MUST HAVE: Holiday Travel Podcast List

presentsThe holiday season is upon us and for some that means LOT’S of travel to be with loved ones.  Lot’s of riding in cabs and vans to the airport.  Lot’s of standing in lines to check bags or be groped by the TSA.  Lot’s of avoiding bad airplane movies and hours of listening to coughing and babies on a plane.  Lot’s of driving from this and that holiday event.  Maybe even simply traveling to a vacation spot to suck in some rays and lounge on the beach.

No matter what the reason, we want to give you something to do in during those times of possible dazed misery and boredom.

It’s the Holiday Travel Podcast list!

Here are a few of our most popular episodes from 2012.  Catch up on these episodes that you might have missed, or check them out for the first time. Also, we make great travel companions.

  1. 5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find the Right Internet Business Model for You
  2. How to Overcome Fears that Hold You Back in Business
  3. How to Choose the Ideal Product to Sell Online
  4. Summer Marketing Mashup: Traffic Extravaganza
  5. Internet Business Success Story with Ashish Goyal

There are some of the most popular episodes, but you could always just download the last 20 and be set till the end of the year!

But, if you need a break, from the wonderful ramblings of Jeremy and Jason, we are adding a list of OTHER podcast that we are currently listening to.  We are going to link directly to an episode or simply the website of the show, but you can also search for the name of the show in iTunes and download to your hearts content.

Jeremy’s Podcast List:


Freedomain Radio: This podcast points out that it’s; “The largest philosophical discussion in the world” and with over 40 million downloads!  He has a bunch of free books (I’ve read them all) and over 2000 podcast episodes!  I may have listen to nearly all of them over the last 5 years!  I may not agree with everything Stef says but he always makes me think and keeps me fascinated.  Other then simply recommending this podcast, I’d also like to say that I enjoy it enough to actually donate to the show.  I’ve found so much value in the show I donate, tell everyone I meet about it, and I’ve even made CD’s of his show to give to my older family members.  Nope, they wouldn’t know how to use and ipod if you paid them a million bucks.

WARNING: He talks about some very hard-core things like politics, religion, and parenting so if you are easily offended, you might want to listen twice ;)

Latest in Paleo: Great show about the in’s and out’s of the Paleo Lifestyle including current scientific studies and where the media and world is on health.  I’ve listened to every episode and I’ve enjoyed it enough to even donate.

Never Not Funny:  When I need a break from business, philosophy, and health I turn to laughs.  It’s usually R rated, but not in the college humor sort of way.  I like it enough that I buy their season passes whenever I’m in the mood for humor.

Jason’s Podcast List:

Jason decided to go with specific episodes, here is his list:


Lifstyle Business Podcast #98 – 8 Lesser Recognized Forms of the Resistance

The resistance is the procrastination, distraction and fear that hold us back from doing what we were meant to do. In this episode, Dan and Ian help us identify forms of the resistance that might be holding us back.

Entrepreneurs Journey – Interview with Adam Baker: Adam Baker is an amazing person with an amazing story. He sold everything he owned, quit his job and moved his family to the other side of the world to pursue their dreams.  The resistance is the procrastination, distraction and fear that hold us back from doing what we were meant to do. In this episode, Dan and Ian help us identify forms of the resistance that might be holding you back.

Entrepreneur On Fire #10: This is an interview with me. While that may sound self-serving, this was a conversation that I thoroughly enjoyed with John Dumas. He asked fantastic questions and we talked about some really meaty stuff.

What’s on YOUR list?

What podcasts you going to be packing your MP3 player with?


How to Choose the Ideal Product to Sell Online


  1. Thanks guys! Great list, going to go make a few new subscriptions based on it….

  2. Jeremy —

    Thanks so much for the nod to Latest in Paleo! Happy new year!

  3. You are very welcome! Your podcast was very much part of my weight loss and you deserve the mentions and the donation! Though, I haven’t donated since episode 55, I’ll for sure get on that!

    I hope you have a great year and let me know if there is anything I can do to help your show!

    • Cool. If I think of anything, I’ll let you know. And, ditto – let me know if you’d like to chat sometime about anything. Congrats on your weight loss and many thanks for supporting the show!