Jason and Pat Flynn Take Chicago

Last weekend I flew to Chicago to speak at Internet Prophets Live. Pat Flynn was also on the docket, so we decided to do a joint meetup for Smart Passive Income and Internet Business Mastery followers. We treated 55 friends to yummy deep dish, Chicago-style pizza.

The best part of the entire weekend was meeting so many amazing people with incredible aspirations and ideas. I even met someone that has a business connecting new entrepreneurs in third-world countries with goats to give them a sustainable living. Inspiring stuff!

Here’s a video excerpt of my presentation.


Here are a sampling of photos from the weekend’s events. Thanks to all those that made it out.












  1. Jason,
    I was at the meetup and the event. Great presentation and thanks for the great dinner! Great content as usual. It was nice to meet a lot of other similar people that listen to your and Pat’s podcasts.

    • Mike, it was great to meet you in addition to meeting Pat and Jason. You’ve got quite an incredible story! I’m proud to be associated with you and others who attended.

    • Hi Mike,

      I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to chat more. Hopefully we will soon. Thanks for coming out.

      • Yea, hopefully we’ll get a chance to chat more in the future. I’ll be going to more events so hopefully sooner than later!

  2. Nice work Jason! I like seeing you on stage. Not sure why. But Well spoken. Hope it was a blast! One day I will make it to a conference. Hey, if you’re ever in Orlando, get in touch with me. I’d be happy to show you a great place to eat and a little bit of WDW.

    • Will do, John.

      I love being on stage. Maybe it’s left over from my days performing as a musician.

      It’s also just really fulfilling to connect with people in person.

  3. Jason, if you go to my latest blog post, you’ll see my ringing endorsement of the Internet Business Mastery academy. I’ve been following you a couple of years, and to see you as the real deal of integrity and passion in person has made me a true fan for life!

  4. That conference changed the trajectory of my life. That seems over the top, but only time will tell. I plan on proving the above sentence an understatement. Jason and Pat are Alchemists, and I was lucky to to learn from them over the weekend. The access you guys gave us at the meet up is unprecedented. A true reflection of how much your truly value your list and who is on it. I didn’t see any other speakers at that conference offering a meet up. I have formed a mastermind group from the people I met there this weekend and we will all help each other find our Personal Legend. Thanks again Jason.

    • “Personal Legend.” Love it!

      I’m so glad to hear that the experiences and conversations you had were so beneficial. That’s awesome that you have a mastermind.

      Travis, you are headed for great things. I’m glad we got to meet in person.

  5. I was at the meetup and the event as well. This was my first internet marketing conference and meetup. I had a wonderful time, learned a lot and I would like to thank you for listening and giving me some valuable tips.

    I agree with Steve, You and Pat are both the real deal.

  6. Jason, thanks again for presenting at Internet Prophets LIVE! I am honored and humbled you chose to do so. Keep up the amazing work.


  7. Chris Murphy says:

    I was traveling (on business) to Erie PA, and actually did a Google Map search to see how long it would take to drive over just for the meet up. Even though it was a 7 hour drive I still considered it! That’s how much the IBM and SPI communities mean to me.

    Jason and Jeremy, thanks for all you do.

  8. Thanks for all the valuable information you and Pat shared at Internet Prophets Live! I am so glad I was there.

    So which photo “reveals my simple test for how to know when you are ready to be an expert online” ??

    • Hi Patricia,

      Glad you enjoyed the info at the conference.

      There is a simple two-step process that tells you if you are ready to tell your story and impact the lives of others as a “person of influence.”

      The first step is shown in the image at the top of the post. You take the two fingers of your right hand and place them on your left wrist. Do you feel a pulse? If so, you passed step #1. :)

      This is a fun way to make the point that we are all able to step up and embrace that expert status. People are waiting for us to change their lives. Our own story will do that. No one has your story. Share it!

      Step 2 I will share in an upcoming blog post.

  9. Hi Jayson,
    That was a really good presentation, I hope that one day i will be that comfortable in front of an audience. Did you have a coach teach you how to give presentations?

    • Hi Ryan,

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ve learned to present by watching others and practicing a lot. I think I picked some things up from watching my dad who is an educator as well.

  10. Jason,

    You da man!
    – The presentation was full of great info – I was taking notes feverishly
    – the Meetup was surreal – connecting with you, Pat, and other like-minded InfoPreneurs was awesome
    – and getting the one-on-one time with you in the halls of the event, priceless. Connecting with you and other great speakers there reminded me how real and focused you are, and how I can be that too.

    Best, and looking forward to being one of your success stories in the near future!


  11. Pat is never in San Diego these days he travels so much :0