5 Free Software Trials that Will Save You Time and Make You Money

Free. The most powerful word in marketing. Everyone loves getting something for free. I’d like to share with you five business software downloads and services that will save you time and even make you money.

Some of them you can get what you need before the trial is up, but I’m guessing most of them you’ll want to invest in when you see how they make your life easier and empower you to make money.

1. Market Samurai

Market Samurai is our favorite keyword research tool. It makes it super easy to discover topic ideas for a new business and quickly test the profit potential of each. A number of our coaching students have been using it to pick a profitable  niche and choose a business name with lots of oomph in the search engines.

They also have an excellent series of video tutorials that walks you through the whole process. You can find them under the support tab. Having this tool at your fingertips makes it fun an easy to “pan for gold” online.

2. Roboform

Roboform is a simple and powerful password management software for PC (Mac users check out 1Password). I’ve used this software now for over a decade. It’s crazy to think about all the time this program has saved me. These days we all have dozens of log ins and passwords to keep track of. The usual way that people manage it all is to use the same simple password for everything.

But that is dangerous and a surefire way to getting your accounts hacked! At that point it’s a matter of when not if.

The best practice is to have a unique password of 14 or more characters that uses upper case, lower case, numbers and symbols. Roboform can generate these random passwords for you and track them so you don’t have to. Then you only have to remember one master password on your computer to access your Roboform database of log ins. You can even sync it across computers and mobile devices. I use it on my iPad as well.

Give the free trial a go to see how easy it is. It won’t take long to realize the peace of mind and time savings it brings — and time is money.

3. Aweber

Here’s where we get into trial software that can really make you money. The money making power of any online business is in the relationship you have with a list of targeted prospects and customers. The life-blood of your business is your ability to communicate with and manage that list.

With the right list and management software, you have the power to write your own checks. Last month we wrote four e-mails sent out over one week that brought it $16,000. We spent all of a couple hours on it. But that wouldn’t have been possible without Aweber.

The trial is actually $1, but that’s really as good as free. Whenever we are asked to look at someone’s site or business to give them feedback, the first thing we look at is whether or not they are building an e-mail list. If they aren’t, we point them right away to Aweber. Give Aweber a try to see how easy and powerful it is.

4. GoToWebinar

We use GoToWebinar every week to hold training calls with our coaching students. It’s a webinar service that includes conference calling (through phone or computer headset), screen sharing (so you can show slides or demonstrate things on your computer for everyone to see) and have a simple system for the attendees to send in questions.

You get a 30-day trial when you sign up, so here’s a powerful way to leverage that into money.

  1. Survey your following to find out what the biggest problem is that they are facing
  2. Sign up for the GoToWebinar trial
  3. Schedule four weekly calls to coach students through the solution to the problem
  4. Sell spots in the coaching group using Paypal
  5. Make money before the free trial is even up
  6. Use the recording feature in GoToWebinar to record the training to put into a product that you can continue selling online
I love this formula because you get paid to create a product, can make good money fast and it forces you to do something (i.e. if you sell the training then you have to do it).

5. Camtasia

If you’ve ever seen a video on our site or in the Academy, chances are we made it using Camtasia. It’s a slick software that let’s you record a video of what’s on your computer screen. We use it all the time to record PowerPoint slides that we use in our marketing and courses. If you don’t have PowerPoint you can always use the free Google Docs version.

You can download and try Camtasia out free for 30 days. Here’s how you can turn that into money.

  1. Download the Camtasia trial
  2. Survey your following to find out the biggest problem they face
  3. Create a 5-10 video series that steps through answers to their questions and presents a solution to the problem
  4. Sell those videos using Paypal
The 30-day deadline is a motivator to get the course done and make some money. Once you do make money, we definitely suggest investing in the software since it will continue to serve you well.

What else?

Are there free trials for software that you use to save you time, make life easier or even make you money? Share your suggestions or questions in the comments below.


  1. Nice tips especially about making money while you’re developing your product.

  2. Faststone capture is a little progr, that enables you to make screencaptures (images AND videos) of anything on your screen.

    And http://www.pixlr.com is the online version of photoshop…..very good.

  3. Awesome. These look like great tools. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This isn’t a free trial but a great alternative to photoshop that is completely free is Gimp. It’s an open source program that offers a lot of the same features as Photoshop. The user interface takes awhile to get used to because it gives an older feeling than new software but the program itself has a lot of newer features.

  5. MindMeister is another great tool to help save time.

    “Mind mapping” helps organize thoughts. I thought it was kind of silly at first, but now I’m hooked.

    It really helps to get ideas down in an organized fashion saving a lot of time. I use it almost every day. They have a free and paid version.

  6. I’ve seen people produce really nice results with CamStudio, which is a completely free screen capturing application.
    http://camstudio.org/ maybe something to use after a Camtasia trial runs out until you can afford it.

    • I’ve used CamStudio as well. It’s not a robust or complete a solution as Camtasia, but for fledgling entrepreneurs, its that great way to get started at no cost.

  7. I’ve been using LastPass (http://www.lastpass.com) – a free alternative to RoboForm. So far, I’m loving it!

    Additionally – you guys talk a lot about Time Management, which is a huge, HUGE issue for most aspiring internet entrepreneurs (including myself). The first step to being able to MANAGE your time is to TRACK your time and how you ACTUALLY spend it.

    For that, I’ve just started using Yast (http://www.yast.com). I found it as an app on Chrome, but being a website, I’m sure it will work on IE, Firefox, Opera, and Safari (for you Mac folks out there).

    I haven’t gotten terribly GOOD at using it to track what I actaully do yet, but I have faith that I will figure it out and then be able to increase my productive time to get more done, and finally get out of the 9-5!

    Thanks guys!