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Transcripts: IBM 89 | The #1 Motivator for Achieving Internet Business Success

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In a world where bosses control your life, and thoughts of escape fill your mind, where inspiration seems dead and cynicism rules the masses. You have the desire to break free; you feel the need to take control. Now there exists a place where the secrets of freedom and wealth are given to those who believe. Internet Business – free your mind!

Sterling: Hello, and welcome to Internet Business Mastery online at Internet Business, I’m Sterling….

Jay: And I’m Jay….

Sterling: And we’re here to help you escape the ‘9 to 5’ and live the lifestyle of your dreams by turning your life’s passion into a profitable internet business, even if you’re just getting started today. On this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we’re going to talk about the number one motivator for achieving internet business success. And in the Quick Tip, we have a resource to help you quickly find broken links on your site.

We’d like to remind you that if you would like to get a jumpstart on creating your own profitable internet business using our proven system, you can claim your risk-free trial membership to the Internet Business Mastery Academy by going to So Jay, you’re back from your travels. What’s happened?

Jay: Yeah, I was just in Miami, which this is my first trip ever to Florida, and February is a nice time of year to leave Portland that has been grey for a few months and go to Florida which is nice and sunny at that time of year. And I know since you’ve been living in San Diego, that might be a foreign concept to you since you get plenty of sun down there, but it was nice to actually…it was the business reason that we were going.

It was nice to have an excuse to go out, I think we’ll stay a few extra days, which we did, my wife and I, Melanie. And we went down to the Florida Keys which is really cool to check out, it was like this whole long highway with bridges connecting all these islands and you’re on a highway in the middle of the freakin ocean. It’s amazing, I definitely recommend that.
But the really cool thing about the trip was, it was Eben Pagan’s green room event which was kind of an invite only group networking event that a bunch of high end internet marketers getting together doing some learning, doing some chatting, making some deals, and just having a good time together and building relationships, which are one of the most important investments you can make in any business.

So it was really cool and a lot of fun, and I felt very fortunate to been invited to this event. But one of the really exciting things was I found my next new mentor next to relationships, another really valuable investment you can make in internet business. Anybody who’s followed the show for a while knows that last year I spent a lot of money and time mentoring with Jeff Walker of Product Launch Formula and still working with him, but Eben invited Dan Sullivan of and he has been for like 20 or 30 so years been coaching entrepreneurs to really reach the higher level of success, and happiness, and achievement in their businesses.

And I just really like the way this guy thinks, he spent two days with us going through lots of exercises to help us focus better and plan better what it is that we want to achieve, and find out what our biggest opportunities were and what the investments and habits, and strengths we needed to work on to make those things happen, and the weaknesses we needed to get rid of or delegate, and I just found it really fruitful to go through it.

So I definitely plan on signing up for one of his groups, just extremely excited to have found another mentor to help me go to the next level that I want to reach, and we were very fortunate because like he actually is very, very limited in the amount of time that he coaches directly and people have offered him as much as $50,000 to come and do one day of coaching with their organization.

And he says no often because he’s very selective about what he does with his time, but he was very eager actually to meet internet marketers and find out a little bit more about our world and start building relationships in this community of internet marketers, so he was happy to come and do it, as far as I could tell free of charge even.

So it was just an amazing couple days of learning from him and building relationships that are definitely going to benefit our business moving forward this year. So that’s kind of the report on what happened in Miami.

Sterling: Well while you were off having fun, I was moving. Great job. Yeah, so at least I’m done with that, but it’s nice to hear that we now have our next coach so I’m excited to be able to be a part of that group as well and just checking up on Dan and all his stuff, I’m excited for that as well.

Jay: So are you happy with the move? I mean it was a deliberate lifestyle decision that you’ve made at this point in your life? How did it all go, how does it feel?

Sterling: Yeah, it actually feels great. I’m in the new office now which is big and gorgeous so luckily not too bad for echo, so it doesn’t sound too bad in here but yeah, I’m very much loving it and it’s beautiful outside and everything’s good! I’ve got now windows all around so I can see out instead of looking at the wall of another beach place because I didn’t have in the office the greatest view and now I do.

So this is awesome, but yeah, so as horrible as moving especially across states and that kind of stuff is, it’s all done. Everything’s back to normal, and actually today I’m going to buy furniture. I had a tiny place before and not so much, so yeah excited to be back and we’ve got so much going on. I guess at some point we’ve got to get back into talking about the video show and all that stuff so that’s all coming up.

