You have to do THIS to succeed


I’ve been thinking about responsibility lately.

Once you’ve been doing this Freedom Business stuff for a while, it is more and more apparent that we are truly responsible for our own lives.

I think our level of success is dependent on the amount of things we are willing to take responsibility for.

If you are only responsible for how golden brown the fries at McDonald’s are, you will have a very low level of fulfillment and financial success.

If you want to live life on your own terms and make $77,183.66 per month, like Mr. Pat Flynn, you need to take an extremely high level of responsibility.

To play at that level, you have to realize that NO ONE ELSE IS TO BLAME.

He didn’t stop because of his fear, he took responsibility and overcame the fear.

His first business hit a huge challenge and he nearly lost everything. He didn’t whine and say, “starting a business is just to hard and everyone’s against me.” He took responsibility, found a way to fix it, and even started another business.

Taking responsibility is deciding to make this internet business stuff work no matter what.

The same month Pat Flynn made his first 30k/mon with his second business, Smart Passive Income, using our Academy 101 method – is the same month an anonymous Academy student quit and refunded saying he just didn’t think our system worked.

One person took responsibility and followed the system, the other blamed and quit.

I always say the only way to fail is to quit. That is what I believed and still commit to everyday.


Keep going until you get it!

  • Having trouble finding finding a niche?

Follow the program and just pick one!

If the one you pick doesn’t work, START OVER. If you don’t like the one you pick in a year, START OVER. Taking action will help you get better and better at this.

  • Some part of the system you’ve chosen to follow not working?

Take responsibility and either realize you didn’t follow the system exactly or you need a new niche.

No one can do this for you, only you.  No one WILL do this for you, only you can do it.

Only you can be success by taking responsibility for how you respond to challenges and there will be challenges.  Lot’s of challenges!

I want everyone of you to succeed above your wildest dreams, but Jason and I cannot do it for you. We would if we could. Really, I’d drag your butt out of bed 1 hour early every day if I could be everywhere at once, but that is not how it works.

You have to choose to take responsibility NOW.

Choose to take responsibility and you choose success at ANYTHING.

What is something that could change your life right now if you just took responsibility for it?

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  1. Great post Jeremy!!! Lots of awesome quotes too. This so fundamentally true. We do live in a world where fewer and fewer people take responsibility for themselves and their place in this world! I am not one of them… I will succeed in what I strive to do – just don’t know exactly how long it will take ;) I could tweet this post every day! :)

  2. Something that I really needed to hear today. It’s so easy to shift the blame on the world or others for our failures, but the common denominator is always the man in the mirror.

  3. Jeremy, Your passion is at par with Tony Robbins (if not more). Totally inspiring. It is one of the reason I joined the academy. In just over 2 weeks since I joined, I have heard a lot of your audios. You guys are awesome!!! Right now I am just soaking it in but hoping to tell you my success story soon. I am totally committed.