303 | The Internet Business Launch Plan Pt 4 – Create an Effective Website


We continue our online business launch plan by talking about how to launch a website that effectively builds your business.

We look at common mistakes that will greatly slow your growth and how you can avoid them.

We also lay out the simplest and least expensive way to launch a site fast.

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In This Episode

  • 5 common website mistakes that will cost you money
  • Why launching a website right away will slow you down
  • 6 ways your website will build your business

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jinhee-parkI just wanted to share a mini breakthrough with you guys. In April we launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the creation of our first physical product called Guards Against Insanity which is an unofficial Cards Against Humanity expansion.

Although the campaign got funded, we didn’t include shipping into the different reward options as we were intending on fulfilling through Amazon and letting our backers pay this themselves.

Due to problems with getting Amazon.com to enable international shipping for our product, we ended up posting these ourselves which in some cases cost us quite a bit more more than the amount we received from the backer.

Thankfully we’ve learned from this and our second Kickstarter for editions 2 & 3 went live around 8 hours ago now includes the appropriate cost of shipping.

The most important lesson we learned is the importance of having a compelling video when you make the campaign live. We added one around a week after our first campaign went live which was too little too late. You really need to make the most of those first 24 hours make sure you’ve uploaded it BEFORE you launch.

8 hours in and we’re currently 51% funded so hopefully this will inspire other IBMers to give Kickstarter a try as from our experience it’s freakin’ awesome!

David Moore
Guards Against Insanity