IBM 164 | How to Identify Keywords You Can Easily Rank For with Rob Walling from Hittail

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we talk about how to identify keywords you can easily rank for which we discuss in an interview with Rob Walling from Hittail. And in the quick tip, we share how to launch a membership site in under an hour.

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  • IBM 164 | How to Identify Keywords You Can Easily Rank For

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  1. Great Episode, Love the new format its amazing how clean and simple sounds fresh and high quality compared to the movie voice. I remember when the movie voice intro was the gold standard for pod casters.

    When are we going to get more info on your new fast money simplified course? You guys hinted a while back that you would be releasing a new course for people who don’t want to take on the full scale commitment of what is in the academy.

    • Funny you asked! We are working on a video about it right now. Our plan is that the first video comes out on 8/23. Fingers crossed!

      • Any hints on what it will be, I am about to buy another course this week not sure if i should wait or not.

        Depending on what the course is about i may prefer yours, I hate the constant barrier i fall into of not wanting to invest time into a given course unless i am sure it will work.

        i think every newbie marketer has this problem

        • It’s totally different from anything we have taught before, it’s about getting to your first $500 bucks online as fast as possible. It’ll be all about step by step checklist with NO ongoing content writing or twitter or facebook or any of that. Simpleand as easy as possible was the goal for the last 18 or so months we have been working on it.

        • Are you still on track to release the video on thursday? Will you send out an email or should we check back on the site?

          Can’t wait to see what you guys have coming out.

  2. Rob is awesome; great job guys! :)