IBM 93 | Fundamental Building Blocks for Achieving Success in Internet Business, Pt 2

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we continue our discussion about the Fundamental Building Blocks for Achieving Success in Internet Business, Pt 2.  And in the quick tip, a book for anyone that wants to have the power to change anything.

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  1. Hey there,

    This month I will forming the habit of devoting 3 hours a day to traffic driving. Whether that is twitter, facebook, directory submission or e-mailing or something else… I will be doing it! In fact, I will start right now by giving you an opportunity to visit my site, Spine Care Fitness : )

    I am in the middle of the Six Pillars of Self Esteem. This is the third of your recommended books that I have read. So far it is very academic in its presentation, but very insightful.

    Awesome podcast… and I cant wait to see what’s next! Thank you Sterling and Jay!


    • Sounds great!

      I love your logo BTW…

      3 hours a day on traffic is AWESOME, check back with us and let us know what worked best! Maybe we could do a recording of a Q&A of it for the academy!

      • Thank you : ) I kinda like my logo too!!!! I would love to do a QA with you guys for the academy : ) I am learning new techniques and tactics each day from my own traffic driving adventures : ) and I would love to pass along the experience to anyone who’s interested : ) At the moment, I am running into issues with link sharing… whether I do it for every directory or just specific ones that I like. Twitter has been my largest source of traffic. With my niche it is very easy to identify people who I can deliver massive value to by sharing a url or vid with. SO, this response has dragged on a bit… but thanks for replying and I will definitely report back at the end of the month with my findings, questions and insights : ) Hope you have a great week!


  2. Sterling,

    I feel lucky; I’ve always had a regular exercise schedule.

    I’ve found that when I break this habit for more than a couple days I don’t feel right. i.e. Less energy, not hungry. Plus, I get some of my best ideas while running.

    Finally stopping to think about the positive effects of regular exercise from your podcast has got me thinking about other good habits I might get into.

    I’ll be evaluating the habits I’m in–good and bad–later this week to see how I can improve myself further. Thanks for all the great advice.

    • Glad it was useful! What are some of the other habits you are looking into?

      • Business wise, Tuesday and Thursday will be transformed into my internet business nights. Looks like no more The Office for me. :/

        Fortunately, I can still check it later out on Hulu.

    • I’m hopeful that I’ll get to the point where not exercising doesn’t feel right.

      I’m definitely getting more and more used to the invigoration of cardio and strength training.

  3. Great podcast & greetings from PB/MB San Diego Jay & Sterling! New habits I’m going to start this May are:

    1. Train for 1 hour 6 days a week
    2. Work on business 2 hours per day
    3. Blog for 1 hour every Tuesday 10am

    You guys inspired us to work on our passion even when out of town so we filmed last night while out to dinner and had so much more fun!

    Which Mind Map do you guys recommend again for Mac?

    Thank you and have an awesome day!

    Cheer…to you and your great health & wealth!

    • Ahh to bad I just moved from MB, we could have done lunch…

      We use Mindjet for our mind map software, but we started with and

      • Thank you Sterling! Next time you’re in MB or LA, we will treat you to a delicious wine and food combo! I ate fish tacos for your at Tacosurf and breakfast at Konos!

    • Great job sticking to your habits even when traveling. Traveling is one of the biggest dangers to new habits.

      Planning ahead and doing them anyway, even when out of your usual element, goes a long way to solidifying the habit I find.

      • Thank you Jay! We filmed 2 shorter episodes in SD which we will put together as 1. We are so passionate about what we do and we love talking with people about it, so we film through excitement-LOL! Excitement contagious!

  4. Again another great podcast guys. Sounds like you are both turning into gym bores though…;) Im exactly the same, nothing better for clearing the mind than a good workout and once you get into it you feel so guilty if you miss even a single session.
    Keep up the great work on the show and keep up the hard work in the gym.

  5. Hey guys I’m in need of a new e commerce site for a new product line, I can’t find Andy Fougherty’s website for his e commerce sites that he creates. Please post his site if you have it.
    By the way, great podcast.

  6. Great Episode! I loved the Space Shuttle reference Jay! Makes a lot of sense..
    To answer the “take action” question.. My first habit was actually started last week. I get up 15 min earlier before work and do the sentence completion exercises from “The Six Pillars of Self Esteem” book you recommended. I’m actually amazed how much more attention I’m giving to my daily events, even after just a few days. I look forward to doing the rest of them.
    I also like the bottle of water first thing in the morning like I heard from Sterling. Makes ya feel refreshed! ;)

  7. I can’t figure out why my gravatar isn’t showing up??? What am I missing here? :-/

  8. Hi Sterling and Jay!

    Really enjoyed the episode and you have influenced my online marketing over the last 18 months in so many ways.

    Firstly, we have just launched our first ever podcast driven website, called

    Our podcast is on I-Tunes and we have new interviews / episodes all lined to launch each week.

    My ‘habit’ after listening to your latest episode is to ensure that every morning the first thing I do is follow at least 50 more people on Twitter – I will do this without fail until I have generated a following of 2,000. That is my commitment to you!

    Thanks again and keep the podcast coming.


  9. If only I had a penny for every time I came to… Incredible post.

  10. @Sterling…

    Ive been training at the gym now for 15 years, and following a strict nutritional diet. Its hard at times, especially when travelling, but working at home has definitely made it easier :0)

    Thanks for the MP3 download. Always prefer to listen while I work!


    • Thanks John.

      I’m just curious what you think about the book: Why we get fat? Fascinating book where the author goes through all the actual research on fat and finds most of it was done incorrectly or was analyzed incorrectly. Just wondering what someone that is in the fitness world thinks of it.

  11. I struggle with adding too much on my plate. One of the habits I have is getting rd of 1 responsibility each week. This forces me to focus on what is most important.

    • Josh,

      I love that! I tent to pile on way to many commitments. I should make a habit of renegotiating at least one of them a week to be more reasonable with with my time. Great tip!