IBM 96| Answers to Common Traffic Attraction Questions for Your Online Business

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we continue the discussion from our last two episodes by answering common questions about magnetic media and traffic attraction for your online business.  And in the quick tip, we share a book about discovering your unique ability and creating the life that you want.

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  1. Please let us know if you have any other questions, we can answer them right here!

    • I just bought 2 domains last week with them and no problem. I’m sorry you have had this issue, services can mess up some time, for sure. I have over 100 domains with them and never had any issues, so you must have caught them on a bad day, not sure…

  2. Thank you Jay & Sterling! You both inspired me more than ever to have my own podcast which has been a dream for me being extremely passionate with personal development. I feel the fear but I will do it anyways even if it’s just myself listening when I start. I don’t have the perfect voice or speaking abilities yet with practice, I will get better. If I can make my teen & adult ADHD/ADD patients & colleagues (LOL) listen to me, means I have a good chance of reaching and helping others. I speak & write from my heart.

    Thank you! This takes dedication and committment, I will do it!

    Have an awesome weekend! You guys rock!!!

    Keep you guys updated!

    PS: Sterling there’s laid back/SD style wine shows out there:-) We hear what you mean.

    • Thank you so much for the comment, but you forgot to put a link to your show! Is it the It sounds like it is a different show…?

      • Happy weekend Sterling! Yes Scott and I have been so busy generating content and making the site look better and functional that we’re now at a point to market it more.

        Thanks to Jay for suggesting Snowball mic, I ordered it today. I’m excited to podcast.

        Thank you Sterling & Jay for living it!

        Have an awesome day!

        • Just checked out the site, looks good! One thing I would suggest, if I may, is that the tag line needs to address they prospects WIIFM issues. What’s In It For ME! They want to know what you are going to do for THEM. Like, look at ours at the top, our tag is all about the prospect coming to our site. You want them to know in the first 10 seconds what you are going to do for them and why they should spend any time with you.

  3. Another great show guys. Great content following on from the last to amazing episodes.

  4. Enjoyed the episode and your questions on “magnetic content” – I could not agree more that great content is the best way to attract traffic.

    I was wondering while listening today – what kind of microphone you are using now? Heil PR-40?

  5. Hi guys.
    I have just listened to the latest podcast again for what is now about the fifth time this week, as usual while I’m walking to and from work.
    I have a question which I hope you can clear up for me.

    In this episode you talk about magnetic media and ways to re purpose it.

    You give an example of how, if we are not confident about making a podcast with the usual chit chat we can always type an article or blog and turn that into the podcast.

    My question is regarding that. If I released a podcast which was just me reading a blog post or article would iTunes be ok with that. Sure I would add an introduction and an ending but are you saying its ok to just do that as an episode and iTunes will let you release it?

    I have no idea how much control or say iTunes has over the content of a podcast but would appreciate if you could clear this point up for me.

    Maybe this could even be an idea for a future podcast for internet business mastery.

    I love the whole idea of re purposing media and am very excited by your newest podcast episodes. Your free content has been of more help to me over the last few years than ANY of the paid information I have received from other so called guru’s.

    Keep up the fantastic work and thank you again.


    • Tony,

      You would have no problems with iTunes. As long as you have a feed that you update regularly with great content, it doesn’t matter if it came from a blog post first

  6. Hi guys,

    Well I just wanted to say thanks once again for the inspirational and educational content.

    Directly because of you both we now have 6 episodes of our podcast live on i-Tunes.

    Yep, still making mistakes, but learning all the time. Your constant message of ‘taking action’ just keeps coming back to me each time I think I am reaching a brick wall.

    Thanks for the education!

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for sharing this. It’s really fulfilling to hear these kinds of things. That is why we do it!

      Congrats on the progress with your own show. Please keep us in the loop on your continued success.

    • Great comment, thank you! We liked it so much that you should listen closely to the episodes, you might hear something about it…

      • I’ll be listening!

        I tune into every episode – it keeps my sane during the morning rush hour traffic . . . and thanks for the response, really appreciated.


  7. excellent post once again guys really like hearing you guys talk. Always full of knowledge and passion. I want to join your IBM so bad but I can’t afford it yet.

  8. When I started podcasting I basically copied your format not intentionally but I think your episodes were so drilled in to my head that was what naturally came out of me. I’m loving your new episodes about magnetic media marketing. So many great opportunities have come my way since I started following your approach to information businesses have to say a heartfelt thanks for putting yourselves out there. I just finally got my mailing list opt-in stuff all set up and got a few hundreds of opt-ins (5 away from 1000 total subscribers, you guys want to be 2?). I gotta say the biggest thing for me has been to just sticking to it. I think it takes a long time to build trust and you guys certainly have mine… from keeping me company on a 2 hour commute as an overworked employee to hanging out on tropical islands running my businesses remotely. You guys played a big role in that….. by the way Sterling, I’m pretty sure I’ve got the same 40 dollar Logitech and it works great :)

    To your readers here’s the private link to the opt-in bait that’s been getting people on my aweber mailing list:

    I talked about my top 10 favorite “game changing” business books, some I got form you guys (Like Dan Kennedy)….

    Cheers from the Philippines (ahem, that was you too:)

  9. I believe website owners tend to place too much emphasis on traffic to their site I find that my sites to better overall if I can acquire targeted traffic after all does me no good to get somebody that’s looking for widgets when I sell ceiling fans