VIDEOblog: Niche Site Income Pt 6: How I Tripled My Income

Last year I started a case study series to show behind the scenes of one of my niche authority sites.

The goal of the series was to give a behind-the-scenes look as I grew a neglected site from less than $100 a month of income to my target of of $2000 or more a month.

As can happen in business, I lost momentum. A number of other life and business things took priority.. But I’m here today to recommit. It’s time to continue. As promised, I still plan to show you every step. Fortunately, before I got distracted I did one thing that tripled the site’s income for the last six months. Watch the short video above to get the inside scoop.

Download the video here

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  1. That’s fantastic. I’d love to start seeing those numbers in my Adsense account.

  2. How many different keywords are being used to pull in that kind of traffic? “How to podcast” has an exact monthly total of 1000 local searches.

  3. Via iPhone 3GS Safari browser with iOS 6.1.3 – When I try to watch the video above, I get ‘YouTube API error’ video not available.

  4. Marc,

    I wonder if that was a temporary issue. It seems to work now. Granted, I am on iPhone 4S.

  5. Excellent Video. Looking forward to watching how things change in the future. I have a couple video blog sites and I really need to ramp up the marketing.