was from Darlene Turner-Lee, thank you very much Darlene for sending that in, and you can find her site online if you want to check out what she’s doing at

Sterling: Alright, and the next email that came in, came in from Kevin Koskella of and he says, “Hey guys, thanks for the great most recent podcast. It was perfect timing for me right now when I’m really focused on getting organized and sticking to work without getting distracted. And I think promoting the Six Pillars Book is awesome,” (which is the Six Pillars of Self-Esteem is what he’s talking about from an episode or so ago).

He says, “I doubt there are any other internet marketing people even coming close to stuff like this. It’s funny, you guys talked a lot about exercise in this episode and if I miss doing some kind of exercise for a day or two, it feels strange and wrong. But I could blow off working on my business for days at a time and I wouldn’t even think about it. It’s just a matter of taking the same mindset and applying it across the board. Cheers, Kevin.”

And he’s talking about being able to make certain things a habit and he makes obviously exercise a workout, it’s a total habit for him. That’s what he was saying we were talking about on that episode, how we were trying to make actually exercising be a habit and he’s saying that’s his habit is doing that because he does the triathlete – TriSwimCoach – he teaching triathalon swimming on this site.

So he says that’s normal for him, but actually working on his internet business, that’s what he’s got to make a habit. But anyway, you can find him at and I was actually going to mention his other site, and I wanted to thank you Kevin and your co-host Wes for the Heathly Mind Fit Body podcast because that’s actually the one I’ve been using as a part of my health habit that I’ve been working on.

I’ve been listening to their podcast again called Healthy Mind Fit Body, they’re really great. They actually add the mindset into the understanding health and stuff like that rather than just talking about dieting or something like that. They go in a completely different direction with it, and they talk about some things and do some things that actually come from the Six Pillar book which I really liked – The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem. So thank you, Kevin. I get to thank somebody back.

Jay: So where can we find that podcast, I want to check it out.

Sterling: Again, it’s or in iTunes I’m sure it’s just Healthy Mind Fit Body.

Jay: That’s awesome, look at that, mutual habit support going on. On us with the business and him with the exercise, that’s very cool.

Sterling: Yeah, talk about perfect timing, him writing in since I listen to his show.

Jay: Yeah, that’s awesome. We’d love to hear your breakthroughs if you want to go back to the blog and share them on the comments for this show. We definitely love sharing these and we pull those a lot from the Academy as well. So thank you very much Darlene and Kevin for sending those in.

We are always thrilled to hear about whatever…if it feels big to you, we want to hear about it. We’re all at different stages in our business and I think it is super exciting to hear about even when somebody gets that first email subscriber to that list and they’re just thrilled about it. I love getting an email where they’re just really pumped up about reaching that milestone in their business. So feel free to share your breakthroughs with us.

It’s time for the Internet Business Quick Tip…

Jay: Alright, this episode’s Quick Tip comes from listener Ian Westerman who sent in the following message on Facebook. By the way, every once in a while we like to put out on Facebook and Twitter asking people for little Quick Tips that they can share with our listeners. So thank you Ian for sending this in.

He says, “I’ve been using Call Recorder for Skype to record guest interviews for my podcast. It’s extremely helpful, allows for separation between the hosts track and the guests track so that you can edit them independently and mix them together after the conversation. It’s been a big part of my podcast production.” And that’s very cool because sometimes when you record, it definitely…well first of all, people are always asking us that question – how do you record your interviews? And Call Recorder is definitely a great solution, that one’s for Mac.

But being able to separate the tracks is really important if you can just because sometimes if you end up recording the interview and then you listen back and then the other person’s really quiet for whatever reason and you’re much louder, then it can be a real pain to try to edit it unless they’re recorded on separate tracks and then it makes it really easy to go in there and adjust volumes and edit things out and stuff like that.

So if you go ahead and Google Call Recorder, we’ll also put a link for that in the show notes, but that’s by a company called Ecamm.

Sterling: Well and of course that’s for the Mac, but for the PC we use Pamela, I believe it does all the same things right? We do the host tracks and you can separate and the tracks I believe as well. And you can find that at

Jay: And you can find Ian’s site at It’s the Essential Tennis podcast which he says is the number one audio tennis instruction podcast on iTunes, so congratulations on that Ian, that’s very exciting to hear! And if you’d like to send in your own Quick Tip for us to read on Internet Business Mastery, we’ll share your site and name through the podcast as well. You can email us at or just ping us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know what your Quick Tip is.

Sterling: Now if you’d like dozens of other resources such as this one, you can find them in the Internet Business Mastery Academy, along with video tutorials showing you exactly how we use them. To get a 30-day no risk trial membership to the Internet Business Mastery Academy, visit That’s it for this episode of Internet Business Mastery, until next time we wish you ultimate success in your internet business.

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