Show Me the Money

Remember that popular line from the movie ‘Jerry Maguire?’ Well that’s exactly what thousands of people are saying about social media – Show Me How to Make Money with Social Media!!…and that’s exactly what’s happening at the one-time-only Glazer-Kennedy SOCIAL MEDIA MONEY MAGNET Event.

A world-class faculty of speakers (including yours truly) that are actually making money using social media (not just selling “how to” information about social media but actually using social media to make money for their own businesses) will spill our guts on how we did it and how you can quickly be using social media to grow your business too.

If you’re ready to stop “thinking about it” and finally figure out how to use social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc., to actually GROW your business, then you should watch this short video presentation from Bill Glazer with all the details:

But I recommend you watch it now because there is a LIMITED number
of seats available – 200 seats to be exact and 143 are already
taken – and they won’t last long considering how HOT social media
is right now, and the fact that hundreds of people asked to be put
on the pre-notification list… so don’t blame me if you dilly dally
and this event is sold out by the time you get around to watching
the short video presentation. Why not watch it NOW while you’re
thinking about it?

Bill Glazer publishes the world-famous No BS Marketing Letter
and trust me when I say he really knows how to make money. If you
want a “book report” on how to set up social media accounts then
this is NOT for you. This is for serious marketers, entrepreneurs,
and business owners who are thirsty for the knowledge and tools to
get social media working as a MONEY MAGNET in their businesses.