IBM 86 | 6 Secrets for Choosing an Affiliate Program

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we discuss the 6 Secrets of Choosing an Affiliate Program.  Plus, we explain why we plan to stop using Google Docs and we’ll share the service that we plan to use as an alternative.

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  1. A note for rabid IBM fans with iPhones –
    This Podcast appeared 5 hours ago (as per my feedreader Netvibes.)

    Despite already being subscribed to this podcast on my iPhone, Episode #86 has still yet to appear.

    So, I had to fire-up iTunes on the notebook pc and hit refresh for this subscription in order to DL it, then tether my iPhone to the notebook pc, transfer it, etc.

    What can I say? I merely want my IBM asap.
    Apple must want us to regularly tether our iPhones to our PCs, huh?

    (Don’t forget to Sync while your iPhone is snagging the latest IBM podcast via iTunes on your Mac/PC – I chose to turn off automatic Sync’ing sometime ago and use Google Sync for my Contacts.)

  2. @Marc,

    Good advice indeed. We don’t want anyone having experiencing withdrawal ;).

  3. Another good show. It’s easy to find affiliate programs out there but finding ones that your followers/fans/customers/etc. will use is another story. You gave some excellent info for sure!

  4. I especially enjoy your quicktips section and this week was about using Dropbox for file sharing instead of Google Docs.

    I have a Google Docs account and have used it with clients, but a better fit for me is using the free Microsoft Small Business Live document sharing/storage/retrieval service. I can be working on an office document on my local machine and save it directly to my on-line account right from word or excel. Then I can choose how and with whom I will share it.

    It’s free, easy and more intuitive to use than Google Docs–also a very generous storage limit 5 GB, I believe. But you can have up to 25GB of FREE storage with Microsoft Sky Drive.

    Below is a link to an article I wrote on this, but you can also read about it by binging or googling ‘Share workspaces and documents using Office Live Workspace’

    My blog article

    • @Lynn,

      That looks like an interesting solution as well. Does it sync copies of the documents on your local computer as well as on your Live account?

      The main things I want in a sharing service are;

      1. Stores the documents to your local computer as well as in the “cloud” (effectively providing automatic local backup)
      2. Allows for per-document sharing/permissions (this is a problem we are having with Dropbox) — it only allows for per-directory sharing
      3. Allows me to edit and read the documents on my local Office applications (most these online editors are still pretty limited, particularly the spreadsheet editors)

  5. Jay,
    Let’s see if I can answer your questions in order.

    It does NOT sync automatically like we think about calendar syncing. Instead, when you’re working on a document in Excel, you click on file>save to office live. It will then save the document locally and on office live – but you have to save it TO office live. Alternatively, you can just save it to your local drive.

    1. Think I answered that above. Yes, it provides an off-site backup to your documents. (You can also use Skydrive for this).

    2. You can share per document AND give unlimited to limited permissions to each person. You can also make a folder and share contents of the entire folder with someone.

    3. Yes, all editing will be done on your local computer using your copy of Microsoft Office. Say you want to retrieve a document from office live that someone has worked on for you. Sign into office live (just need a hotmail or live account), and find the document. Clicking on it opens it up in your browser for preview, but you will need to click the ‘edit’ button next. This will download and open the document on your machine for editing. When finished, simply save it back into office live.
    Also available in office live is the ability to share a screen with someone while working on a document, you can leave comments to someone about a document (or instructions). There’s a version history feature to track how many times a doc has been revised and when. There’s an activity button that shows who’s been retrieving documents as well.

    All free – one just needs to have Microsoft Office to use this.

    I think this might fit your needs better than dropbox.

    Lynn Dye

  6. As always, I enjoyed the podcast. It inspired me to write a blog post about choosing affiliate programs myself, or actually series of posts, but one at a time…

    I’ve been using similar “3 step affiliate program choosing formula” myself, but since I took your ideas from this podcast and built from that when I did this post, I wanted to tell you about it and I hope it’s cool with you(?)

    Anyway, here’s the link to the post: