IBM 77 | An Internet Business Success Story with Billy Sticker

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we have An Internet Business Success Story with Billy Sticker.

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  1. The abillity to compress down the time that it takes to write an actual book is a huge asset. Plus the credibility that brings your business is immesurable. I really loved the content in this podcast… It got me thinking….

  2. I agree with Anthony. This one really made an impression. Billy has developed some terrific processes here, and he’s really thought through the methods of becoming an expert/authority. I’ve already signed up to get his MP3 and PDF. Thanks so much, Jay and Sterling, for all the great work you do, and all the great ideas you bring us!

  3. Rene Rodriguez says:

    Thanks for keeping this here on the web. I know it was a few years ago when this was first posted, but it still is very very inspiring. The things that Billy has said, and has done give me incredible guidance for starting, or beginning … to get it done. I am grateful I came to listen to this podcast. Thanks Jay. Thanks Sterling. I will be listening to this one again and again.