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Transcripts: IBM 92 | Fundamental Building Blocks for Achieving Success in Internet Business Pt 1

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Sterling: This is Internet Business Mastery, episode 92.

In a world where bosses control your life, and thoughts of escape fill your mind, where inspiration seems dead and cynicism rules the masses. You have a desire to break free; you feel the need to take control. Now there exists a place where the secrets of freedom and wealth are given to those who believe. Internet Business – free your mind!

Sterling: Hello, and welcome to Internet Business Mastery online at Internet Business, I’m Sterling….

Jay: And I’m Jay….

Sterling: And we’re here to help you escape the ‘9 to 5’ and live the lifestyle of your dreams by turning your life’s passion into a profitable internet business, even if you’re just getting started today. On this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we talk about the fundamental building block of achieving success in internet business. And in the Quick Tip, a book that has had more impact in our lives than “4-Hour Work Week,” “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” and “Getting Things Done” combined.

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So Jay, what’s going on this week?

Jay: Uh, well I wanted to ask you something. I was wondering, what do you say when people say, “What is it that you do?”

Sterling: Well….it’s almost like scripted. We actually just chatted about this a couple of nights ago which is why we wanted to bring it up. I actually just last night at the gym, I’m sitting in the steam room and this guy says, “So what do you do?” And I said, “I’m a cubicle escape artist.” And it’s funny, there are about six people in the steam room with us, and everybody looked over with a curious face and a smile.

And he’s like, “Okay, what is that?” And I was like okay, and this of course came out of a discussion that we had about how to say what we do. And I guess it was at Yanik’s Underground?

Jay: Yeah, I was having a chat with a new friend by the name of Dale Hensil and he’s a big fan of this two-sentence pitch. We worry about the elevator pitch, the thirty-second pitch, the fifteen second pitch – he’s a fan of the two sentence pitch. The first sentence being, ‘I am _____ something,’ and you say something that’s relatively…that causes a disconnect that’s a little bit shocking, that’s a little bit curiosity invoking, kind of like you saying, “I’m a cubicle escape artist.” Well what the heck is that, what was the other one we came up with is, freedom fighter?

Sterling: Yeah! I love that one too.

Jay: You know people are looking at you like you don’t look like some machete-wielding gorilla from the jungle or whatever, you know.

Sterling: Yeah totally, that was something I was going to start putting on my business cards even though I almost never use them. But I just thought it would be cool that that’s the title underneath instead of President of this company or something like that, ‘freedom fighter.’

Jay: And you know a couple other examples when Dale was talking to me about this. He was like one that he uses because he buys and sells websites, he buys websites that people have abandoned when they’ve kind of moved on to better projects and then he turns them into even more profitable things for himself. But he says, “I run a website orphanage,” which is kind of an intriguing disconnect because it’s like well orphanages are for people, not websites.

So people are like well, what does that mean? And that’s when he says, “Well I buy websites, I pay entrepreneurs for websites when they’ve moved on to better things,” so those abandoned neglected projects. So it’s just an interesting thing to think about and I guess a little principle for the listeners to think about as well as what’s your two sentence pitch? What’s that thing you can say up front that’s a little bit shocking, curiosity provoking, makes people kind of smile or wide-eyed and go ‘what is that?’

And then the second sentence just kind of flags your target audience and tells them what you offer to them, so in Dale’s case you would go well I run a website orphanage. And people go, “What does that mean?” He’s like, “I pay entrepreneurs…” so he’s flagging his target audience – entrepreneurs – “I pay entrepreneurs for their websites and projects when they’ve moved on to better things.” So it just kind of tells them hey, I’m here to pay you money when you’ve moved on to better things, I’m here to pay you money for the projects you’ve left behind.

So it’s like in two sentences you’ve got people’s attention and then you’ve flagged your audience and told them the value that you offer and that takes less than like eight seconds. So we cut it from 30 ½ to 15 ½ to now 8, which I really like, I think that’s a pretty cool thing. So I’m going to try that some more with ‘I’m a freedom fighter, I’m an escape artist,’ and maybe a few other ideas and see what people say.

And of course the second sentence for us would be something like, “Well we help employees that hate their job escape the 9-5 by creating a profitable business out of their life’s passion.” And right there I think that’s a pretty powerful eight second pitch.

Sterling: Yeah, and that’s just about what I said last night. And the funny thing is, normally when somebody asks what I do, I say that I run internet membership sites, and most of the time they go, “Oh.” That’s it. Last night I said that second sentence, one of the guys goes, “What’s your website?” like right off. Now again there were five or six people in there and he was the only one that asked but normally nobody ever asks, “Oh what’s your website?” when I say it the other way.

So this guy says it and I go, “Oh I’ve got a podcast you can listen to for totally free, it’s Internet Business Mastery,” and he’s like, “Oh, okay.” And they’re all like, “Wow!” But it’s so funny because everybody’s kind of doing their own thing, only one guy’s actually trying to talk to me; everybody’s trying to pretend like they’re not listening until I said I’m a cubicle escape artist. Then everybody’s looking over, “What?!” and again they’re all grinning like the moment that computes, ‘cubicle escape artist’ what?

You get that ‘come on, what’s that?’ So yeah, I’m so glad that you guys talked about that and you told me about it, that’s absolutely the way I’m doing it now. And that’s actually always been an issue for us the entire many years we’ve been doing this, we’ve had big discussions with other internet marketers about telling people what it is we do and trying to figure out what to say because most people don’t understand it. So this certainly changes that.

Jay: Absolutely, I guess the challenge to those listening is to come up with your two-sentence pitch and if you come up with it, especially a creative one, please by all means let us know. Comment on the blog or you can call in and give us an audio voicemail we can share on the show. The voicemail is available at our site or you can even email us at

And now, the featured segment…

Jay: So Sterling, have you ever had a time in your life where maybe you just had this feeling or you were thinking to yourself, dang it if I was just more disciplined, then I’d be able to get ‘x’ done, or then I’d be happier if I just had more discipline. Is that a thought that has ever crossed your mind?

Sterling: Yeah that usually is what happens when I start something new and 90% of the time it has to do with exercise. If I just had more discipline and I could get myself to go exercise every day.

Jay: And exercise is a great example of one for myself as well. I definitely had different attempts at being a better exerciser just both for good health and energy and losing weight and all the reasons that we like to do that. So yeah, that discipline thing has definitely crossed my mind before and I’m sure it’s something that a lot of the listeners have thought at some point too.

And it absolutely applies to really any aspect of life, but even especially…well I don’t want to stay especially, but of course we’re going to apply it some to internet business because that’s what we talk about here on the show. So anyway yeah, we want to touch on this fundamental building block of achieving success in internet business and really it’s achieving success in any other thing, in life itself.

And I guess success is just increased happiness and achieving new fulfillment factors, and moving forward in your definite major purpose and all those things that we like to talk about. But anyway, yeah recently I was listening to Dan Sullivan who we’ve both been listening to, it’s a new mentor for us. We just signed up for his coaching and we’ll be starting that in May.

He’s with a company called Strategic Coach, and he made a very interesting…he asked that same question, he made a very interesting point about the fact that it’s actually not more discipline that we all need in order to exercise or achieve success in whatever thing or achieve whatever goal we’ve set for ourselves.

There’s a quote that I found recently by Aristotle, you know very well known philosopher, and he says, “We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” And just to kind of apply that to what we were just saying about discipline, but what Dan Sullivan pointed out is, we already are all 100% disciplined in our life, we have all the discipline we need.

The thing is that we have to recognize we are 100% disciplined to the habits that we currently have, those things that we just naturally do without thinking, those things that have…let’s take muscle memory as an example. Tennis players when they serve, they try to make it an automatic muscle memory type thing.