Jay: Very true, well let’s go ahead and jump into the featured segment.

And now, the featured segment…

Jay: Alright, today’s featured segment actually comes straight from our mastermind forums in the Academy. We’ve got a forum area where our Academy members like to chat and find inspiration, get feedback and work through the kinds of issues that we deal with as entrepreneurs.

And there’s a very fascinating conversation that was started by one of our community managers Mark Mason, who is in there often replying to people and just kind of helping out in that community, something we’re very appreciative of him spending his time on.

And he has his own blog where kind of his specialty of what he likes to talk about, he’s coming from the unique position of he has a job that he actually really loves and makes really good money with, although he does want to start an internet business to build up that income for the future and retirement and stuff. And so he’s taking the angle with his blog of talking about starting an internet business while you’re still a full time employee because you’ve made that choice and it actually works for you right now.

So I think that’s a very interesting kind of niche to take it from. So anyway, he’s always over there talking about those issues – that’s at – and one time he, on his blog got a commenter who came by and who had found him through the Academy and made the way over to his blog and left an interesting comment on his blog that Mark decided he wanted to bring to the Academy for discussion because it was definitely an interesting and very relevant topic to think about.

So here is the comment that he got from one of his blog readers, or at least an excerpt I’m going to read here very quickly. He says, “Hi Mark, I understand you are a successful internet marketer, but what I don’t like is I found you in the Internet Business Mastery Academy website, and as you know the whole course is about understanding what your passion is and profiting off of that.

After reading your blog, I’m guessing your passion is money. I’m not sure I understand it, but of course I’ve only just read a portion of it. I did see though that you posted some lofty income goals to reach. How do you plan on doing that, by just promoting get rich products or what? I’m sorry, I just don’t see how that is a passion.”

So this person I guess is questioning Mark’s motivations of what he’s doing saying you’re a member of the Academy, the Academy teaches to decide what your passion is and take that and then make money, and find freedom from that, but money seems to be your only passion. And I suppose interestingly enough, you could make the same criticism of us going okay, is your passion is just making money in internet business and teaching people how to make money?

So I guess what he’s saying is, is money the only motivator and if that’s the case it just doesn’t seem congruent. So Mark posted the following reply and shared this in the Academy forums as well, and I think he handled this really well. So there’s a couple of things to get out of this comment I’m about to read, his reply and number one is just kind of his take on this whole question about money and motivators.

Number two is I think the very civil and excellent way he approached a criticism that had come to him through his blog. So here’s what he said, “I just saw your post that you were referring to was one I put back in July of 2008 in the Academy. It was the first post I ever made there right after the Academy opened and at that time I was still forming my ideas about my internet business and what it was all about.

However, you’re actually asking several pretty good questions. I think that most people start an internet business with the goal of making money. That’s usually the point of business, to make money. For me making money is about personal freedom to do the things that I want to do. What your passion is and why you have a business can be two different things.

I’m passionate about helping and teaching people internet marketing and technology, so my business at was about helping people be successful in internet marketing. Of course if helps to have business goals and one of the more common ones to set is income target. That doesn’t mean making money is my only passion, but when I wrote that post I was still trying to get my arms around what my business was about.

The Academy is a great place to do that, to figure all this out. My thinking on this is still involving, to answer you last question directly, I plan on making money by helping people.”

Sterling: Nice.

Jay: Yeah, I think that’s a great response. He answers the question and takes it head on. So I guess there’s a couple questions that I want to bring forward and have your take on Sterling, and give my take on as well. One is I guess if just pursuing money is an adequate motivator or what is the best motivator for succeeding in internet business?

And kind of talking about that a little bit, now I’ve definitely found in the past when my decision making and my motivation is purely the money, I actually typically made some of the stupidest choices in my business. Usually because it has to do with taking the really safe route, a very conservative route, it’s more out of desperation and reaction, trying to get the quick money now rather than making decisions that really move towards what I want in a broader sense for my life, not just about paying the bills now and having money now.

And you know, this is a big reason why we have everybody in the Academy define their definite major purpose right up front. What is the major thing that they want to achieve in life? And then additionally to that, list all the fulfillment factors that they need to have present in their life in order to really feel happy.

