New Details and Photos About Our Web TV Show

GotBiz.TV LogoLast week Sterling and I descended on Salt Lake City (an old stomping ground for both of us) to discuss the upcoming web TV show from Internet Business Mastery. After whirlwind brainstorming and planning we were both exhausted, yet extremely excited for what’s in store.

Since the plans are starting to gel, we wanted to give you a further look into this exciting project.

During the trip Sterling and I finalized things such as the title, format, segments and set design. We’re thrilled to be pursuing a direction that not only makes sense for our brand, but also provides a format that our market wants. That’s not to mention that Sterling is giddy to tap into his editing, entertainment and production experience from his days in Hollywood.

The GotBiz.TV Network

The web TV show (title yet to be revealed) is part of a new network called GotBiz.TV. Here are a few details about the network.

  • Consist of numerous shows from talented business minds in a variety of niches
  • Headed by Andrew Lock (host of Help My Business Sucks) and Justin Taylor (experienced startup manager)
  • The production consultant is Rick Butts (motivational speaker and internet marketing consultant)
  • The Board of Advisors includes names such Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3 (who bring you shows such as DiggNation) and Mike Koenigs, founder of Traffic Geyser.

The Show

As you can see, that’s a great team to be associated with. So what about the show itself? Here’s what we can tell you so far.

  • You’ll get to (and had better!) watch a new episode each and every week
  • Each episode will clock in at around ten minutes
  • This will not merely be talking heads and screencasts, but a rather hard-hitting information melded with a mix of entertainment that will melt your mind
  • We’ll be flying to Salt Lake City regularly to record episodes
  • In a poetic and cosmic stroke of justice, the show (which is about escaping the 9-to-5 with an internet business) will be filmed just a few blocks from where I used to slave away in a cubicle as an engineer
  • The first episodes are scheduled to be filmed at the end of February, probably right after the Yanik Underground Seminar
  • The premier should be up March

The Photos

Now how about a few pics. These are the first ever photos taken of the new studio as it’s being constructed.

Web Show Studio

From L to R: Jay, Sterling, Andrew Lock and Justin Taylor

Web Show Studio

The editing bay is behind me. The sets will be against
the wall on the right in the background.

Web Show Studio

Sterling let’s the would-be power and fame go to his head. He had to yell at the staff and
make ridiculous demands. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), no one paid
much attention to the budding diva.

Web Show Studio

Andrew Lock orders the bigger dressing rooms and
flat screen TVs that we demanded.
What else would you like to know about the new web TV show?


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  4. Very exciting. Hope some of those learning experiences are addressed in the IBMA materials.

  5. Guys — this is very exciting. I cannot wait! Let me know if I can do anything to help.

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