I mean look at any Olympic level athlete and anything they do is all this muscle memory that happens through training and repeated exercises that train their muscles, and not only their muscles but their mental ability, their mental faculties to just habitually act and perform in a certain way because there’s scientific proof about how the neuro pathways of our brain kind of pave over and over and over again until they create these automatic roadways that all of our thoughts use as they whiz around in our brain and create the behaviors of our lives.

And so we’re all already 100% disciplined towards just the current habits that we have in our life, the problem is that when our habits do not align with the goals that we have, that’s when there’s a disconnect and we start getting down on ourselves and going, ‘well dang, I just don’t have enough discipline,’ as if it’s like this resource that we can go out and just dig up somewhere and find more of.

And I think that was a pretty powerful switch to think about, it’s not about discipline, it’s about habits. And so the trick then is to form habits within our lives that are congruent with the goals that we want to reach with the success that we want to have that will lead us in the direction that we want to go, and so that’s what we want to talk about is forming habits as this fundamental building block for achieving success whether in life or in internet business. That’s an important myth I guess to realize – myth number one that we want to point out, we’re going to be going over three myths here.

And myth number one is that you need more discipline. The truth is you don’t need more discipline, you have all the discipline in the world, you need to apply that discipline towards habits that are congruent with your goals.

Sterling: Yeah I think that also believing in that myth, the times that I’m just going to use the example of going to the gym to work out. I thought okay, I need the discipline to get myself to go every day and hurt my body so I’m in pain, but it will make me lose weight, right? Like I framed it all wrong, and I thought it was all about discipline and I was like well, I usually have about enough discipline to go about five to eight days.

Maybe ten days if I’m like extra disciplined or something - like when I see a picture of myself, that usually helps I thought would bring up some discipline but it’s been interesting going through this process that we’re going to talk about and how we can realize what I was disciplined in doing is not doing to the gym and instead getting some food and watching a movie.

Like that’s the difference or it’s going and watching TV instead of doing another hour on your internet business because you want to escape the 9-5, like those are the things that you’re perfectly disciplined, it’s just being able to understand how habits work which is what we’re going to talk about, but that’s how I always thought of discipline. I was like gosh, I’m only disciplined about ten days when I try to work out. Now I see that that definitely was the myth, the discipline was towards not going and working out and instead doing something else.

Jay: Well and that’s a perfect example with the exercise that it illustrates that, that’s something that we can all relate to, I’ve had the exact same thing. I think that switch in awareness between discipline and habits, and it’s been very helpful for me and I think it will be very helpful for anybody listening to this and that’s why we wanted to share that.

Okay so now that we know that habits are the fundamental building block, let’s talk about this next myth. And the next myth that people propagate upon themselves or impose upon themselves is that they need to change all of their bad habits right now. And a classic example of that is the New Years Resolution. I think a new year is an exciting time, it feels like a fresh beginning, it’s become this habitual or cultural thing for people to think about oh what are all the things I want to change in the new year.

And so at that time we write down three, five, ten, twenty maybe things. It’s like okay, I want to stop drinking so much coffee in the morning. I want to quit smoking, I want to lose weight, I want to…whatever different habits we have in our lives and a lot of times they are related to habits that we have in our lives.

But the problem is then January 1 hits and we immediately go about trying to change all of them at once. And the truth is…

Sterling: Yeah we have 45 new goals we want to do this year and we want to start working on all of them now.

Jay: And the truth is you can’t. For whatever reason, the human capacity is that changing more than one, maybe two habits at a time is just not possible. You can only change one at a time for the most part. And I don’t know, maybe if you become like this master habit former, maybe you can get a point in your life where it’s two but certainly not the three, or five, or ten that a lot of people try to do.

People are like well I want to get more healthy so all at once I’m going to exercise more, I’m going to change my diet, I’m going to start drinking less soda, I’m going to stop smoking and so it’s like right there it’s four things all at once when really all they just need to choose one.