And to give examples, again we’ve mentioned this before, but in this context my definite major purpose is to help others to find increased freedom in their life. I know I’m happier when I have increased freedom, and there’s lot of areas of your life that you can find freedom.

Freedom from your own mental baggage and your own thoughts and self-esteem, freedom financially because money is just a fact of life, freedom in society that you live in, freedom in the relationships that you have and that you choose and the way that you build, or nuture, or develop those relationships.

So freedom as a broad sense, now the very specific place that I have chosen to help people find increased freedom in their life is to help them start their own business because of the flexibility that offers because of the financial scalability that that does have, and in our society money does equate to choice, it equates to having more options, more choices, and being able to pursue a greater number of things on your fulfillment factor list.

So my purpose is to bring freedom to myself and help others bring freedom in their life. Some of the fulfillment factors that I have in my life are teaching people, I’m happy when I’m teaching people and so I feel very fortunate to have found a business that brings me more freedom, but also allows me to teach which is one of my unique abilities that I have, something that makes me happy, something that I thrive off of.

And so I’ve matched all those things together in the businesses that I have pursued in my life. So money is a by-product, and it is a motivator only in the essence that it leads to freedom and I know I have very specific things that I want to do with that freedom in my life. I have a whole list of things that I want to…just having freedom is not enough, you have to deliberately be exercising that will and freedom towards those things that you have chosen that will bring you happiness.

But that’s kind of my take on whether pursuing money…I guess what I’m saying is money I have found is not an adequate motivator. You need to know, well what is it that you want that money to bring you? What is your definite major purpose, what are the fulfillment factors that you need to have, and money is just one factor that works into those things? What’s your take on that Sterling?

Sterling: Well I think that I believe actually that personal happiness is what we’re all striving for in the end. At the end of the road of all these things we may want or want to do and all that is to feel happy. And I think that freedom has got to be one of the most important keys to happiness whether that’s mental freedom, financial freedom, or even political freedom, some of the stuff we were just talking about.

And so that’s why freedom is actually one of the main parts of my definite major purpose along with fulfillment and inspiration. And you and I have obviously worked really well together because our purposes are so similar, if not, almost exactly the same. And to me, money’s just as you said a type of freedom, for me money usually transfers into time and location freedom.

And so that’s just how I look at it when I choose to use money, I always ask myself is this the thing I’m going to buy going to bring me more or less happiness? So to me I base all my decisions around that kind of thing – am I going to get more fulfillment, more happiness, more freedom from this?

So as you can imagine, I don’t buy a lot of junk things or a lot of…I don’t know, I’m not a big spender at all because I filter it through this process and most of the time I can actually say no, this isn’t exactly going to bring me more happiness or fulfillment. A lot of times it’s like well, everybody else seems to want this, so I guess I’m supposed to. I mean it’s taken me a long time to finally get an iPhone and now I’m really glad about it.

But I don’t have a Kindle, I don’t have any of that extra stuff because I filter all this information through ‘is this going to make me more happy?’ And for me also inspiring to people to strive and achieve freedom, that’s the mission I’m on. And one of the ways I do it is through Internet Business Mastery, so as far as money goes and what actually motivates me, it’s that mission for teaching people freedom in the same way you do and Mark Mason’s talking about. The money is just the way you exercise the freedom or you get more freedom.

Jay: Right. And actually that brings up I think an excellent response that another Academy member had whose name is Rich. And he posted the following comment, I’m going to go ahead and jump forward to this because it relates directly to what we were just saying here. So here’s what he had to say.

He said, “This comment on Mark’s blog reflects a common confusion that many people have about money and how a person obtains money. Missing from this conversation is the discussion of what difference a person can make in the world if they have no money worries compared to what they can accomplish if they always need to worry about paying their next bills.

I thought a lot about this issue long ago when I decided to become a doctor, I was determined never to be thought of as a greedy doctor as only wanting to become one in order to make a lot of money. I went so far as to not take business classes in college and only focused on the science of being a doctor. Well I woke up when I went deep into a six figure debt from tuition, I soon realized that being financially independent would make me a better doctor able to focus on what was really important to me which was keeping and getting my patients better.

Now my dream or my definite major purpose is, I hope to be able to practice medicine with no concerns about getting paid because of what I am learning in the Internet Business Mastery Academy. Money is definitely a touchy topic for most people because of all the attached emotions and personal experiences with it.”

