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Transcripts: IBM 105 | How to Launch a Traffic Attracting Website Fast

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Sterling: This is Internet Business Mastery, episode 105.

In a world where bosses control your life, and thoughts of escape fill your mind, where inspiration seems dead and cynicism rules the masses. You have a desire to break free; you feel the need to take control. Now there exists a place where the secrets of freedom and wealth are given to those who believe. Internet Business – free your mind!

Sterling: Hello, and welcome to Internet Business Mastery online at Internet Business, I’m Sterling….

Jay: And I’m Jay….

Sterling: And we’re here to help you escape the ‘9 to 5’ and live the lifestyle of your dreams by turning your life’s passion into a profitable internet business, even if you’re just getting started today. On this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we reveal how to launch a traffic attracting website fast, and in the Quick Tip we reveal an online tool for checking if your desired business name is available across all major sites and social networks.

We’d also like to remind you that if you’d like to get a jumpstart on creating your own profitable internet business using our proven system, you can claim your risk free trial membership to the Internet Business Mastery Academy by going to

So Jay, what’s been going on in the last week or so?

Jay: Well let’s see, on my end finishing up the Traffic Attraction Formula coaching course which we launched a couple months ago. Just really thrilled watching the various shows and sites that have been going up, been giving some feedback to some different students. And just the audio quality is really good, the content is really good, they’re getting their sites up and they’re really excited, so it’s just very fulfilling, that level of interaction with the students in our coaching course type offerings and just watching all that accelerated progress that happens in a short amount of time.

And we’ve had a number of partners asking us if we can launch the course to their followings as well so we’re looking at doing that in the near future. We’re very excited about that and I guess just looking forward to the next chance we’ll be able to do a coaching course like that for our following. Just the live Q&A’s and all that, it’s just very fulfilling to interact directly with your market and see that immediate feedback and results coming from it.

So I guess that’s what’s been on my mind recently, how about you? What have you been up to?

Sterling: Well the thing that I’ve been enjoying the most right now is after we’ve talked about hiring V.A.’s and having Virtual Assistants working for us for a while now but what I just suddenly realized this last week was how well our team is working. We’ve got the team we needed, we were missing one particular type of team member which was a designer which we now have.

And last week I just was watching how perfect everything works. I send a little video over to the team, our team manager I guess. Then he creates tasks for all the other people and all I have to do is just sit there and record something and then let him make the tasks, have the people do it and then the next day I come in and everything’s done or at least almost everything’s done. It depends on how big the task is but it’s awesome to see how well that works.

And sometimes I started taking it for granted and that’s why last week I started noticing wow, it’s so nice when you’re able to do the stuff that you like and let other people do the stuff you don’t like that they might like to do. I mean it’s awesome so that was just something that I noticed last week because everything is just churning and working well.

And we’re working on new site design and some Academy stuff and it’s just beautiful to watch it working and doing it really well when I’m not good at a lot of that stuff. I’m not good at going into WordPress and tweaking things and stuff like that. So it’s nice to have a team that goes and does those things, so yeah I love it.

Jay: Absolutely. Well and speaking of site design, that’s the topic of today because we have been working…I know you’ve been working on a new site of your own and we’ve got some of our own sites – the Internet Business Mastery site is getting a refresh. I thought it would be great if we gave the listeners an all in one place latest update on our tools and recommendations on how to get a great looking site up and fast – whether this is your first site or whether you might be updating new sites in the future.

So how about we go and dive right into the featured content?

Sterling: Let’s do it!

And now the featured segment…

Jay: Well you know Sterling, I guess if you’re going to launch an internet business it’s probably a good idea to have a website I would think.

Sterling: Yeah, that’s going to be the whole key to it right? To at least get it started.

Jay: You need a place for people to go to get your stuff online. It’s your 24/7 sales team working while you sleep to make more money for you. And you know, in the past we’ve had clients come to us with brand new sites that look really pretty and they’re gorgeous sites, but the problem is that they’re marketing nightmares and they’re these sites that they have no control over adding new content to, they’re completely dependent on the webmaster or web designer to add new stuff or change it around. And I just have to cringe when I say, how much did you spend on this? And they’ll say, “5,000 dollars,” and I’ll just be floored that they would spend that much money and really when it comes to a marketing business sense, had very little to show for it.