And I think the way to go about it is analyze the ones that you have an pick the highest leverage one that you can…obviously the one that may be the most motivated about and have the most awareness and will power about and we’ll talk about that some more in a second. But also just what is something that will bring you big results?

So let’s take that ‘get healthy, get more fit,’ I know that there’s always things I could do to make my diet better. We’ve already talked about the exercise example, there’s the drink less soda thing. One of my little vices is I love drinking Diet Pepsi and I know that there’s all these studies about how soda is bad for your body and the artificial sweeteners are probably not very good either right?

But when I realized this thing about habits I was like you know what, like the highest leverage thing I can do right now is get myself to exercise every morning because the energy that’s going to bring me is going to make me more productive throughout the day. The more positive outlook that that’s going to give me, and these are all like scientifically proven things.

Not only that, but I see the proof also when I do do it. I know that it’s going to be very high leverage results for me to just form that habit of exercise, and so the soda thing would have positive results but I feel that the exercise is a more high-leverage thing for me so I’m going to concentrate on that and just not worry about the Diet Pepsi thing for now. I’m just going to allow myself still to drink Diet Pepsi and that’s one I can change in the future. So I’ve chosen one of these be more fit habits to change right now and I chose the one I felt was the highest leverage for me at this point in my life.

Sterling: Yeah, I was going to mention exercise too but since we are internet business I’ll go in a different direction. And I just talked to an old Hollywood friend of mine that actually is now in the Academy. And one of the things he was mentioning is, as he’s trying to design an internet business he said he’s completely in information overload.

And it’s funny, he’s like, “I could just sit here and learn this stuff all day long all over the place in every category,” and he goes, “I know it’s even silly to say this because with the Academy it’s just step by step, just do number one, two, three.” But he goes, “What should I do?” And I said, “Well, first you’re going to just have to set the time.”

He was also having trouble finding when he’s going to do it and he gets distracted because there’s so many other shiny things to go look at and stuff. And I said, “Well like I do with exercise now, I have scheduled 4:00 is when I go. And I go whether I want to or not and just go even if I just have to be there for 10 minutes.” Just go I get in that habit of going.

So I said when is the time that you’re most refreshed and ready to take action? And he’s like, “Right in the morning,” and I said, “Well, maybe for the first two hours you get up you just schedule that no matter what, it’s internet business.” Make that a habit every single morning that you plan on doing that. So if it’s Monday-Friday, and be real crazy, have it be seven days a week just for the first month just to get into something.

And we had just barely talked about that, and just do that one thing that you just do that and go through it step by step, even if you want to skip, just to get yourself in the habit of waking up, and going over and doing it for two hours.

Jay: Yeah, that’s perfect. And as we’ve realized, and we’ve talked about how we’d like to make the courses and things we teach become more habit based. I mean we’ve made it very step by step, here are the to do’s, but even each step of the way thinking about like here are habits you should be thinking about forming right now, to find that consistent time every day that you spend on your internet business.

Whether it’s you’re further along in the courses, it’s creating some content every day for your site or whether it’s doing something to generate traffic every day, those habits that are important to form. And so that’s something that we’re definitely going to be mindful of as we move through those courses or as we update them or create new courses in the future.

But anybody listening right now that is going through the Academy, I mean that’s a perfect example that Sterling just gave about his friend there. Be thinking about, even what I’m working on right now and where I’m at in the Academy, what is a habit I can form that will help me get these things done, that will help me get past this certain block that will help me go to the next step, that will help me progress to the next course or whatever the case may be?

That’s a powerful way to approach it. So that’s myth number two – myth number two is I need to change all the habits right now, and that’s not true. Just pick one at a time. Now myth number three is – I can change a habit overnight.

So people say okay, so exercise is the habit or working on my internet business is the habit, and so just because we sit down and write that goal down people think okay, overnight tomorrow now it’s a new habit or at the end of the week it’s going to be a new habit. And the truth of the matter is, it takes at least 21 days and for some people as much as a month to form a new habit.