And I think that’s an excellent, excellent point. I’ve definitely had periods of my life where I end up in survival mode and I think a lot of people end up living their life and are right now stuck in survival mode. And the truth about that state is that it does make it really hard to make any meaningful strides towards your own happiness, towards your own purpose in life, let alone having a meaningful impact on other people’s lives.

I know to give another example, my wife, her passion has been relationships, helping people have better relationships because going back to what you said about having more happiness being the purpose of life and we mentioned freedom is one of the key aspects of that for her and for me I would say, one of the key aspects of that is also healthy relationships because we are social creatures, for whatever reason can typically can’t just live on our own alone life on an island because she has made that her purpose to help people have healthier relationships with their friends and family.

And she has chosen to do that through being a therapist, being a counselor, and that’s what her education has been focused around, and ideally where she would like to be many years in the future is where she can do a sliding scale charges…I mean she always wants people to at least pay a little bit of something for the counseling because then they take it seriously.
But there are people she wants to give access to that kind of therapy and counseling who normally wouldn’t have the monetary resources, but if she knows how to run a good business and how to make good money because of the way she markets herself, because of the types of products that she has, the income streams that she creates, she can be free then to have some time where she has that sliding scale that some people pay less for the services and focus on helping people get better in their relationships. Just like Rich was saying here about his purpose in being a doctor and money frees him up in order to be able to pursue that purpose more freely.

Sterling: Well and the idea I have behind what Rich said as well is I believe that for financial freedom also brings the possibility of full self expression. What I mean by that is if you’re not constantly worrying about your bills, or how you’re going to make your next dollar, you have the ability to take the time to find what truly makes you happy and be able to express yourself fully in that.

That way you’re not just doing one thing to make money to be able to do another thing that might be able to make you happy. Like that was something that was always a part of my life, I was going to work to possibly make money so that I could do things that made me happy. And it’s like well why not cut out the middleman and do both together?

And that’s certainly a part of our mission to teach people that stuff, and it makes for a very happy and fulfilling life to be able to find that out for yourself, find that self expression because again, you’re not going, ‘Oh I better go work a part time job now just to pay the absolutely survival bills,’ which I’ve done. I’ve had that life many times as an adult, just barely surviving and it’s very hard to take the time to go look for your mission or fully express yourself when you’re just having to make the exact amount of cash that goes out so you can at least live, have the lights on and that kind of thing.

Jay: Right, and to give an example of that, if I was in employee mode, survival mode, all my energies being drained because I’m not fulfilling my purpose, I’m wholesaling my time out, I don’t have a scalable income that allows me choice and extra time and freedom. For instance, last year one of my big goals for the years was I wanted to make a short film.

I wanted to learn how documentary film making and so because we were able to just work…that takes a lot of time to learn that skill. And I wouldn’t have been able to do that if we weren’t in a state of just being able to work twenty hours a week on our business and have the money to take the class, and have the money to buy the equipment and things, or pay for the equipment, rent the equipment needed.

And that’s enriched my life in many ways because it’s taught me how to be creative in a new way; it allows me to express myself in a new way, to tell stories. But then also a nice additional benefit of that is it really, because the documentary I made was about this local dance company, it really enriched their lives because it told their story in a very succinct manner and they’ve been able to show that at their concerts, and show it at fundraisers, and benefits, and show it on their website.

And it’s led a lot of people to immediately donate money to them, or to show up to their concerts, so it’s enriching their lives to do what they’re passionate about but that would have never happened if…and I hope those benefits continue to reverberate. I mean that’s just one example out of my life last year, and if I was in survival mode that never would have happened. I wouldn’t have had the mental capacity, the energy, the money, the time, to express myself in that way and have those benefits not only for myself and for others.

Sterling: Well and it’s funny because what the one guy was commenting on Mark is, Mark had put an amount of money he wanted to make each month. It sort of helped trigger this, and one of the things that we talk about in the Academy and we like to talk about together is, if there’s a number amount – let’s say I want $50,000 a month or some crazy number like that, let’s just say $5,000 a month – to break it down on what actually that means, because it’s really hard for our minds to go…especially if money gets big and crazy, like $50,000 a month. Most people go – including me – like what does that look like?

I know let’s say my bills are $4,000, let’s just say we’ll give examples. What do I do with the rest? I mean it is actually breaking it down and knowing what that’s going to look like, what you’re going to be able to do with that. And again, in terms of time, money, effort, just all the different things that you can do with that extra money is incredibly important because I transfer it into what it’s going to do rather than think whoa, I’ve got this big chunk of money for no particular reason!

