IBM 87 | Internet Business Success Story with Tom Sasnauskas

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we have an internet business success story interview with Academy Member Tom Sasnauskas.  Plus, we have a tool to help you for stay laser focused and productive while working.

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  1. Thank goodness I subscribe to the IBM Podcast RSS Feed (and Blog RSS Feed), as this recent IBM Episode has yet to show up in iTunes on my iPhone (as expected) but it also has yet to surface on iTunes on my pc.

    The remedy? I’m making use of a Firefox Add-On called DownloadHelper to capture the streaming mp3, then move it into iTunes and transfer it to my iPhone. You could also download it directly from the IBM site, then move it into iTunes, etc.

    I just want some great content to listen to while I go outside to exercise. iTunes (not) getting updated with timely content is jamming me up.

    Perhaps IBM will be coming out with an iPhone App like IMTW has? (Note: IMTW will be releasing a new iPhone app in the next month or so (I believe) and it will require a complete re-download, as it is not a mere update code-wise)

  2. Wow – What an awesome Podcast, perfect for people like me getting started in the industry. I no longer have to dread my 40 minute commute every morning. Keep up the good work!

  3. Angel Palomino says:

    For some odd reason the IBM podcast in my itunes has not been updated with the latest episode. after I click Update Podcast

    I get this error message:

    “Internet Business Mastery: Business Development and Internet Marketing for the Web 2.0 Age. >> Podcast” “does not seem to be a valid Podcast URL. ”

    “Please check that you have entered the correct URL and try again”

    :( I’m missing episode 87. Although I can download it from the site. I find it most convenient having it automatically downloaded through itunes. I also had never had to enter any URL in the past so im confused as to what’s going on.

    If Jason or Sterling can look into this, I’d greatly appreciate it…. Thanks in advance guys!

  4. Bob Skelton says:

    Bad link on iTunes. Cannot download episodes.

  5. I admit, low-budget Live Streaming is a real headache, almost impossible. But there is hope: Live HTTP Streaming ( It’s a very nice piece of technology and it would be the low-budget solution you are looking for. Unfortunately there is no usable client-side support for Live HTTP Streaming outside of Apple hardware (MacOS X Leopard and the iPhone are capable of Live HTTP Streaming) but that is about to change. VLC media player is working on an implementation and I hope it will be available for Windows and Linux soon. I’m definitely looking forward to the next few months maybe even weeks. Live Video is ‘the next big thing’ and I’m considering going into that niche. Thanks for the tip!

    btw: Great episode! Tom, you’re very authentic and sympathetic. A great role model. Thanks for the motivation!

    To our success in 2010

  6. Listening to the podcast this story sounded great, and then I actually went to the site in question. There is almost no content initially viewable, so I signed up and got an error instead of a successful signup page (odd and embarrassing given the site’s niche and owner). Then I got an email saying my signup was successful, but found that there was no extra content on the site. It appears that this site was just thrown up recently, and doesn’t even have anything for sale or offer subscriptions. Just what makes this an “Internet Success Story”?

    Either you didn’t bother to check this guy’s claims (since he claims he has had some success on the podcast) or you knew the business wasn’t a success when you profiled him. Either way, it can’t help but cast a bad light on Internet Business Mastery.

    • Mike,

      Success is taking bold action towards making your future bigger than your past. Tom has certainly done that with his mastermind group. That is what we mainly wanted to highlight. He’s still working on a number of things when it comes to his internet presence, but the types of actions he is taking and the things that he has accomplished so far provide valuable inspiration and insight.

      We enjoy sharing these kinds of stories with our audience.

  7. I really enjoy this kind of interviews. It makes you think that if these people can start an online business, you can also get it done. Stories of current or former academy members are my favorite.

  8. Thnx for offering this content as an mp3 download. I much prefer this format so I can listen to the content whilst out walking or in the car.

  9. Live streaming with multiple guests separated over the internet is possible, but not cheap if you want to do it right. I created a setup to do it with up to 4 people (host plus three remote skypes) based loosely on Leo Laporte’s TWIT (skypeasaurus) setup for a roundtable podcast – I could provide details if interested.

    The advantage of this type of setup is that none of the guests require more than a USB headset and web cam with skype. However you do need enough bandwidth to support all of the video streams.

    A skype setup just for two people could be much simpler – I have not priced it out, but if you have an old computer laying around with SVideo out, and an audio mixer already it could be quite cheap. Drop an email if interested.