And that means doing it consistently for that period of time. Again it goes back to muscle memory, it goes back to those neural pathways within your brain that need to be repaved, it’s almost like taking a street and tearing it up and if you’re going to re-route a road or re-route a river bed, or add lanes to a highway you’ve got to tear some things up and repave it down.

And that’s basically what you’re doing, and it takes some time for that to happen because of the way we work. I mean think about…I mean the nice thing is because we are humans, because we have the ability to do that, if you think about other conscious senescent beings on this planet like animals, let’s just take like a dog for instance. You can train dogs, but also to a certain aspect animals are based on instinct.

It’s like there are certain things that they just do all the time for survival, that’s the way that they’re programmed and some animals do have some ability to learn and change some behaviors, but as humans we have probably the most powerful ability on the planet to be able to do that. But it does take some time to do that, we all still have that instinctual part of our brain.

Our brain is made up of different parts and that instinctual more older part of our brain that still operates on tapes if you will that just play back automatically over and over because they’ve been there throughout our life and it’s just like the automatic thing that we do. I mean I know that for me I have like an automatic tape that plays when I start getting kind of overwhelmed or anxious or stressed out.

Like I have this sweet tooth that kicks in immediately, I just want to go like buy some sour patch kids or something and just like devour the whole bag. And that’s just a tape that’s played, we’ve heard about the Pavlovian Response of the psychologist Pavlov who would ring the bell and give the dog a treat. And obviously it would salivate because that’s what happens when it eats.

And then he got to the point where he could just ring the bell and the dog would salivate without even getting the treat, and that’s what happens to us as human beings is we learn those responses. So it takes time to reprogram those tapes, it takes time to pave over the road again, it takes time to re-route…whatever metaphor works for you, it’s going to take 21 days up to 28, about a month to reprogram and form that habit by consistently doing it every day.

So don’t expect it to change overnight, don’t expect it to change in one week, plan now for the fact that I’m going to spend the next month just working on this one habit, this one thing to turn it into a habit.

Sterling: Yeah, so for me I’ve actually just decided to say for a month just to make it easy, and basically I’m setting up one particular new habit a month. I’m actually even considering that I’m going to test doing one habit in different categories like for instance this month now that I moved, I’m right by the gym so I made the habit that at 4:00, I’ve got it scheduled in my calendar.

At 4:00 I go to the gym and even like I said earlier, on the days that I’m tired I just go drive over there and I think to myself well, I’ll just do 10 minutes on the elliptical machine instead of 40 or something. And about 10 minutes in, all of a sudden I’m all hyped up and I just keep going. So I figured if I could just go there, it’s scheduled, I’m not taking out of any other time, and I’ve just set it to do that.

And right now I’m actually three weeks into that particular month. But I’m also thinking that maybe next month while I change the nutrition on the internet business side of things, I want to get into writing a blog post a week that is scheduled say Tuesday at 10 am and just start scheduling that so that’s my normal thing so that I can make that writing a habit every…but even though I’m doing a nutrition one, it just seems like…this is just a side thing, it seems like they’re kind of in different categories, rather than in the exercise category – I’m exercising, I’m changing my nutrition, drinking only water no pop, stop eating sugar – you know all these different things at the same time.

It seems like it might be possible to do a couple at a time, so I’m going to test that. But I definitely make it so that at the first of the month, it’s a new habit to change or to install.

Jay: Well and I like…actually that makes a great point. I mean I like the fact that you’re testing things, and it’s still based on some of these things that you’ve learned from other people that we’ve discussed here. It’s going to take some time, and it’s about forming habits not discipline.

But you’re like okay, can I maybe do two at a time and maybe one business, one personal, or one fitness….and that’s definitely an interesting thing. I would be interested to see how that goes for you, but I think that’s definitely important because everybody is a little bit different. I think these myths and principles apply in general across the board but yeah, for some people maybe the three weeks to form a habit for some people it might be four, and for some people it might be six. I don’t know, and maybe the first few habits will take six and then you’ll get better at it and then it’s four, and then you can get it to where it’s three weeks for a habit.

