Secret beach meeting video leaked!

Recently we got together to hold an important meeting.

It was a meeting about YOU.

Jay flew down to San Diego so we could hash everything out.

Before we got down to business we had a great time doing fun stuff.

Like disc golf. (you play it with cool little frisbees)

And hanging out with really cool people down here.

Jay even had a crazy craving for Sizzler. After eating there, he now claims he’s cured of that for a while! ;-)

Then it was MEETING TIME…

So we did what any self-respecting Internet entrepreneurs would do in our shoes.

We took our chairs and notebooks and headed to the BEACH!

(Do the sunglasses make us look like we’re in The Matrix?)

The topic was pretty much focused on YOU…

Doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started or you already have a home run business.

This video will help you achieve even MORE!

Hurry and check it out now:


And find out how to have your own beach meetings!

Download the video here.