Listener Question: How will the FTC Guidelines Affect the Use of Success Story Interviews?

iStock_000010873638XSmallThis morning I got the following great question on Facebook from a listener. I decided to include it here on the blog since it is the kind of question that you might have about your content as well.


Hey Jay! I am just starting off as a member of Internet Business Mastery Academy, and I was on the Jeff Walker webinar last night. It was awesome! I signed up for the early notification about Product Launch Formula 2.0, and I received a lot of content from his sideways sales letter : )

He mentioned a lot about the new FTC regulations and how that is preventing him from keeping up a lot of his case studies, which are more or less people who have successfully used his system and in what niche.

Will this prevent IBMA and the podcast from having the amazing cubical escape stories? I really enjoy them, and I know a lot of us listeners would hate to see it be a casualty of these new regulations. I was curious about it, and I thought I’d ask.



David, thanks for sending this question in. We’ll continue doing the Cubicle Escape / Success Story interviews. We just have to be careful about having them talk about “results” that may or may not be typical.

For example, if they said that after following the Academy they were making $8000 a month, we would have to probably edit that statement out.

The guidelines say that you can’t share results without specifying what the “typical” results are for your product. The problem is that they are very vague about how “typical results” should be measured and portrayed.

The typical results for people that actually put our program into action is that it works. The level of income that it generates and at what rate depends on a vast number of variables.

We also know that there are people that sign up for the Academy and sadly never really put it into action. So does the FTC expect us to factor that in when sharing stories from customers?

The guidelines are very vague about how “typical results” should be measured and portrayed. Each marketer has to decide what they are comfortable with sharing.

Here’s the great news, though. For those that implement a system of relationship building through content marketing, you’ll do fine without results-based testimonials. The influence builds when you attract a loyal community — like we teach it in the Academy — is incredibly powerful. People will be happy to buy from you because they know, like and trust what you do.

In any case, there’s no need to worry. The Cubcle Escape Stories are here to stay!

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  1. Thanks for that explanation. I was wondering that myself-and I also very much enjoy the Cubicle Escapes!

  2. I have a product to launch and have purchased many courses on everything from PPC marketing to the right landing pages. However, everything I have learned has been good info, there is no mention as to how you deliver your product once someone buys it.

    My first thought is thru membership, user name password protected. I do not know the right way to do this, any help?

  3. Soerry didn’t add my web address…