Top 5 Online Task Management Tools To Make Money Online

Many of us, who started making money online creating our blogs and trying to reach a larger audience, want to make it better and faster. Sometimes we invite other people to our team.

For example, I was invited to do a guest post for  The thing is that the blog owners may have many writers like me.   This would create a need for people who will have different functions in maintaining their blog. They will need an ‘html’ guy who will make their blogs pretty and well designed, an SEO professional who will make their blogs rank high on the search engines, and a host of other people to do certain tasks or handle some other problem.   To complicate things further, each member of  the online team can live miles and continents away. What will you do then to put them all together?

About a decade or so ago this question hit software developers because their own teams are sometimes spread all over the world. This is how numerous online solutions for daily tasks management appeared. Let’s take a quick tour through some of them today.

Clarizen   is positioning itself as a serious solution for project management. Indeed, it has a toolset for planning and management of your resources, yet you can create tasks for everybody on your team. The benefit you can get out of this project management solution is that, not only you can create separate single tasks, but you can also create a series of tasks and everyone on the team will be aware of it.  All the data is available through your browser window and all you need to use the application is an Internet connection.  The latter is true for each of the solution I mention in this article.

AtTask will demand some time for you to learn how to use it. At the same time, the solution is built for companies and it is quite reliable. If you wish to go further than tasks: you can create a project in MS project and integrate it into your AtTask project. Of course, if you don’t have proper skills as a project manager it won’t be that easy but at the same time your blog is a project too. Do you want it to run well? Then seek for something bigger than just exchanging emails all over the world.

Zoho is set of office tools that you can access online. Creating documents, tables, collaborating  with your team is possible through different applications offered by Zoho. The documents can be edited by different users. It is also possible to communicate with others through wiki and notes so everyone stays on top of what’s going on within your project. Zoho has been on the market for a while  and is recognized by numerous users.

Comindware is an online tracking and task management solution. Unlike all of the solutions above, it offers free daily tasks management software. The disadvantage is that we need to wait as the solution has yet to be released.  The online pre-registration for the product however, is already open and in case you choose to wait for a while, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of online task management without paying much.

Zendesk  is an ideal tool for those who have used ticketing systems. I recommend it because you can use it for free and because it is simple and reliable. As for your main purpose which is  team collaboration and organization, you will need: comments, forums, and notifications upon the work that has been done. When you complete the task, you can change its status so that all the team sees that it is done.

I have chosen only 5 online solutions for this article to keep this article short and sweet, yet there are many other solutions out there.  Clarizen or AtTask, are made for those who have project management skills, so they would be perfect for an experienced professional who is used to planning his project before starting. For others, who need online collaboration for a team, you can also try googling the keyword  ‘daily task management’ .


Anastasia Chumakova works in online workflow automation and project management and she got so passionate about the online collaboration systems that she started to write about it. First, she wanted to get rid of her friends, who couldn’t understand what her company was doing. Then, she started to write for blogs about new applications for entrepreneurs and companies.


  1. Working with people in different places comes with a big set of challenges but thanks to some great collaboration/project management tools like the ones you’ve mentioned things are getting better and easier each year. I started using Trello to work with others on projects. Everyone seems to pick up the tool quickly, it’s free and it just makes sense from day one. I know you said this is not a complete list but I think this is another tool this audience would appreciate and should consider.

    • Anastasia Chumakova says:

      Indeed, the list can be completed with many other solutions. I haven’t used the one you’ve mentionned but will probably test it.

    • Indeed, the list can be completed with many other solutions. I haven’t used the one you’ve mentioned but will probably test it.

  2. Hi!

    It is true that there are plenty of project management tools. In some way, each one of them tries to specialize in a particular area of project management, and sometimes it can be difficult to find the one that better fits your requeriments.

    I’d like to add Doolphy to this list. It’s an easy project management application that you can use in order to create projects and tasks, and communicate with your team.

    Doolphy also includes features for planning, execution and analysis of your projects, such as project templates, Gantt charts, task dependencies, financial reports, etc.


    • Anastasia Chumakova says:

      I am afraid I will disagree with you. I observe the trend of making project management solutions more general, in a way that it’s possible to use them in any activity field.

      • Hi Anastasia!

        You’re right in that project management tools are trying to be suitable in as many fields as possible. That broadens the market they are targeting to. However, each one still has to differentiate itself from the others in order to stand out from competence, and many times this implies focusing on some particular aspect of project management (communication, reporting, time tracking, …) over others.
        As of today I think that it is common for users to have to check out several tools before they find the one that better fits their needs.

        • I agree with what you say: each project management solution has to differentiate itself from the others in order to stand out from competence. As a positive example I can bring Comindware that made a special ElasticData™ platform for this purpose: the platform is flexible enough to enable each user customizing the solution to the current business needs. And Comindware also has different vertical solutions for specific activity fields.

  3. I am afraid I will disagree with you. I observe the trend of making project management solutions more general, in a way that it’s possible to use them in any activity field.

  4. Excellent post Anastasia. This is a great list of tools and I have to admit that I had not heard about most of them as I tend to stick with the old fashioned Google spreadsheet for all my Virtual task management but will definitely check’em out:)

    • This is definitely a great tool for online docs sharing. Yet the solutions I mention have larger funcionality, as they have trackers and thus provide workflow automation. This is a very useful tool and I really can advise to check it. Feel free to share your experience with us when you do it.

  5. Ste Butler says:

    I think with these tools you should add one more tool to this list i.e proofhub. This tool is very useful and helps a lot.

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