IBM 78 | 7 Reasons Why Online Business and Life are So Awesome

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we discuss the 7 Reasons Why Online Business and Life are So Awesome.  And in the quick tip we share a tool for creating your own online video channels as well as a tool for visually planning your sales funnel.

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Items mentioned in the episode:

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What do YOU think?

Why do you think online business and life is so AWESOME right now?

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  1. Hi guys. Another great podcast episode.
    I love downloading the latest podcast and listening as I walk to work at 5.30am. Cant wait to get to the point you guys are at.
    Anyway, great episode, and Jay, regarding the Chipotle burritos, have you watched Cartman on Southpark…..
    ….Be Warned!!!

  2. Jessica Simonds says:

    I just wanted to comment on how positive you guys are. My husband & I just got into the Internet
    business world & were not turning back. We listen to every podcast from you guys to grab more ideas on something we haven’t tried. I can’t wait for the day we both can quit our jobs (if we don’t get laid off first) and live the Awesome lifestyle. Thanks for all of the helpful content you share, you have definatly inspired us to keep going.

    -Jessica Simonds

    P.S. The Iphone is AWESOME!!! It’s a life changing device!

  3. Gregory Cox says:

    Life is so awesome because…
    1. I can work from home,
    2. I can help people around the world,
    3. I can make tons of money,
    4. I can make tons of money for my clients,
    5. I can develop how people communicate with one another, gain the ability without going to classes in person, connect to my tribe, and help the world.
    YEAH! In your words, AWESOME!
    – Gregory