Nominate Internet Business Mastery for the Podcast Awards

Podcacast AwardsThe Podcast Awards are accepting nominations in a variety of categores including…business. We figure it’s high time that the #1 internet business and internet marketing podcast be recognized. If you feel that we’re deserving, please do the following to nominate us.

  1. Go to the Podcast Awards site
  2. In the third box down on the left (Business), enter Internet Business Mastery for the name and for the podcast URL.
  3. Fill out podcasts that you want to nominate in other categories
  4. Fill out your details at the bottom and press submit
  5. That’s it. Thanks!


  1. Okay, you’ve got my vote. Good luck, guys!

    Hey, is Jay going to keep updating his podcasting podcast? I always enjoyed listening to that one too. :)

  2. @Lindsay,

    I have some plans in the works. The Academy has just absorbed all of my time as of late. Hoping to have new developments in my podcasting stuff soon.

  3. Happy to vote for something that has helped me so much. Good luck!

  4. @Chris,

    And I’ve been voting for your show. Good luck!

  5. Great Podcast Guys! You have my vote – Always packed full of good internet marketing tips and how to create a lifestyle.

  6. You can count on my vote! What would we all do without you guys?

  7. OK guys. You have my vote. Best of luck from all at