Techniques for Finding Your Niche

I recently spent more than two years struggling to start a new business. All the while I kept wondering, “Why isn’t this working?” I was doing all the right things, and I was still just barely scraping by.

After a lot of soul-searching, it occurred to me that my business was based on what other people thought I should do. If someone said to me “Oh you’re so good at that, you really should make a go of it,” my ego would respond and I was off in a new direction.

Looking back, this was a life-long pattern for me. Women are wired to take care of others before themselves. I spent most of my life doing what other people thought I should do. I know they were trying to help me. They thought they knew what was best for me.

I know now that I am the only one who can truly know what’s best for me.

I am now working on a new project,, which I know in my heart is a perfect niche for me. If you have struggled with finding your perfect niche, I hope you will benefit from some techniques that helped me in my journey to find my niche.

Use Your Strengths

You might be wondering how I came up with a cooking blog idea in the first place. I started by looking within myself. I asked myself what activities I enjoy doing, learning about, and talking about. What were the things people asked me for advice on?

I also went back and re-read the results from my Myers-Briggs personality test, which I had taken several years before. Sterling and Jay talk often about the Strengthsfinder 2.0 book, which can be used for this purpose as well. One of my strengths is giving honest advice in a confident and easy-to-understand way. I had been blogging for years on various topics and knew this was a good medium for my message.

Be Sure That It Will Fulfill You

Once you have an initial idea and think you want to pursue it, ask yourself “Why will this fulfill me?” In other words, what is the essence of your idea that really has meaning for you?

For my healthy cooking blog idea, I realized that my passion wasn’t just about cooking. It was about helping people get away from junk food and packaged food products. I want to educate people and motivate them to easily prepare meals using fresh, healthy ingredients and lower fat/sugar/salt alternative cooking methods. I want to help them stop making dinner by heating up frozen meals in the microwave. I want to inspire them to lose weight and lower their cholesterol and blood pressure and reduce their risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Cooking is my unique gift, the tool that will help me get the message across.

Start Inside Your Comfort Zone

After I tentatively decided on my cooking topic, I started thinking about some of the details, imagining the types of content I might create and how it would feel to do those things.

Cooking lends itself to many different ways of delivering the message. Written articles, pictures, videos, and audio all work well for this type of content. The more variety you have in your content, the more the members of your target audience will be able to consume it in different ways.

However, not everyone is comfortable with every medium. Some people don’t like to write. Others hate the way they look on camera. I’m fortunate in that I have a lot of business experience and I’m comfortable in many mediums.

Anything can be learned, but it makes sense to start with something you feel comfortable doing. The rest can come later.

It’s Not About the Money

Something that held me back in my previous business was the stress involved in feeling like I had to make a living at it. Not only did this take the fun out of it, it made the act of working in the business a stressful one. It’s hard to be passionate about a topic and be stressed out about it at the same time.

Getting to the place I am now did not come without sacrifice. I got a job. This was the only way (for me) to get here.

Now that money is no longer an issue, this niche is something I will do because I want to, not because I have to.

I am able to focus on what I’m doing simply because I want to do it. I would like for it to make money eventually, but right now I am not focusing on that. I know if I do what I love, the money will come.


Lisa Pecunia is an author, business analyst, animal & nature lover, gardener, and cook.

Although she has more than 25 years of experience in software and web
application design, her mission is to learn about and advocate for living healthy and healing the planet, one person at a time.

Lisa’s passion is helping people gain the knowledge to choose a healthy lifestylewithout being swayed by Conglomerate Marketing, Big Ag, Pharmaceuticals, or Government Bureaucracy.

You can learn more about Lisa at


  1. Go Lisa! All the best with the business. I love the post on Kale!

    Loren @ Acting Classes In Perth

  2. Thanks for the post, Lisa.
    I’m already in the perfect niche(s) for me, but I just wanted to say I love yours! My wife and I are vegetarians and we are always looking for tasty ways to mix it up. :-)


  3. You’re up against a lot of disinformation in your niche, but I’m glad someone is passionate about telling the true story.

  4. awesome tips Lisa. I’m on the search of a niche for my new blog and this surely helps clear some things out.