Re: Horror story or epic adventure? You be the judge. (and my hardcore response)

I just got two responses to the same email and I want to share them with you.

There is a lot to learn from how people act, since you’ll be dealing with these type of mindsets if you get the guts to start your business too.

One person got the email, signed up, and is winning like a champ.

The other person was looking for an excuse to quit and blame… we’ll, you’ll see.

My comments will follow after each email.

Huge lessons to follow, stick with me.

“I am a big fan of yours! I am in the Freedom Club also. I just started a month ago, and I am in Module 2 Freedom Business Blueprint.

I am emailing you because I think what throws a lot of people off is that you don’t sound the same on your podcast and you write in your daily emails. You write with much stronger language and emotion that you do in your podcasts or Freedom Club content. You are so positive for your customers and I really enjoy being taught by you & Jason.

I just wanted to tell you my opinion! I am very excited to be your student. I look forward to being successful and give you the credit :) You and Jason have done so much for so many. Keep up the great work!!

Have a good day!”

~Ereina A.

—-First off, I love what I do, so you can bet I’ll keep it up! ;)

Congrats on having the courage to push past your fears and sign up.

Also, congrats on having the winning mindset it takes to also get start and get through the first course. I’m a big fan of yours!

To your point about how different I am in these emails compared to the positive, enthusiastic mentor I am in the courses…

Out here, where the people are deciding if they have the courage to start, they need to know I’m real and have what it takes to teach them well.

I have to filter out the Freebie Seeking Trolls, for my sake and yours.

Freebie Seeking Trolls almost never have the guts to go after their dreams, they just want to cause havoc and tear down others.

If they do join, they get in and cause doubt in some of the winners and they ALWAYS ask to cancel and refund.

I have to weed those people out.

It wastes my time and their time to be “nice” to them.

They are never going to make a business work and they just want to take out as many other people as possible.

In the Freedom Club private FB mastermind group, which all members have access too, I post these troll emails so everyone can see I’m the sheriff here to save their winners community.

I take that job very serious, as serious as creating step by step courses that really work.

Case in point, check out the other email I got to the SAME email I sent…

Notice the not so fake “niceness” and condescending attitude.

I’ve gotten a variation of this type of email from time to time over the last 13 years.

Freebie Seeking Trolls are all the same.

“I found you thanks to Pat Flynn, someone you helped, but the styles are so dramatically different. Pat gives his stuff away and doesn’t hide behind anything–because of that I bought into his material–he earned the money sent to him through his transparency. So I was surprised at how different it is here–where he gives so much credit. The vibe I get from IBM is that of a scammy con trying to constantly upsell to me. Make no mistake, I’m not complaining and I’m sure you are doing great with your business, I just don’t trust you enough to buy from you because all you’ve done since I joined the mailing list was try to shove sales opportunities down my throat. Otherwise, I totally agree and respect your business approach of leaving true complainers and whiners in the dust.

I want to trust you to help me with my business ideas…I just can’t with the approach you’re utilizing, but I’m not giving up yet!”


—-Such a dishonest email. Condescending and accusatory and he says he can’t trust me!

This troll was never going to buy, I’ve seen this nonsense a hundred times.

Here was my reply, though it wasn’t really for him, it was for you to learn from.

“After over 13 years working with tens of thousands of beginners, I know one thing about the many emails I get like yours. People are afraid of failure and they want any excuse to give up and blame it on someone else.

Even after all these years it still shocks and surprises me to see…

I was as nice as Pat for years, but it doesn’t help losers not be losers.

Sure being nice attracts more plate lickers, freebie seekers, and trolls, but it doesn’t help losers and they don’t pay the bill because losers are so ‘value exchange bankrupt’ that they can’t see real value if it hits them in the face.

They are losers that don’t know anything about the Value Cycle and my hardcore emails are designed to specifically boot them off my list.

I’m honest even when honesty seems (or is) rude or not “nice”.

If you can’t see the value in that, begone.

There is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every one of my daily emails just for people that not able to see understand value and only want to blame.

If you are tired of freebie-seeking and are ready to make it happen, sign up.

If not, blame me for being rude and tell everyone you know about your delusion of me being scammy, it’ll help scare away other losers.

I help winners ready to win and I scare away freebie seeking snowflakes, that is what I do.”


—-As you can imagine, his true troll nature came out in the reply to my reply.

The best way to make a troll be gone is point out their true motive.

They hate it.

This person wanted me to kiss his ass and beg him to sign up. Had I done it, he would have droned on about still not trusting me all to waste my time.

I’m not falling for this troll trap and I write these emails to make them leave or show themselves to be trolls.

Taking responsibility for you dream of owning a freedom business takes courage to get over the fear of failure. Blaming a mentor before you’ve even tried is cowardly and obvious.

This is why I’m like I am in these emails.

I want winners with the guts to go after their dream to have exactly what they need to succeed.

Having courage should be rewarded and is here:

Jeremy Frandsen
World Leader in Freedom Business Education