When is the right time to start your freedom business?


I’m really surprised I don’t get asked this question more often.

When I first became aware of internet business, I certainly wonder about the answer.

Actually, I think most people think about the answer the moment they become aware of internet business.

The moment the desire hits them, their brain defends itself with the same, universal answer.


It has to be later, for a whole load of reasons.

  • I cannot get started until I finish school
  • I cannot get started until I pay of the car
  • I cannot get started until the kids are back in school
  • I cannot get started until the kids are out of school
  • I cannot get started until things settle down at work
  • I cannot get started until the summer
  • I cannot get started until the holiday break
  • I cannot get started until I have at least $x saved in the bank
  • And on and on.

They are all wrong.  There is only one time to truly get started.

Oh yes, I’m sure you guessed it…


I was in a six figure, corporate job when the desire struck me.  I said to myself, “I have 2 cars, a mortgage, a wife, 2 kids, a bird, and 2 dogs, now couldn’t possible be the perfect time, right?”

Now was the time for me and now is certainly the time for you.

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  1. This is SOOO true! Jeremy, I am your typical procrastinator and can come up with the best excuses why I “can’t do this today”! But, after following you guys and taking your course (yes, I am still taking it), I have begun my online business.

    The other thing you keep driving home and I think this may be even more important is that, no matter how long it takes, NEVER GIVE UP! I LOVE the phrase you keep hammering home to us: “the only time you fail is when you quit”. I’m the type of person that over analyzes everything and lets life get in the way of becoming more successful. With your continued guidance and support in the Academy, however, I know I will NEVER fail as I will NEVER give up. The fun is in the journey as much as the dream of living life on my own terms. Thanks again, Jeremy & Jason :)

  2. Jeremy,

    Thanks for this article. I just stumbled onto this type of stuff from the Extreme Early Retirement side and am very interested. I am like you, in a corporate job, have kids, a house, and am looking be my own boss. This stuff looks like a great opportunity.

    After reading up on this for the past 3 weeks, I jumped in on my first try. Who knows, and your article was motivating.

  3. Great article. The problem with saying “I’m not going to start my business until ” is that once you have got past that obstacle something else will have inevitably come up.

    It’s surprising how much work you can get done just by devoting 5 hours a week to a project.