The (Embarrassing) Birth of the Sizzler Fiasco!

sizzlerIf you’re like most serious online entrepreneurs, there comes a time when you realize you need direct mentoring.

There are all kinds of things that may be holding your business back.

It might be operations, marketing, joint ventures, product creation, or any number of things.

So when you can get personalized, focused assistance for your specific situation it can take your Internet business to a higher level of success.

Here’s the big idea:

You find someone that’s already “arrived” to the level of success where you want to be.

Then you work with them to safely guide you to the same spot based on their personal help and insight.

It really is the fastest way to attain freedom financially with any internet business.

Hey, we’re living proof that it works!

Looking back on our own experience we see that it was when we invested in direct help from trusted mentors that we really leapfrogged forward to get where we are today.

We Want to Pay It Forward, But..

We are addicted.

We’ve worked hard to get to this point.

Right now, we’re each working only about 20 hours a week.

No joke.

And we’re totally addicted to having more free time.

So as we’ve received steady requests to do private coaching for entrepreneurs, our instinct has been to say, “Sorry we don’t do that anymore.”

Not even a hefty five-figure amount was enough to make us bite.

Then We Remembered to Take Our Own Medicine

One day not long ago I was going over my personal Definite Major Purpose list.

There it was in black and white:

“To teach as many people as we can to attain increased freedom in their finances through internet business.”

Creating and following your Definite Major Purpose is one of our main battle cries. So I’m glad I decided to read
and follow mine! ;-)

It couldn’t have been any clearer to me at that moment.

So I immediately picked up the phone and called Sterling.

It took some masterful persuasion on the phone for me to convince him that it’s time to do even more to help online entrepreneurs reach their dreams.

We talked about how much we enjoy direct contact with motivated students to see them succeed.

It was then we realized that many of our biggest success stories have been our coaching students.

After that realization, he was ALL IN.

The Birth of the Sizzler Fiasco

So, recently we got together at Sterling’s beach place in San Diego to plan how to best provide what entrepreneurs truly need to help them.

Yes, this was the trip with the now infamous Sizzler fiasco. If you didn’t catch that story on Twitter, then just forget I mentioned it.

During that trip we brainstormed some terrific ways to help you achieve what you really want.

But Now We Need Your Help

We want to know what would be most beneficial for YOU.

Whether you’re ready to look for mentoring help or not, please give us your brief feedback and insight.

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So look inside yourself and identify what kind of help would lift you up to the next level.

And dream big!

Remember, this is your chance to tell us how to lift you up and carry you to a brighter future!

So don’t hold back… let us know what would really be of great help for you.

Please take just a few BRIEF minutes to give us your feedback.

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