3 Reasons to Turn Your Desire into Action Now


Over the last eight years I’ve had a lot of great business advice from some fantastically successful people. They have been very kind to offer me the gift of their insight which has lead to having an extremely helpful and fulfilling membership site and a fantastically fulfilling coaching system, both I’m intensely passionate about.

Strangely, the one piece of advice I get all the time from these very well meaning mentors and friends is NOT to work with business beginners! They say the real money is from people that have already gotten through the mindset challenges and have a thriving business.

These intermediate/advanced student will know the value of what you teach and will not be bogged down with the worry of “am I good enough to succeed”, or “will anyone care about the value I create”, and all the negative mindsets that plague most beginning entrepreneurs and cause them to quit, hence, no more money for the coach teaching them!

I know they mean well and are trying to help me avoid pain and even failure, but I’m surprised they never asked my what I wanted!

My Single Motivating Purpose is to inspire purpose-driven action that leads to freedom, fulfillment, and happiness. My affinity is to the person with the spark or desire to create value in the world and the hope of they can make a change by helping an audience THEY have an affinity for.

I know that desire is their ticket to a thriving business, it is the admission ticket to come in and play. I also know my job is to fan that flame of desire into purpose-driven action.

Here is just a couple reasons why I’ve dedicated my life to internet business mastery and the beginner community we attract and why I think anyone with a desire should start a freedom business:


The rate of scientific advancement is no longer simply doubling, the growth is exponential. I do quite a bit of study in the area of anti-aging and transhumanism and what the top minds are driving towards is longer life.

A MUCH longer life.

In fact, many of the scientist in this field have the goal of: Live Long Enough to Live Forever.

Will forever happen?

I certainly hope so, but who knows?

For now it’s important to understand how the aging process is being altered and how that is destroying status quo concepts like retirement.

The goal of these scientists is not having a longer life with age related illnesses and sickness, but a much longer life with vibrant health.

What this means is there has to be a new paradigm. There is not going to be the old status quo that you work 40 years then you retire.

Right now the basic paradigm is school till your mid 20’s, then 40 years of work, then retire around your mid 60’s, then you die within the next 10 or so years. This paradigm is already showing to be outdated.

We are living longer.

My great grandma was 93 when she died not long ago and she lasted that long with very little health education and access to great health care, as she was quite poor. She was actually physically fit till the last couple of years, so that would be a good 90 years. She easily went a good 10+ years past the typical human expiration date, which is just over 77 here in the U.S.

Imagine what our end is going to look like with the exponential growth that medical science is going through. We could be living well into our 100’s and beyond with more freedom of vitality and health.

Imagine living to 187 with vibrant health, but not having a freedom business that allows you to follow your purpose? Not only that, what if you think your going to retire at 65 and you try to live with your retirement money well into your late 90’s, how would that money last so long?


This means we have to get out of the old paradigm and not be caught with the others that didn’t understand this shift. A purpose-driven freedom business is just the thing to drive to wealth that doesn’t end after 40 years of cultivation and years before your expiration date.


Here is what I mean by Fulfillment; a sense of well-being and satisfaction with your life. One of the ways we suggest doing this is by developing self-knowledge.

Doing this gets rid of the need to retire.

Why Retire?

There would be no need to retire from your single motivating purpose, why would you? That would be like saying, I’ve had enough happiness, I’m full. I don’t need any more happiness… I cannot image that ever happening.

I can see retiring from something you don’t enjoy or even HATE, but that couldn’t be the case from something you gain great fulfillment and happiness from. Again, this retirement concept is from an old, status quo concept.

Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation is doing something because you have a personal interest in learning and enjoyment in the subject itself. Basing your life’s work on your SMP and intrinsic motivation would destroy the need to one day stop your freedom business.

These are the anti-status quo concepts I live by. If purpose and intrinsic motivation are what your freedom business and daily life is built on, there would be no reason to retire and end it.


You may not have realized this, but the world is waiting for you. There are a group of people just waiting for you to help them change their life. Doesn’t matter what category of life or market we are talking about. This group is just waiting for your take on the subject that comes from your single motivating purpose and bring it to life for them. The subject may help them with an intense pain they have or make them even more excited to be alive, either way, they are waiting.

This is the group that is going to assist you in gaining freedom once you help them. This is the magic of the VALUE CYCLE. Your contribution to the world will not only help the audience you care about, but it will also show others how to live a life of freedom, fulfillment and happiness. The perfect business interaction.

So, there are just a couple reasons I knew I had to create a freedom business.

Now I have a question for you.

Why MUST you create a purpose-based freedom business?

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  1. Jeremy –

    Great post. I’m glad you are committed to us beginners as well! And I look forward to the day that my freedom business income surpasses my j-o-b income!

  2. Hi, I’m Serge and I’m a workaholic (lol), so I totally agree with these 3 points (especially the fulfillment portion):)

    I’ve been one of the few lucky that has managed to make a living online, and instead of kicking back and relaxing off of my income, I’ve turned my profit (anything left over after bills) into a new venture that’s already helping thousands of people. and that’s BEFORE I’ve even launched the company :)

  3. Jeremy,

    Thanks for sticking by the n00bs! My family and I are working towards a purpose-driven life and need all the wisdom we can get!

    You guys are a blessing to so many! Thanks again!