Now I’m just going to go buy dumb stuff, I don’t know. Like I don’t try and do that. One of the things that I was able to do last year was finally basically contribute to groups that I was wanting to help. There’s several podcasts that I give money to make it so that they can keep doing what they’re doing in kind of an activist way, that I don’t have the time to do but I can help fund them.

Like being able to do that kind of stuff, that just drives me to no end. I mean I would like to completely sponsor several different things with the money that I make. And again, all the money would be doing was an exchange of value from one person to us with Internet Business Mastery, then I would exchange that value to somebody else so that they can exchange the value with others and with me, and it’s just value exchange as far as I see it.

Jay: And the money thing, it’s a metric. It’s one way for us to measure our progress towards freedom and purpose. And so we do need to set those goals, but like you said it then needs to translate forward to what does that…if I look at my money metric of where I want to be in a year and where I’m at now, and where I’m at next month and the month after that, it’s simply a metric for measuring my progress towards those kinds of things that you just outlined.

Now a secondary kind of thing I want to mention about motivators for internet business, and we talked a lot about ourselves and that’s where it should start, what we want, what our purpose is, what our motivator is. But then a big part of internet business is having a market, having an audience that you offer value to.

And in order for your business to be successful, your audience, your market absolutely has to know that you have a reason for being there and doing what you do that is not just limited to making money off of them. Because if that’s all that they think you’re there to do is make money, well they’re not going to stick around. Now they need to understand that you are there to make money.

I mean we talk all the time about our Academy and the things we have to offer and yes we send emails with promotions and links to buy things, but we also try to make it very clear in the content – I mean this show being an excellent example of – we’re here for other reasons too. I mean we’re here to help, we have a mission to bring increased freedom to people’s lives so they can have more happiness, and so we can have more freedom and more happiness.

And so hopefully we get that across in the content we put out there, we’re not just here to make money by teaching people how to make money, we’re here to…it’s about a very specific definite major purpose and very specific fulfillment factors that we have and want to bring to other people as well.

So that’s the secondary reason why this is so important to know what this motivator is for you so that then you can communicate it through your content to your market and audience because that is what they’re going to resonate with, that’s what’s going to keep them sticking around and listening to you more and building up a relationship that then leads to influence, that then leads to them buying and benefiting you and enriching their own life through that buying action that takes place.

Sterling: Yeah so okay, the number one motivator – freedom! Secondary – value exchange, equal value exchange – being able to give equally to the person that’s giving back. So there it is broken down.

Jay: Yeah, that’s a perfect way to break it down, and so I guess the challenge we give to the person listening to this right now is to sit down and think okay, what does freedom mean to me? What kinds of things would I want to do with the extra free time with the choices that money provides for me? And then that’s the lifestyle design kind of stuff, and translate that freedom into something, translate that money into freedom, and what does that freedom look like?

And second, sit down and say what is the value that I’m offering to other people, that I’m going to communicate to other people so that my motivator to them is not just money. So do those two things this week and it will impact your business, and your motivation for that business, and help you achieve more success than you ever have before.

Alright, we’ve got a couple comments that came in via email that we wanted to read. Actually both of them are kind of breakthroughs as well, people sharing their success stories. First one is an email that came in from Tom Donnelly and he says, “Sterling and Jay, since joining Internet Business Mastery, I have been a lot more proactive and efficient in my everyday business.

Using an online calendar is one of the best things I have done to get work done and not to have to worry about things that are on my mind. I really love the Getting Things Done book and the method that you guys have implemented and taught in the Academy. I never dreamed of actually finding Virtual Assistants to work with every day and sending work to them so I can have things done when I get home from my day job.

I look forward to going through the rest of the course and implementing everything you guys teach. And one last thing, I will be meeting my Chicago mastermind group this coming Friday for the first time which I know will only enhance the whole experience. Thanks guys, I love the down to earth mentality.”

Thank you Tom for sharing that with us, we’re very excited for you to get a Virtual Assistant as well, and glad to hear that all of the Getting Things Done style techniques we teach are working out for you really well.

Sterling: Yeah, I actually sent him an email back saying let us know how the mastermind group went, because people are starting to send in a lot of emails and pictures and all that kind of stuff once they find it through the Academy mastermind community, they meet live. I just love that; constantly love that! So definitely send in that picture if you can once you go.

