Why Indiana Jones is your true spirit animal

A few days ago I had a nostalgic urge. I realized it’s been YEARS since I had watch any of the Indiana Jones movies, so I decided to start at the beginning and watch all 4..

As you may remember, the first movie is fantastic. Even now, it’s very cool. The last 10 minutes is a little rough due to 30+ year old special effects, but overall it still stands up.

If you decide to rewatch them, here’s a quick tip: skip the second movie as it barely counts as an Indiana Jones movie, ugh, bad. Third is back to the winning formula and totally worth a trip down memory lane. If you’re bored, you could watch the 4th movie, it was “meh”. Aliens, ninja’s, and hookers in limos? Come on…

I remember really enjoying the character of Indiana Jones as a kid. I really liked the idea of a smart action hero.

He is like a book nerd James Bond. I dig it.

As I watched these movies as a grown adult who helps other grown adults go for their dreams of freedom, I saw a pattern within the movies that seemed to connect with your journey.

Indiana Jones is a smart guy. He loves to gather information.

Smart people love to do this.

He also takes action on that info.

He knows his avatar well, it’s the university (and museum) that he works for. They want ancient treasures to be able to study and put on display for all to enjoy.

He learns all about the specific treasure he is going for.

He heads out on an adventure to collect those treasures.

He has competitors trying to stop him, so they can get the treasure first. Their goal is to get the treasure for their own riches.

He has other scholars he tries to learn from, but some don’t really know what they are talking about and some are just liars that actually work for his competitor and are trying to feed him false information.

They actually do everything they can to get in his way.

He goes through trials and setbacks, but he believes in his mission and he never quits.


He finally gets the treasure and brings it back for others to enjoy and learn from. He doesn’t just keep it for himself, like his competitor would.

He is strong and he commits to his mission.

He is the movie equivalent of you.

Sure, you have less secret passage ways, boobie traps, spider web laden caves, gun wielding Nazi’s, and super natural arks in your future, but a noble adventure all the same.

I’m the guide that can give you the knowledge you need to skip the traps, know the exact steps to achieve your goals, bypass all the wasted time, and get the golden statue of Belahha (yah, this last one is not included, I got a bit carried away) by joining the Freedom Club now.

Let the adventure begin!

Jeremy Frandsen
World Leader in Freedom Business Education.