Social & Sales Hacks for Being a ‘Limitless’ Businessperson

In intimate understanding of social dynamics, influence and persuasion is undoubtedly on of the most useful skillsets in business and life.

Social Skills

In Limitless, Eddie transforms from an awkward looser being dumped by his girlfriend to bonafide socialite, pickup artist and master networker. His social skills get him paid, laid and on a private plane. Here’s some life hacks for being a master socialite:

Be involved with events but not as the primary coordinator.

One of the most surefire ways to supercharge your social proof is to be the host of the party or event. However you don’t want to be the primary event coordinator, it’s a major time suck and pretty stressful most of the time. When you see a neat event going on, ask to be added on as a host or affiliate promoter of the event. Now all you have to do is send out invites, add people to your guest list and then show up at the event and look like a rock star.

Remember and use people’s names.

You’ve probably heard before that it’s good to remember and use people’s names. Using names is truly one of the easiest to do, yet effective ways to improve our communication skills. If you are rotten at remembering names, no worries, just use the audio-visual association technique:

1. When you meet someone pick out the most distinctive feature of their face (Hair, nose, cheekbones, etc)

2. When hear their name visualize something that sounds like their name (Example: Alex=Lexus,Chris=Cross)

3. Now visualize that thing on the most distinctive feature of their face (Example: Cross on their forehead)

You can get a free 4 part video course on the AV Association technique here: http://

Apply emotional economics to your communication.

Pre-Frame Yourself for High Pressure Social Interactions

We’ve all had the experience of ‘bombing’ in a high pressure social situation; you failed to impress in an important interview, where tongue tied during a hot date or your new friends don’t find your jokes funny. A frequent reason for this is that you did not pre-frame yourself during the day for the demanding social dynamics of the situation. You pre-frame yourself by practicing the social mindset you need to be throughout the day prior. For example, say you have a hot date in the evening; you should be flirting up a storm with every barista, stranger on the street or cutie at the gym that you can.

Negotiation & Sales Skills

Like in the movie, to make Limitless money it’s going to take some serious negotiation and sales skills.

Use physiological triggers.

Any successful salesperson will tell you that confidence is very important to getting signatures on dotted lines. Jordan Belfort, in his Straight Line sales training system, suggests that confidence can be anchored to physiological triggers (think of Pavlovs dogs). The strongest is the sense of smell, here’s how this works:

1. Pick out a scent that is very distinctive for you but that you don’t smell very often. A unique perfume, cooking ingredient, etc.

2. As you are making your sales calls throughout the day, when you complete a successful sales call or activity your confidence is naturally quite high, you feel on top of the world! While in this state take a big wiff of your scent. This anchors the scent to this state of mind.

3. After you have this scent succinctly anchored to this state of mind. You can use it to summon rock solid confidence when you need to.

Dress really sharp.

It’s absolutely no coincidence that in the film the main character starts becoming really successful after he starts dressing like a GQ model. The social system driven neocortex is programmed to identify authority and credibility with someone well dressed. Not only does dressing well make other people think highly of you, it also significantly increases your confidence. So seriously, spend a few hundred extra bucks a year on a decent looking suit (or professional outfit), jeans and shoes, it will be one of the better investments you make. Pick up a fashion magazine or ask the opinion of the store employees to make sure you aren’t making any obvious fashion blunders (Example: white tshirts under button down shirts, un-straight gigline, or wearing tennis shoes to do anything other than play tennis, etc).

Dominate the power frame.

In business from time to time we find ourselves in situations where we are selling to, trying to persuade or negotiating with someone who has a big ego. This person’s ego comes from their sense of status or title. These people are used to getting their way and others capitulating to their will, you will take them by surprise by busting their ego driven, power frame. Here’s how:

1. The ego driven individual will exert their power frame over you.

2. Perpetrate a small act of denial or defiance.

3. Use your body language or tonality to communicate lighthearted humor or rapport while doing it.

When you are defiant and funny, at the same time they are amusingly challenged and know there are dealing
with a professional. An examples:

• Them: I only have 15 minutes to meet and review your presentation. You: Well, I only have 12 (cocky smile), so let’s get started.

• You are making your pitch, and they have spent several minutes texting on their smartphone. You: Hey Dave, I’d really hate to have to use my Jedi powers to turn off your blackberry until I finish my enrapturing presentation here. Say this with a humorous tonality and big smile on your face.

This example comes from Pitch Anything: An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading, and Winning the Deal, a recent book on sales and persuasion in relation to neuroscience, check out this video review of book along with some more techniques from it.



Jonathan Roseland is the inventor of the cleverest cocktail toast ever, former participant in a bank robbery and has almost died twice underwater. Jonathan hosts the Limitless Mindset Podcast, a show about applied neuroscience and life hacking.


  1. Here’s one more ‘Limitless’ sales skills… Split testing a cold calling script today for offline B2B pitching. Cold calling is something I got very good when I began my sales career and it’s something very companies do anymore.

    It’s quite rare that the people I’m calling don’t give me at least 5-7 minutes to make my pitch. Despite all the clever internet marketing tactics out there it still can not be beat as a lead generation method, 1 hour of work = 2-4 hot leads. So if you are serious about your business go make a cold call! #Hustle