But yeah, I like that it’s like okay, I’m going to test and see what works for me in my life kind of a thing. I think that’s awesome! Alright, so those are the three myths. Number one is – I need more discipline. That’s a myth. Number two is – I need to change all my habits right now, that’s a myth. It’s one at a time. Number three is – I can change a habit overnight, that’s a myth. It takes 21 days to a month or some period of time for that to happen.

And so now that we’re aware of those three myths, you can start applying those in a very practical way to forming habits. And that’s what we want to talk about moving forward, this is going to be a two-part program where now we’re going to go through five steps that we use for forming new habits. Okay how do we practically go about applying these principles that we’ve just talked about.

So we’re going to continue with that more in the next episode, but we’ll give you a teaser right now but just giving you number one. Number one is a preview of number one, and then we’ll talk about that a little more. But we’re going to talk about two resources that are really important as probably two of the most important resources that we have for success and happiness and progress in our life.

And that is number one is awareness. Obviously being aware that smoking is not good for me and my health is degrading because of it, or being aware that when you realize it’s like man yeah, I eat sweets every time I get anxiety and so when you become aware of that thing, that’s a critical moment – that awareness, I mean obviously knowing that it’s a problem or knowing that it’s something you want to change.

Or having that desire, that awareness as an important resource that you definitely want to channel and use when you do have it. The number two resource is will power, that will to change, the motivation to take action. And I guess this would maybe be an extra little fourth myth that people have is that awareness and will power is something that we should and can have all the time every time.

And I don’t know that that’s necessarily true, there’s moments where we have more awareness and will power and I think we need to allow for ourselves moments when we’re going to have less of it, but that’s why it’s so important that when we do have awareness and we do have that motivation and will power, that we immediately channel it into creating habits so that the things that are the most important to us in our lives become habits that no longer take awareness, no longer take will power because now they’re just things that we automatically do day in and day out.

So step number one in this whole process is to recognize when you have that awareness and if you come to an awareness of a new habit but you realize it’s like look, I’m already forming these other two new habits, so I’m going to go and write this habit down for later so you don’t squander that awareness so that you have it there to refer to later.

And then number two when you do ride those waves of motivation and will power and channel them into forming habits and keep those myths that we talked about in mind, it will be far more effective for you. So that’s like the beginning step, and we’ll talk about some of the other step, but that beginning step is to notice and harness awareness and will power. What thoughts do you have about that Sterling?

Sterling: Well I think it’s funny because what occurred to me is, what’s going to be in our Quick Tip has a lot to do with awareness and will power just as a little teaser for that. But for me, just again to give that real simple example of what I’m actually working on this month, the awareness is that I wanted to get that exercise in and that my body really needed it.

And the will power actually for me isn’t the actual exercise, it’s actually getting me to the gym. Because once I’m there, that’s not so bad because I’m really about being efficient. So if I’m taking the time to get all the way to the gym, I’ve changed, I’ve got my swim suit, I’ve got my workout clothes, just getting there is the whole issue. Because once I’m there, it just happens.

So for me, the will power is that it’s scheduled every week, I’ve made it so the Google calendar, it’s just automatically scheduled. The 4-6 actually because I do the elliptical, I work out, and then I do the sauna and spa which I found that was the part that really helps me and I put it at the end because I really like that part, getting in that hot tub and the steam room, ahhhh I love that.

That even helps me with the will power to get to the gym, because in my mind I go well, maybe I’ll just do ten minutes on the elliptical, then I’ll get into the steam room! And usually I just end up finishing everything, and as far as awareness I noticed that if I go alone I’m a little less motivated than when I’m there to do everything. So with that awareness I got myself a workout buddy and we both go at the same time. And man, I do everything when he’s there especially because he looks good. And I’m like I want that! And I’ve got to do what he’s doing to get that. So anyway, that’s how I’ve harnessed awareness and will power, specifically this month.

