Laying It All Out

iStock_000005733314XSmallIn this article, I’m going to lay out
exactly how we make most of our money online.

Here are the three things that make us the
most money on the Internet.

FIRST is our membership site, the Academy.

SECOND is our group coaching courses.

THIRD we earn commissions from recommending
and selling products and services as an

But just knowing the revenue streams is
not enough to mimic this profit model.

We apply this simple formula to actually
bring in the cash.

C + C + C = $$$

Lots a lot of C’s!

Here’s how it breaks down.


The first C is a COMMUNITY of loyal customers
that look to you as a trusted advisor.

Our business magnetically and continually
attracts people to our community by offering
stellar free content through our show,
Internet Business Mastery.

Through the content they come to see us as
trusted advisors because we offer great value.



Channel is the way you communicate with
your audience to build trust and get them to
take action (buy).

The most effective channel for making money
online is an e-mail list.

The show attracts people to our community,
but it’s the e-mail list that gets people
to click and buy.

So the primary goal of your content should
be to get people on your e-mail list.


The third C is CALL TO ACTION.

Once you build influence, your community
will be ready to take action (buy).

The most effective way to get people to take
action and buy is using a launch sequence.

We learned this from Jeff Walker. He just
released a video answering the biggest
questions about launch sequences.

Watch it here now

Launch sequences are a powerful way to make
as much money in one week as you might
have made in one year otherwise.

So here’s the formula that you can put into
action today.

Community + Channel + Call to Action = $$$

Definitely check out the video from Jeff.
It’s worth submitting your e-mail to get

He’s very candid and gives some shocking
insights into product launches.

Watch it here now

At the end of the video, Jeff talks a bit
about his upcoming Product Launch Formula course…
and some of the REALLY new stuff in it.

We’ve taken the course several times and the ROI
has been huge.

Here’s the link again.

Watch it here now