So that’s what we want to show today, show you how to avoid this from happening to you with a few basic tools and steps we’re going to go through today. And even if you already have a site, well we’re going to share some tips that you could use to help you improve your current design or even have future designs, maybe relaunch a new design on current sites eventually or maybe add new sites due to new business ideas and things that you’ll do in the future. So whatever stage you’re at, this should be able to help you.

Sterling: Yeah and it’s interesting, you’re talking about that $5,000 mark, I don’t know why that’s such a specific number that I see all the time. Somebody will go, “Oh, will you look at my site and see what the problem is?” And I’ll say, “Well first of all, how much did you pay to get this done?” And they’ll say $5,000, the other number is $3,000, and I look at it and I go oh my gosh, yeah it’s got all the Flash and stuff, but they’re having problems keeping people. The average time on their site is incredibly low and that’s even if people can find it and get there.

It’s crazy, but when I look at them there’s a lot of structure and design problems that I just see every day when I see these sites. And the big issue obviously is that they’re not getting the traffic and retention of views and to me that’s a total waste of their content because if they’re not actually getting the most out of their content and getting those people there over and over again, it’s just crazy.

Jay: Yeah absolutely and there’s just no need to spend that much money, have that much time, or lose that much control because we’ve discovered a number of techniques and tools that allow anybody to create a site that attracts traffic like crazy and that you’re in control of, that still looks really good. We’re not saying you can’t have a pretty site, I mean who doesn’t want to have a pretty site?
It’s a site that’s easy for people to update, easy for you to get done for as little cost as possible; I mean as little as $100 or less, a site that can be launched in a matter of just a couple hours. So we’re going to reveal to you the listener, the exact tools and services that we use to do this. And in fact as I mentioned earlier as we record this, and Sterling you’re working on a brand new site for yourself and I’m helping a friend launch a new site, and we’re doing a refresh on the Internet Business Mastery site so these are very much the up to date that we’re even using today right now with ourselves and our team as we get these different projects going.

Now before we get started, we want to also let you know that there’s an instant site launch cheat sheet for you to download with all the tools and services that we’re going to mention. So you can download that if you want to go along with this episode, and that’s located at

Sterling: You know what, before we get started I also wanted to kind of give a little background with some of the site stuff that we’ve just been working on kind of personally and for friends and stuff. And this was kind of what made it so we decided to do this episode as well is, number one for me, I’ve been working on some stuff with a friend and he’s had tons of content up for several years.

And as far as his ranking and the amount of traffic he’s getting, it’s really really low. And again, he didn’t know any of these tools and tricks and all this stuff to make it work but I put up a site, just something that I’m working on personally that’s very similar to his site, this friend of mine. And his Alexa ranking is about 11 million and my site has one post and has been up for maybe a couple of weeks, and I’m already under a million just by doing certain specific tweaks and just by using the right tools and services.

I was able to jump ahead with one post as opposed to his years and years of posting because I just knew exactly which services and all this stuff to tweak. And I know you’ve got to the first page of Google for one of your key words and there’s no content on yet!

Jay: Right, a site that we’ve been helping my friend with and already when you search for her key word, no content on the page, just following the handful of steps we’re going to give you at the end of this episode and her sites already ranking on the first page of Google for her primary key words.

Sterling: So I just wanted to say that this is all very timely and this stuff works and has worked. In the last couple of weeks alone this is all very to the moment for us.

Jay: Absolutely. So let’s go ahead and speak first of all to what it is that a listener probably wants and that’s obviously going to be these benefits that are going to be provided by the system we’re going to outline here but something that I think a lot of people want is to make sure that they have a site that’s easy for them to manage and that they can add new content themselves.

They don’t have to call up a web designer and then wait for them and then pay them $50 to finally put some new content or add a new feature to the site. They can take care of that stuff, they’re in control and it’s very easy for them to do. So that’s the first thing that we want to provide in this system we’re going to outline here.

Sterling: Yeah and the number two thing for your site is that it’s traffic friendly. We want to make sure that it’s streamlined for search engine traffic number one, and then we want to make sure that it syndicates your content across the internet for you. So it basically creates hundreds of digital salesmen for your business and all automated so you don’t have to think about it at all. And then another one is when we create a new site in this way, we want to make sure that it starts ranking really fast. And the way we teach it, it absolutely does as Jay just said earlier that he’s already got a site on the first page of Google for the key word right when it got set up.