Jay: Well yeah, those are great examples. I mean it is, it’s about knowing yourself and being aware of well what do I need to make this happen? How do I make this so I’m incetivized, in noticing those things about yourself, it’s like yeah, having that workout buddy, having that accountability, knowing that he’s going to be there. And so I need to be there, and we’ll talk about that more in the next episode of some of the other steps, but that’s a perfect example of awareness.

And I’m glad you mentioned the Quick Tip, because I’m very excited to talk about that. But anyway, we’re looking forward to part number two and for now, just kind of take a look at maybe where some of those myths have been tripping you up and start thinking some of those habits that you do want to form and maybe what is the most high leveraged one you can start forming now for your internet business, whatever point you might be at in that process.

I mean it might be a content creation habit that you want to create, it might be a traffic generation, it might be just spending the two hours or one hour every day working on your business. It might be tracking your time so you get more productive, and so making that a habit. And maybe sitting down and getting things done GTD, David Allen, that book that we’ve talked about.

Maybe just making that process a habit, so whatever it is, see if you can identify a high leverage one that you can start working on right now. And then in the next part we’ll talk about some more specific steps about how to put that habit into action and make sure that you achieve it.

Alright, quick announcement, well breakthrough I guess. So we wanted to share with you – again this one comes from an Academy member in the Academy forums. This is Trevor – he says, “I selected my niche, found a great business partner – my wife – put together a WordPress site, and made our first two podcasts. The learning curve I’d had to get around has been immense but I am proud of the progress we’ve made. Now it’s time to drive traffic, build our list, and create a product.”

Now I have to say, that is a lot of stuff. And the awesome thing is, it’s all in the perfect trajectory. Selecting your niche, finding your business partner which is a great thing if you can find the right business partner, that definitely brings a lot of benefits, getting your site up, first two podcasts. And it seems like Trevor is wasting no time in getting this out there, so big congratulations on that. And if you want to check out Trevor’s site, it is

Sterling: Well and I was going to actually mention that Marathon Training is a very cool niche in terms of cash because one of my really good friends in San Diego, Kevin – he actually has a site that all he teaches is one aspect of triathlons, just the swimming part, and makes his entire living on that passion because that’s what he was a coach teaching swimming for these.

His is actually called, and I know he does very well. Every time we were hanging out he was just back from the beach, or going to the beach, he’s got a pretty good lifestyle just teaching…it always blows me away. He’s always teaching one aspect of triathlons, not even the whole thing. So this Marathon Training Academy sounds like a really good niche to be in.

Jay: Yeah, so let us know how that goes Trevor, thank you for sharing that breakthrough with us.

It’s time for the Internet Business Quick Tip…

Sterling: Alright so in the Quick Tip this episode, like we said before, we’ve got an actual book which I don’t think we’ve had before. Have we had a book?

Jay: Um, maybe once or twice, I don’t know. Usually it’s like a link or a resource but…

Sterling: So yeah, we’ve got a book this time and like we said, we’ve had more impact from this book in our lives than “4-Hour Work Week,” “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” and “Getting Things Done “combined. And it’s definitely, anytime I mention this to people they’re like what? And a lot of people go well, I guess I’ll get around to this one, but it really has heavily impacted us.

And that is “The 6 Pillars of Self Esteem” by Nathaniel Brandon. And it’s funny because I just mentioned to that friend I mentioned earlier in the episode, and he was like, “Oh, I never thought a book about self esteem was anything you needed to read or you thought you would need to read.” And it’s funny because when it was mentioned to me by one of my best friends – he’s a psychotherapist, he just loves this author and bases his whole practice and stuff on self-esteem building, I thought the same thing.