We also have an email from Deb Gray. She says, “Hi Jay and Sterling,” she mixed them up. “I have been dabbling in internet business for about a year. I’m a leading marketing professional in Canada and pretty good on the computer, so I thought this would be natural. I’ve been listening to your podcasts over and over again for a month now, and it’s finally all clicking.

How you teach consistency, small steps everyday and so on, you have the most credible and helpful information out there. So I’m delighted to take the plunge despite being pretty broke these days and get into the Internet Business Mastery Academy mindset much deeper. Thanks guys, you rock. –Deb”

Well thanks Deb. I’m so glad that you’re in, I saw that you’re in there now and I hope you’re able to do everything you’re looking for.

Jay: Yeah, keep us in the loop on your progress. And you know the best part of that email that she sent to us?

Sterling: Say that again?

Jay: Was the fact that the best part of that email she sent to us is the fact that she put my name before yours.

Sterling: Yeah, what is she thinking?

Jay: Every once in a while, come on, I’ve got to go first every once in a while!

Sterling: Jay and Sterling just doesn’t sound the same.

Jay: You’re right, the rhythm is kind of wrong.

Sterling: And I’ve actually always wondered what down to earth means.

Jay: Down to earth, oh when people say we have a down to earth style?

Sterling: Yeah, I always assume it’s just that we’re just regular guys, but it’s because we are. It’s interesting.

Jay: Yeah, I think that might be…I don’t know, that we share…like I hope what I interpret…I hope what they mean by that is that we share like it is, we’re willing to talk about successes as well as flaws and things we did wrong. And kind of just strip back the shiny salesy veneer and be as genuine and authentic as possible.

I think the biggest compliment I get from direct feedback is when I have had the opportunity, and maybe I’ve said this on the show before, but I get the opportunity to have dinner like with one of our platinum group members which I’ve actually had dinner with like four of them.

And a couple of them at the end said, “You know, it’s really cool to sit down and have dinner with you and to find out that the way you are in person is exactly the way you are in all of your courses and on the show and stuff.” And I’m glad to hear that, I mean I definitely prefer to be that way.

And I hope that we don’t have any kind of like a facade that we’re putting forth on this show, being genuine and having authenticity is definitely a good way to connect with people and I think just a preferable and more integrious way to be in life in general. If I could be so bold as to interpret that, that would be my interpretation.

Sterling: I guess the fact that we don’t have picture of us with yachts and bikini clad women all around us, I guess that’s the down to earth part that we don’t do any of that. Though that may be our lifestyle, I’m not saying it’s not…no I’m just kidding. It’s certainly a lot easier to be regular open and honest guys if that’s just we try to be. Regular life…

Jay: Yeah, definitely.

It’s time for the Internet Business Quick Tip…

Jay: Alright, this episode’s Quick Tip comes from one of our listeners, actually this is one of our platinum coaching students. Jackie Beck sent this in via Facebook, and she said that she enjoys using the following tool to check for broken links on her site.

So this is a tool that she uses, it goes and crawls your site and says hey, this link is broken and this link is broken which is important not only for user experience to fix those broken links, but also search engines if you have lots of broken links, it makes it hard for them to crawl your site and also they can ding you if there’s too many broken links on your site.

So the tool that she recommends using for checking that is called XenuLinkSleuth, and it has kind of a weird link which we will have in the show notes or you can also Google that name and you’ll be able to find that online.

Now some people might be listening to this going, Xenu, isn’t that that Scientology alien? And in fact, when you go to the page it looks like you freaking went to the X-Files or something. No the guy is not a Scientologist and has nothing to do with that.

Sterling: And the LinkSleuth has nothing to do with the galactic overlords Xenu, I think he’s being humorous about it and even let you give donations, that’s the cool thing. But for something else, so that’s cool.

Jay: So give that one a try and thank you very much Jackie for sharing that with us. If you want to find Jackie’s site, you can go to where she teaches you how to take control of your finances and it gives lots of great financial advice over there.

Sterling: Now if you’d like dozens of other resources such as this one, you can find them in the Internet Business Mastery Academy, along with video tutorials showing you exactly how we use them. To get a 30-day no risk trial membership to the Internet Business Mastery Academy, visit That’s it for this episode of Internet Business Mastery, until next time we wish you ultimate success in your internet business.

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