Jay: A third thing that we want to make sure we provide for you here is easy layout changes so that if you want to add a couple things to your site or maybe tweak your header just a little bit or just change even the colors on your site a little bit, that it’s easy for you to go in and do that yourself again, so you don’t have to go and call your web designer and then wait for them a week to get around to it.

And then they send you an invoice for a few hundred dollars, I mean wouldn’t it be nice if you could just log in and make some of those basic changes for yourself, hence streamlining this whole process and saving you a whole lot of money.

Sterling: Yeah, and number four would be an attractive design. We definitely want a site that looks awesome without breaking the bank like with a nice logo and header, and we also want it to be simple and clean and especially user friendly.

Jay: Yeah so people when they show up, they’re like, “Hey, this looks like a cool place. I think I’ll stick around.” And then they stay awhile because it’s easy for them to find things and to use things.

Now the fifth thing is obviously to have a dependable site, a site that works all the time and that if there’s any problems there’s good support to get it fixed as soon as possible. So those are the five things that we want to make sure we provide for – easy site management, traffic friendly, easy layout changes, attractive design, and dependability.

So we’re going to go ahead now and outline a handful of tools, six tools, that will help you launch this kind of site and then at the end we’re going to give you a specific action plan for getting this kind of site up and going for yourself.

So the number one tool, something you’ve probably heard us mention before is the free software called WordPress. This is largely used for blogging but it’s also becoming a lot more popular just for any site in general and it’s absolutely, especially with the latest release of it, has been designed in such a way that all kinds…just about any site that you want to launch you can base on WordPress. It’s very easy to use, it’s free, it gives you a lot of control over your site, very traffic friendly features right out of the box. There’s lots of support for it around the web, even big brands are using WordPress because of the dependability for it.

Things like the Wall Street Journal, Sony, and CNet, and People Magazine, and I could list even more – they’re all using WordPress on either all or portions of their site are run off of this software. So it’s definitely a well supported and robust tool for you to use to run your own website.

Sterling: Alright, now number two is a recommended hosting. Now this is hosting that we’re putting all of our sites on now and have for some time now and you can find it at Is there anything else you want to say about the hosting?

Jay: Well yeah it’s great support, we like it because it’s very, very easy to install WordPress by using this hosting. I mean a few clicks of the button and bam, your site is up, your WordPress is up. You go in there and you choose your web address that you want, a few clicks, WordPress is installed and this is really one of the key things about getting a site up in as little as a couple hours is using the right hosting, and that’s why we recommend

The third thing is to choose the right layout or theme. You need to have the right look for your site and that could be where you go and blow $5,000 very, very quickly paying a designer to do that. But the great news about WordPress is that there are a lot of professional designs out there just ready for you to go ahead and plug in and use instantly designed by professional designers at a fraction of the cost. You get to cut through all the clutter of…I mean there are a lot of free themes out there and a lot of things are just aren’t designed that well and they’re not user friendly and they’re not search engine streamlined and things like that.

But if you go with some of these premium themes, and there are a few that we’re going to suggest to you here in a bit, then you can end up with a beautiful site with lots of extra features that makes it very easy for you to change the basic layout items of your site for yourself. You can change your header very easily, change your logo very easily, and you know you’re getting a quality product right out of the box. And again, it’s very, very inexpensive to do this.

The other nice thing about using a premium theme is that then you get good support behind the theme. I mean if it’s a freebie theme it’s hard to get the person who designed it to want to help you out at all, but if you’ve paid just a little bit of money for the theme then there’s that incentive there for them to give you support and extra features and things like that. So inside of our instant site launch cheat sheet that you can download at, we have links to our recommended premium theme providers.

Sterling: Alright so number four is, 99Designs and what this is, it’s and this is where we go to get our logos, headers, and even like our opt in bonus e-book covers. This kind of stuff can all be designed there and here’s how it works. Basically you go there and you put up a project, and what happens is designers actually come to the site, they actually design what you want from them, let’s just say it’s a logo.

So they design the logo and you actually get to vote and rate the logos, but what happens is ten, twenty, sixty, I think the last one I got designed I think I had like eighty people actually design the logo and I got to pick out of all these different logos with people using different creative designs and playing off each other and all this different stuff happened to where I was able to find the best logo out of all of them instead of just simply having one designer and you’re limited to whatever ability that one person has.