I thought oh, I’ve got some good self-esteem. Yeah, I think I’m fine. He was like no really, read it for a lot of other things and a lot of other reasons. And I’ve listened to the book now I think four times, and I think I’ve read it twice and made mind maps of it, and I mean it’s incredibly important and I think a lot of stuff that came from that book is starting to creep into the show and the Academy quite a bit because it’s so important.

But I was going to mention two of the pillars and how these have been part of what has made things work for us already. And they were definitely two of the pillars of self-esteem. And the first one is living purposefully, which is what our definite major purpose is, and talking about having a purpose in your life and creating a business around that purpose if you can.

And that’s definitely, and in fact that’s the fifth pillar of self-esteem is living purposefully. Then the second one I was going to say that really helps with internet business and business in general, is personal integrity. Now these are two things that are required for having a really high self-esteem which can lead obviously to joy and happiness, which is nice, as well as in our case success in internet business.

But that personal integrity obviously really is required for internet business nowadays especially with all the people that teach this kind of stuff and how they are, and all the things we’ve heard about people doing business on the internet. You have to have that personal integrity and let it shine so people can see it.

Jay: And the reason why… I mean yeah, I’m re-reading it again right now, my wife and I each have a copy of it so we can mark up our own copies of it. So a big fan of this book as well, but it resonates so much with us because really it’s about freedom, and I know with internet business we talk a lot about financial freedom because of the world we live in, money definitely brings choice and freedom to do new things.

But freedom takes many, many different forms and really it needs to start within ourselves and freedom from stuff that resides within us because our outer world ends up being a reflection of our inner world because the way we behave and the way we perceive ourselves and those around us. And the way we act in our relationships, it’s all based on this stuff on the inside of us, which Nathaniel Brandon is calling self-esteem.

And that to many people is a vague term, to other people it’s a very misunderstood term, and we could spend a whole episode and we probably should spend an episode talking more about this.

Sterling: Actually, that’s a good idea.

Jay: But this is…another way to put it is, one of the most important things that…well a couple of the most important things that entrepreneurs can have for success, I mean this has been a big episode about achieving success, but how do I want to put it? Well self-awareness, and we’ve talked about self-awareness and will power earlier on in the episode, being aware of things within yourself, limiting beliefs you might have, being aware of how you operate, being aware of your emotions and your feelings, and mental things.

I mean they are extremely key because if you’re not aware of those things, they will rule your life and they will hold you back. And this is the best book I have found out there and one of the quickest ways I have found out there for increasing self-awareness and second of all for increasing our confidence that we do deserve to find happiness in life and the confidence that we can achieve the things that we want and live purposefully.

And so that goes into the will power thing that we were talking about earlier. We sent this to all of our platinum group members when they signed up because it was such an important thing and a lot of them have thanked us for sending us after they’ve read it. So anyway, we’ll hold the rest I guess for an episode where we can go into it more but that’s absolutely a book that anybody wherever you’re at in your internet business, wherever you’re at you’re living purposefully wherever you’re at in achieving success in your life that you can benefit from.

Even right now if you’re going, “Yeah, my self-esteem’s pretty good,” just read the first chapter. Just read the beginning, just go buy this, it’s extremely inexpensive. “The 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem” by Nathaniel Brandon, and guaranteed it’s going to impact the way you think, your happiness, the success, the growth and life because it’s just based on truth. It’s based on true principles.

Sterling: Yeah, and you can get it in audio version as well, you can just go back to Internet Business Mastery, and we’ll have that in the show notes, the audio version as well as the book version. So you can pick which way you want to do it and like I said, it’s fantastic. So definitely give it a shot and that’s our Quick Tip.

Sterling: Now if you’d like dozens of other resources such as this one, you can find them in the Internet Business Mastery Academy, along with video tutorials showing you exactly how we use them. To get a 30-day no risk trial membership to the Internet Business Mastery Academy, visit That’s it for this episode of Internet Business Mastery, until next time we wish you ultimate success in your internet business.

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