IBM 85 | How To Find a Business Mentor

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we discuss How To Find a Business Mentor.  Plus, in the quick tip, one of our favorite sources for networking, masterminds and mentors

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  1. Another fantastic podcast. This is the stage where I am right now – looking for an internet business mentor.

    Business etiquette is a funny thing. If I reach out to someone with the intention to strengthen a business relationship and solicit advice, I always offer to pay – whether it’s lunch, or coffee, as I initiated the invitation. I don’t initiate the invitation with “let me buy you lunch” however, I usually insist on picking up the tab and thank the person for their advice.

    What I am surprised by is how often people reach out to me with the same intention, solicit a ton of advice from me, but don’t offer to buy the lunch or coffee. Maybe it’s because I’m in the US, and from a part of the world where this is considered quite rude.

    I genuinely like meeting people and sharing what I know, but how do you recommend screening out vampires?

  2. @Sterling and Jay:

    Great episode! You covered a lot of “unspoken” realities about mentoring. Maybe we should come up with an Internet Business Mastery orchestra one time :)

    I think that looking for a mentor is the same as looking for readers (as you have taught in the Community Builder Blueprint) – it’s about establishing authentic relationships. Not the type where a person always withdraws from the mentor’s “emotional bank account” and not depositing anything.

    IMHO, screening people for mentoring is logical. Successful people want to effect lasting positive change (not just applying temporary band-aids all the time).


    Love your site. :)

    I guess there are those people whom I call “user-friendly”. Hehe..

    What I do in the offline world is to pre-qualify people in terms of their initiative to take action. In that way, I can help them through my sharing and at the same time indirectly help others when that person takes action upon what we have discussed. I would love to talk to everyone, but we all have only 24 hours per day. Hope this helps

  3. @Lorna,

    It’s tough to know the intentions of someone that approaches you with a new a new idea, a desire to have lunch or to connect in whatever other way.

    I am naturally a person who likes to give people the benefit of the doubt. I also like to make everyone my friend.

    Sadly, it’s bitten me too many times.

    I don’t like to be (or seem) “stuck up,” but I’ve had to get smarter about guarding my time. Unless someone can present money or a very clear benefit right out of the gate, I most often have to turn people down.

    I’ve had lunch/dinner with several of our platinum members and really enjoyed it. Of course, if they have committed that much money to a process, I am confident that my time with them is well spent.

    P.S. Green marketing — very interesting niche.

  4. @Jeric,

    “Screening people for mentoring is logical. Successful people want to effect lasting positive change (not just applying temporary band-aids all the time).”

    Perfectly said. You’re totally right. I am much more motivated to help people when I know it will have an impact and change (which is most dependent on the other person proving their ability to take action).

  5. Great podcast! I loved it. I also love my mentor. We’re almost done getting the kinks out of our site, and you guys give me great motivation every two weeks to continue plugging (I know, I’m taking way too long getting it together, but I really want it to be right. Next time, I’ll go faster.)

    One suggestion — The plural of the word medium when it refers to channels of communication or technology is actually media. It’s a common mistake, one that I made until I was working on my Ph.D., in fact. I really made an idiot out of myself when “mediums” was all over the first draft of my dissertation. My lead professor informed me that mediums is actually a group of folks who can see into the future. I know my face turned bright red. Go figure. Most people probably don’t even notice.

    Anyway, I think you guys are extremely interesting every week, and Kodak owes you a big thank you for your suggestion on the cool little video camera you suggested in one of your episodes. I love mine!

  6. Rad podcast :) really helpful thanks!

  7. @ Sterling & Jay

    Wow! It was sooo awesome to hear you mention my name and site on your show! You have no idea what that means to me.

    It’s been a struggle with my 10-12 hr a day job to find the time to do this, but you guys & the academy have kept me motivated and determined to reach my goals.

    Although my site isn’t much to look at right now, I know it won’t be long before it all starts coming together easier for me.

    I will quit my time sucking job this year and start living the lifestyle of my choosing.

    Thanks to you guys I truely believe that!!!

  8. You guys rock! I was so excited to hear you mentioned me on the podcast. What a nice surprise. I listen to the podcast and everything you put out religiously so I’m super pumped about being mentioned. Thanks! I’m getting more traffic on my site because of it and inquiries about my traffic-building technique. I’m definitely going to step up my plans to produce a report on how to drive traffic through LinkedIn!

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