The Secret of Our Most Successful Students

Time to Level Up

How do our most successful students put struggle behind them and seize success?

What is the secret that finally unlocked their profitable business?

Last week you heard Pat Flynn share how mentoring and guidance from us helped him to go from laid off to over 19k a month in his first online business.

While Pat is probably our most well-known student, there’s a long list of others just like him that we’ve been fortunate to mentor over the years.

People like…

Ryan Oakley who now receives four- and five-figure affiliate checks from his site about photography…

Or Matthew Archambault who has over 1500 members paying $20 a month for his membership site that teaches how to draw (do the math on that one!)…

Or Ashish Goyal who we helped to turn one of his biggest failures into a six-figure business in his first year online

Or Shaun Noonan who earns a six-figure income teaching people how to speak Indonesian…

Or Jackie Beck who makes a full-time living from her part-time business helping people with their personal finances…

Or Darline Turner-Lee whose business that helps pregnant women landed her an interview on World News Tonight with Brian Jennings.

And the list goes on…

Just like you, these students struggled at one time with overwhelm, lack of confidence, a lack focus and a lack of support.

They all used the same shortcut to bypass the struggle and finally seize success.

 They were all members of our direct coaching program.

 We asked you last week to share what would most help you to stop struggling and finally seize success.

Across hundreds of emails, the answer was almost unanimously…

 “I need someone to guide me personally, answer my questions, hold me accountable and help me know exactly what to focus on next.”

 Since reading your emails, Jason and I have been thinking non-stop about how we can best help you right now to put struggle behind you and help you seize success.

We take this very seriously. If you’ve listened to the show for any amount of time, you know that it is our mission to help you find that freedom.

And so we have a very important announcement.

  • If you are stuck in your business…
  • If you’re tired of struggling to move forward…
  • If you’re ready for clarity, focus, and confidence…
  • If you’re ready to be one of our biggest success stories…

Then keep reading…

For the first time in over two years, we’re offering you the opportunity to coach with us to build your business.

We’re forming two groups of coaching members:

  1. Beginning students who want help earning their first online income
  2. Intermediate/advanced students who want help growing their current income

These coaching programs will last for six months.

Remember, all of our top-earning students are graduates from our coaching programs.

This is because our they received a high-level of personalized guidance from us as they built their business.

They even get access to our team.

Because our coaching members get so much attention, we can only accept a limited number of applicants.

We’re accepting applications now.

The application window will only be open for a few days. Once we fill the spots, we will close enrollment.

We don’t need a commitment from you today, but we do need to know:

  1. Are you interested?
  2. Which program the right fit for you?

There are two steps to apply. Please read the following carefully if you are interested in applying to coach with us.


Answer yes or no to the following three questions.

  1.  Starting in the next 7-14 days are you able to dedicate yourself to building/growing your internet business over the next six months?
  2. Would having Jeremy and I as your personal mentors, along with a mastermind of people working on the same things as you, help to exceed your goals in the next six months?

  3. Are you ready to take consistent, specific and directed action to make your business and lifestyle dreams real?


If you answered YES to all three questions above, click here to complete step 2 of the application.


  1. What a great opportunity this would be, just wish I was able to commit to it now. I’m emailing later with more specific questions I have about the program. This would be an OUTSTANDING chance and I hate to miss it!!