It’s Starting To Get Crowded In Here

Academy IconThanks for all the great comments and questions!

There’s been a lot of buzz about the two previous posts about the Internet Business Mastery Academy.

And we can’t believe the flood of people who want to be on the Early Notification list when we kick off the official pre-launch next week.

With the number of people who are asking to know about the Academy the moment it’s open, it looks like there will be about five eager entrepreneurs for every one available spot.

“What’s up with that, Sterling and Jay! Why are you limiting spots?”

See, we can read your minds!

We won’t actually be limiting the number of people who can join the Internet Business Mastery Academy.

But we will be limiting the number of special discounted memberships.

And these discounts will be good for life.

We’re not like the cable company that gives you the sweet “intro” deal and then jacks it up sky-high.

If you’re lucky enough to sneak in and grab your discounted membership before they’re gone, you’ll never ever have to pay full rate.

So if you haven’t jumped on to the Early Notification list yet, you need to do it fast.

Just go right here.

More soon…


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