Lifestyle Design Video Contest Winner

A few episodes ago we put a challenge out to the community to come up with a video that talked about the lifestyle that you were designing to acheive with internet business. Ron Davis is the winner of the Omaha Steaks. You can watch his video below.

Internet Business Mastery Contest Entry from Ron Davis on Vimeo.

Ron is also a member charter member from day one of the Internet Business Mastery. You can find him online here:

Thanks, Ron, for the great video!


  1. What an inspiration. I have lived in San Diego now for 4 years now and I have had 5 different jobs. I was working in a very unstable but profitable vertical market that no longer exists. IBM has forced me to look at my passion and create my business around what I love to due instead of going to a job and having a little bit of fun on the weekend. I am beginning to see that it have been my thinking that has caused me to have limited success in the past. I see now how important a resource like IBM can be in transforming my thinking and my business.

  2. Congratulations, Ron.

    Now I’m glad I didn’t enter. Who can compete with pictures of scantily clad women? Especially when the “judges” are male? ;)

    Now, when are you inviting us all over to help you enjoy those steaks?

  3. Ahem. Are you saying that Ron is not an attractive enough guy to win on his own merit ;)?

  4. Awesome video, Ron. You deserved the win for sure!!!

    Lindsay, you and I should have teamed up – I bet two gals gettin’ dirty in the garden would have given his scantily clad ladies a run for their money!

  5. So, what do you finally say about Ron?

  6. joeshays says:

    Ron’s motion graphics were great. But by featuring a glamour photographer and gun-toting devotee you are taking PC risks with, say, married women or pacifists or vegans, all of whom could benefit from internet business mastery and be potential academy members. Though Lindsey and Gen have a great sense of humor about it, their responses speak for themselves. The scantily clad ladies in the video came on stronger than the basic message. I’m afraid others will not have a sense of humor.
    I have learned the hard way not to let sexual innuendo and guns talk into my marketing. But then again, I work in New York City, a fairly thick skinned place, unless you are objectifiying women and promoting the NRA. Then NYC can be fairly fascist.

    In short, not being a woman or a pacifist myself, I didn’t mind. But I AM a marketer and I respect my potential client’s sensiblities as per my offering, expecially when the whole world comes knocking via the internet.

    Just my first blush…