This site makes it so that you can basically pull from this huge group of designers. It’s absolutely awesome and it’s incredibly affordable. And here’s what I’m going to do just so you can just kind of get an idea, I’ll put up a couple of examples in the show notes for this particular episode which is 105 so that you can see what I mean by this.

Jay: Alright, so if you’re using our recommended hosting, you’re using WordPress to manage your site, you’ve chosen a beautiful premium theme that you’ve applied to this site, you go to 99Designs to get a logo and a nice header custom to put at the top so it’s branded for your business and your brand – right there you’ve got a long ways to having a great looking site that’s easy to manage, all those things that we talked about earlier. It’s ready to attract a lot of traffic for you, dependability, lots of great support for the tools that you’re using and the hosting that you’re using. It’s easy to make little layout changes and things like that.

But let’s say that you still just want a couple custom features or something a little extra special on your site that you don’t know how to change yourself and that’s still very, very easy to get done. If you need more help with WordPress, we recommend going to This is kind of a big marketplace of freelancers, I mean all kinds of freelancers for just about anything – design, and programming, and writing, and graphics, and webmasters.

Whatever you need you can find there, but in particular tons and tons of people there who are familiar with WordPress. You can go in there and search for freelancers are good at WordPress. And you have a couple of choices – you can search their big directory of people and then contact somebody directly and say, “Hey, I’ve got this project, what do you want to bid on it?” Or you can post a project and have lots of different people bid and then you choose one and they can do the project for you.

And a couple years back we went to Elance looking for somebody to do just a little bit of custom work on one of our sites and I just went and searched for WordPress people in North America with a certain rating and made sure that they had some good quality feedback and a set of parameters for how much I was willing to pay, and it brought up a list of maybe twenty or thirty people. And then I just went ahead and contacted a couple of them, and even to this day that person does some work for us.

In fact just recently I had something come up suddenly that I just needed to have taken care of right away, we didn’t have time to wait for our really busy team in the Philippines to do it for us so I just pinged them over on Skype and said, “Hey, can you do this for me really quickly?”

And he came through and did it and I paid him over Paypal, it wasn’t very much at all and it was taken care of in a matter of a couple hours. So like we said, there’s lots of great support out there for WordPress based sites and Elance is a great place to go and find that support.

Sterling: And number six is the Internet Business Mastery Academy. Now here’s what we did, we took all of this information and in the Academy we designed videos and audio, and checklists, and everything that you need to get this stuff up and going super fast. So basically with the videos, you can look over our shoulders as we install and configure the site and basically because of this, there’s no messing up and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

We show you exactly what to do, it only takes a couple of hours to actually set up the site, and we also have a 17-point checklist to make sure that you’ve done everything you can to make your site attract traffic and retain readers.

Jay: Yeah that 17-point checklist is just a hugely valuable resource. We’ve had a number of people just say how awesome that was just to be able to go down and go okay, have I done this, have I done this? That’s like the 17th best practices that we’ve discovered over the last several years that really just turn it into a finely tuned traffic machine.
Now of course if you use these tools we just talked about, you’re going to get a lot of the benefit already. In addition that checklist has a number of other things to make sure that you do in the layout and in doing some of those customizations. And again because WordPress makes it so easy to do those, you can just follow along in the checklist in our tutorials and just get them done in no time yourself.

Sterling: Yeah and basically that checklist is what I used when I got my site to rank in the Alexa rankings so fast with one blog post over my friend’s site because he had no idea what all those little points were, and just these little minor tweaks that make it so that you can jump ahead like that.

Alright so now we’ve got an action plan for you. We want you to take some action. So here’s seven things to do right now. Number one – sign up for the hosting at

Alright number two will be – install WordPress using their instant WordPress feature.

Number three is – choose a premium theme from the list of our recommendations.

Number four is – install the theme to your site.

Number five is – customize the theme to your liking.

And then number six – get a logo and/or header designed at

Okay and then number seven is – you can go ahead and add that logo and header to your site layout which is really easy to do with a premium theme.

And of course let’s add number eight which is – sign up for the Academy to get additional tutorials and ideas for fine tuning a traffic attracting site, which you can find that at

And also remember that you can download the free guide and action plan from

Jay: So there you go, that’s six tools for you and then an eight-step action plan. Like Sterling just said, download that instant site launch action guide that will remind you what the tools are and give you all the links, and walk you through that eight-step action plan. And even if you already have a site up right now, a couple of those tools could really help take your site to the next level – maybe adding a premium theme instead that has some extra bells and whistles and a really nice design to it.

