Are You Missing Out on Facebook Traffic?

Are you thinking about investing in Facebook for your internet business?

Are you wondering if it’s worth your time?

Well, I think I can help you out.

Soon after joining Facebook in 2005, I started a non-profit organization and I’ve been building audiences using this platform ever since. I can’t imagine not using Facebook to get traffic.

It’s Time to Get Started

I’m here to help you get your business started on Facebook. The first post in this series will focus on the fact that you MUST be on Facebook as an online business.

I don’t mean to say that you should forget about everything that Sterling and Jay have taught you. No, don’t trade your blog in for a Facebook page. Don’t trade your email list in for Facebook ‘likes.’   That is the last thing you should do!

Rather, Facebook is a powerful traffic generation tool that has the potential to blow other traffic sources out of the water!

In fact, since December, I’ve managed to build an email list of… let me check the current total… 2,788 email subscribers primarily using traffic from Facebook!

How is this possible? Isn’t Facebook just a bunch of teenage kids playing Farmville all day? What use is that?

Well, I’m not saying that you MUST be on Facebook just because it’s popular to say right now. I’ve been saying it and doing it for years! I say it because it’s true. You too can get traffic on Facebook for your business.

The United States of Facebook

Imagine if Facebook were a country. That’s right, what if you took all of the people on Facebook and made them into a country?

I know it’s crazy, but if you did this it would be the 3rd largest country in the world! That’s right, China, then India, then Facebook, then the USA.

The ‘United States of Facebook’ has 500 million users, that’s about 200 million more people than the entire population of the United States!

Not only is Facebook really, really big, but check out these stats:

  1. 48% of 18-34 year-old users check their profile when they wake up!
  2. 28% check it before even getting out of bed!
  3. 72% of US internet users are now on Facebook

With smart phones becoming more widely used, you’re going to see all of these percentages increase over the next few years.

How would you like your brand to be the first thing that people see in the morning?

Yep, that’s gold.

But what’s even more important is that more than 7 out of 10 internet users are on Facebook… That’s HUGE! It means that you should be able to find an ample number of people in your niche right on Facebook.

Could it be conceivable that there exists a niche that is not on Facebook? Yes.

If such a niche does exist, the customers that you want to reach are probably not even on the internet!

But What About Twitter, You Say?

“But everyone is always talking about how great Twitter is! Why waste my time with Facebook?”

Hold your horses! I’ll talk about Twitter v.s. Facebook in another post, but for now, let’s just take a moment to realize that Facebook is 5 times larger than Twitter!

Don’t let let all the Twitter talk seduce you into thinking that Facebook isn’t worth your time. It is.

Get Your Face-Time With Potential Leads

In business, one of the best things you can do is have more face-time with potential customers.

More face-time means more chances to build the relationship. It means more chances to bring them into the community, gain trust and eventually obtain a loyal customer. Very important stuff, right?

Well, Facebook allows you to get pretty amazing amounts of face-time with your customers. That’s because people spend more time on Facebook than any other website.

Your customers are checking it in the morning with their coffee. They are checking it on their android while waiting in line at the supermarket. They are checking it on their iPad as they watch TV on the couch. In other words, there are huge opportunities to get some Facebook face-time.

Face-time is what you turn into traffic. Traffic is what you turn into leads. Leads are what you turn into money.

The Power of Facebook: Use it Wisely

There are ways to use Facebook for your business that will help it grow. There are ways to use Facebook that will do nothing but waste your time.

The important thing here is to be sure you have the fundamentals of internet business down.

Why is that?

As I mentioned, the real power of Facebook is the traffic. Your online business can get serious, targeted traffic from this powerful platform if you do things right.

Unless you have the basics of internet business down, you won’t be able to convert that traffic to anything useful.

So, that’s your first step to success on Facebook.

(By the way, a great place to do that is in the Internet Business Mastery Academy. I’m a member, you should join too.)

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J.P. Deddens is a successful online and social entrepreneur. He learned entrepreneurship, marketing and copywriting while building a successful non-profit starting from nothing. When he’s not saving the world, he’s teaching others how to get traffic from Facebook.


  1. Jay and Sterling

    Brad here. Long time listener and advocate of IBM ! My IPod is going every day with your podcasts as far back as number 56.

    Really appreciated your post on the changes in Facebook. IBM has always been a leader – and continues to prove it will be around for a long time to come.

    We just read that Amazon is supporting a central approach to taxes. We wrote a post [] that we though might be of interest to you.

    Can not tell you enough – keep the pod casts coming – they are the life blood of the industry in my opinion.

    All the best – Cheers !

  2. Hi,

    I’m a little disappointed in this post. I thought it would have some meat behind it.

    J.P, I understand you want to get traffic to your site to help build a list but you aren’t really giving me any indication that you are a trusted advisor.

    Give us something actionable today that shows me you know what you are doing.


    • Hey Joe,

      Thanks for your comment!

      I’m sorry to disappoint. I’ll be doing some posts that have more meat in them down the road.

      I find that people often need some convincing when it comes to investing time into Facebook. So, the point of this post was to show people that they are probably missing out.

      In the future I’ll be talking about what specific actions to take to get more traffic.

      Anything in particular that you’re looking for?