IBM 99| How to Fail at Online Business in 3 Easy Steps

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we reveal How to Fail at Online Business in 3 Easy Steps.  And in the Quick Tip, we share a book about achieving outstanding performance and fulfillment in life and business.

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  1. Great episode guys. Top notch as always. I so look forward to every new episode. Keep it up…

  2. Thanks, I really needed this. It is July 10 and I’m sitting in a empty classroom. I organized a GED Boot Camp (an intensive GED Preparation class) over the internet, using my email list and an eventbrite, and only one person showed up in person and no one showed up online. I gave her the help she needed and she left. Your post gave me more perspective on my “failure.” Thanks.

    • I’m very glad it was useful. Yeah, the great thing about what happened to you is it is very useful info. Now you can go back and see why it didn’t have the outcome you want and either try it again with the fixes or try another market!

    • Damon,

      I wonder what the one person that showed up would say about the success of the experience.

      Point being, I’m sure there is some impact on her life and fulfillment of your purpose that is worth celebrating as well.

  3. Great discussion J&S. On “fear,” is it fear of failure that stops us in our tracks, or is it fear of loss?

    Personally, after much self-discovery, fear of loss stops me more than fear of failure. I don’t mind failing (well, I hate it, but it doesn’t stop me from taking action). However, fear of LOSS often paralyses me: loss of time, money, energy, etc.

    On the 3 ways to fail in business; all three point to one thing – inability to make a decision. If we DECIDE to start and be successful with an internet business, we won’t fail in the end. The saying “if we have a why, we find a how” comes to mind. But, we must first DECIDE. This applies to everything in life, but is especially important in avoiding failure in business.

    Great show guys!!!


    • I think it could be many different types of fear, including fear OF success!

      Yeah, decide and TAKE ACTION!

    • Tom,

      Profound point. You’re totally right that fear of loss is a big stumbling block.

      I know that I’ve let that hold me back all the time. The biggest thing that gets me down is a real or perceived loss of freedom.

      Unfortunately, I think a lot of people are afraid of any loss of comfort. Personally, I’m willing to sacrifice comfort for awhile to earn higher levels of freedom later.

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  5. Trevor says:

    Hey guys. I enjoyed the “mindset” stuff on this episode. I think that is what first attracted me to your brand.

    Do you guys have any tips on how podcasters can find advertisers/sponsors for their show?

    Keep up the good work

  6. Great episode, waiting for the next one

  7. This is a very helpful post. I agree with Tom W. We must first decide to let go of the fears we have — both in life and in internet business.