Or maybe going to 99Designs and getting a professionally designed logo or header, or maybe finding someone on to add that next feature, or maybe signing up for the Academy and getting that 17-point check list to fine tune your site. So there’s something in that guide that can help you wherever you’re at with your site right now. So be sure to check that out.

Alright, we’ve got a great breakthrough for you. This one comes from Matt Drake of, who is a long time Academy member. And there’s a couple great lessons to pull out of this one so I wanted to read it here for you, and this is what he has to say. He says, “This month, my email subscriber list has started growing really fast, almost oddly fast. I used to get 5-15 opt ins each day for the past year and suddenly I’ve started to get 50 or 75, or even 125 opt ins each day. My traffic has only been gradually increasing so it’s just not the numbers contributing to this. The conversion rate has actually changed from like a ½% to 3-4%. The only thing I did really was change my incentive over to a free online workshop which is basically four hours of video that introduces my online course. It’s basically the first module of the course. The funny thing is that it’s something I gave away before for free but it just wasn’t prominently advertised.”

So first of all Matt, huge congratulations on that. He included inside the Academy when he posted this an image, a screen capture from his Aweber stats and it was pretty awesome to see the hockey stick kind of action of the graph going along and all of a sudden boom, it just sky rocketed. This is very timely actually because I was just teaching in Traffic Attraction Formula, we’ve been talking about list building and getting people from your show and from your social media channels onto your list, and incentives, and how all some of this stuff works. And I gave him a lot of different boosters about how to boost conversion and I said the most important one…and I’m not taking credit for this because I don’t think that Matt is in the course, but he just happened to be doing this at the same time….but the thing I said was, the most important things you can do to change or boost your conversion rates is just changing the incentive that you offer.

And it may be as simple as just changing the title of the incentive, what that incentive is called. ‘Hey, download this free….guide,’ and if that title is good enough, then it gets people to salivate. So clearly right here is a great example, Matt just changed it over to a webinar, and I’ll have to go and check out and see what the title of it is. But clearly it hit dead on more precisely to what his market wanted because a ½% to 3-4%, I mean that’s huge.

And getting to 3-4% on your home pages is actually not bad, if you’re at ½% then you definitely could do better so that’s cool that he was trying different things and that’s the other lesson to pull from this is you should always kind of split test and try different things because those incremental changes just keep adding up. And imagine now the income difference that will make, I mean if you have…he has now 6-8 times the amount of people onto his email list so that should lead to 6-8 times the amount of sales in the end that he’s able to get off of that list, so very exciting stuff Matt and thank you very much for sharing that breakthrough with us.

It’s time for the Internet Business Quick Tip…

Jay: Today’s Quick Tip is a site with a quick web address. Actually the web address is That’s got to be like the shortest web address I’ve ever heard of. Anyway, what it is is a name checking service and I found this recently and I thought hey, this is pretty darn cool. It was kind of on my mind again because of teaching the Traffic Attraction Formula course and they’re forming a brand, and they’re going out and getting all these different channels and all the different social media sites and things set up to syndicate their content out to.

And so it’s nice to know as you’re choosing a brand name, well is it going to be available? It’s a good idea to have the same user name or same brand name on all these different sites. I mean for instance on Twitter and Facebook and most sites you can find me as JasonVO, it’s just kind of the username or brand that I put out there to be consistent.

So this is one place you can go, you can type in a brand name or a name idea and it will tell you if the web address is available, is the different social media sites available. Or maybe you already have a brand or business name and you want to check and see okay, has anybody snagged it up and started using it on one of these other sites, and so it’s just kind of a handy tool all around and so we wanted to recommend that one to our listeners. The name checking service again is and just as a note…I actually shared this a few weeks or so ago inside of our email newsletter. So often when I find those things we like to share them, so anyway you want to make sure you sign up for the email newsletter in order to get some of these quick tips and recommendations straight from us first.

Sterling: Now if you’d like dozens of other resources such as this one, you can find them in the Internet Business Mastery Academy, along with video tutorials showing you exactly how we use them. To get a 30-day no risk trial membership to the Internet Business Mastery Academy, visit That’s it for this episode of Internet Business Mastery, until next time we wish you ultimate success in your internet business!

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